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Here’s How To Take Skincare More Seriously This Year

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Skincare is one of those things that every single one of us should be taking seriously – after all, our skin is the body’s largest organ, and it deserves that same care that the rest of your body receives. And yet, a large percentage of people fail to give their skin the care it requires, allowing it to end up in an unhealthy state. Continue Reading

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Making Money From Property: Whether You Rent or Own


Whilst making money from property, as a tenant is a much more contentious issue than if you own the property yourself, as many tenancy agreements include a strict clause pertaining to subletting and making an income from the property… today, in the world of AirBnB many tenants are making extra income from hosting people via AirBnB for instance.

This is a particularly good option if you live in a prestigious property in a good location, such as those by Meriton.  Yet, today, there are all sorts of ways to make money from property whether you are an owner or a tenant.


If you have a spare room, then getting a lodger can be a great way to make a consistent and reliable monthly income from your property.  Of course, if you rent, you must be a little careful in terms of violating the terms of your tenancy agreement – and similarly, if you own the house, you must be careful in terms of what is considered a “commercial arrangement” versus merely renting a room out, as a “normal” person.

Renting a spare room often provides a more reliable monthly income than concepts such as AirBnB that are more sporadic in nature, yet of course, monthly rent will be capped in terms of the amount you can make – whereas AirBnB has potential to make a lot more money.


Something that pays quite a lot of money is to host an international student; this often requires you to provide two meals a day in addition to a little tutoring when it comes to learning English, along with providing a room, but the amount you can make from this is substantial.

  1. AirBNB

AirBnB offers a more profitable alternative, at least in terms of the amount you can charge each night, than the idea of getting a full-time lodger.  It’s also much more flexible in the sense that you can decide when people stay or when you want your house to yourself – by simply blocking out time on your availability calendar.

There are pros and cons to both AirBnB and having a long term lodger, so it depends on what you’re looking for, but if you live by a major airport or venue, AirBnB might make a lot more sense as you can sell your room at a premium due to the economics of supply and demand.


Many people don’t want someone else living in their space, but are happy to rent out their garage as storage space in order to make some easy money.


If you live in a busy town and are centrally located, or near a transport hub, such as a train station you might want to consider renting out your driveway as a parking space.  If you work office hours yourself this could be particularly useful, as during the day, when the driveway would otherwise be empty you can make money whilst adding to the security of your home due to it looking like someone is in.


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Creating a Care Plan for Your Elderly Family Member

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It can be very difficult watching one of your close family members grow older as the days go by. They are now struggling to take care of themselves so you feel it is your duty to create a care plan to help them through. You want to make sure your aging parent or close loved one is always well taken care of, no matter what. Whether you shift around your day to day schedule to make more time for them or you start researching care homes to give them the round the clock attention they need, there are many ways that you can start making plans for your elderly family member today.

Research Retirement Homes

Sometimes the best idea for your elderly loved one, is to look into a retirement home that suits their needs. Whether their mental health or physical health is suffering, there will be an establishment that caters for them. A care home will have the relevant hospital furniture to make your loved one feel comfortable and cared for in the way that they need. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need; choosing to put your family member in a care home can be an incredibly hard decision to make, but you will be doing the right thing for them.

Meet the Staff Members

Once you have got to know the staff members in the potential care home you will be able to feel at ease with your decision. Knowing exactly who is looking after your loved one at the care home will give you huge sense of relief. When there are friendly faces around it can be incredibly reassuring to know that you are leaving your parent in safe and capable hands.

Rearrange Your Schedule

If you’re not quite ready to accept the professional help from a care home, you might consider rearranging your schedule so that you can spend more time with them. Caring for your parents by yourself can have a huge impact on your job, so you might want to have a discussion with your boss to see what can be done to accommodate your needs. Choosing to care for your loved one on a full time basis is a huge responsibility that you need to be fully prepared for. You shouldn’t put undue pressure on yourself, because this kind of life is not for everyone. By all means try it out for a short time and then you can always explore other options if it’s not right for you.

It can be very difficult to come to terms with your loved one going into care, but you need to know that it is the best possible thing for them. They will be able to make new friends, feel comfortable and have the proper medical attention they need. So if you’re unsure what the best steps are for your aging parent or close family member, consider all of the ideas discussed above and you will be able to find the perfect solution for both of you.

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How To Treat Your Agonising Back Pain


Having back pain can be completely debilitating. Whether you’re suffering with an ache here and there after a long day, or full on crippling pain that prevents you from moving around much, it can quickly get on top of you and cause you to feel low and helpless. There are many factors that can contribute to back pain, so we’ve put together this guide on treating back pain so that you can gain comfort sooner rather than later.

Look at your lifestyle

Whether your back pain was caused by injury or not, the lifestyle you lead could be greatly contributing to how badly you suffer. If you’re overweight or inactive, you will be putting a lot of pressure onto your spine which in turn, will be causing the pain you’re experiencing. Ignoring the fact that your lifestyle could be the reason you’re in so much pain could lead to you needing surgery from a neurosurgeon such as Dr Timothy Steel, and of course this is something you’d want to avoid if possible as surgery can take a long time to heal from.

Alternate between heat and ice

One of the biggest problems that people with back pain face is whether to use heat or ice to treat the problem. This is because quite often, the source of your back pain is unknown; therefore treating it can prove difficult. Alternating between the two is a great way of alleviating pain throughout the day. Heat will soothe your pain and make it easier to move around, while ice will help reduce any swelling and also help numb the area so that you’re able to continue as normally as possible. Unless specified by your Doctor, try alternating between both to gain as much relief as possible.

Get moving

The last thing you want to be doing right now is moving, but sometimes being stationary for too long won’t do you back any favours either. This is because lack of movement can cause muscles and joints to seize up; therefore making it harder to move when you actually need to. While it’s important to rest your back and not overdo it, try and keep yourself moving to prevent yourself from seizing up and being in more pain than needed.

Keep up with the NSAIDs

Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a great way of finding relief from pain quickly. However, short term use might not do the trick for you as the effects wear off quickly. It’s important to take regular NSAIDs to ensure that the pain relief stays in your system so that you’re able to continue as normally as possible with your day to day activities. Remember to follow the guidelines on how much to take and also confirm with your GP first.

Back pain is awful, but there are many ways to relieve yourself without the need for a Doctor. Try these methods to see if you can find yourself some relief!

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These Classic Christmas Presents Won’t Go Amiss

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If you are starting to think about what presents to buy for those around you, or starting even to worry about it, you are not alone. A lot of people find it especially difficult to be able to find the right presents for people, and most people lack a certain kind of confidence in their own ability to do so too. If that sounds like you, don’t worry – there are plenty of things you can do to make it a little easier on yourself and ensure that your loved ones still end up with gifts they will enjoy, and it might be easier than you think to do so. One way to approach this is to think about what kinds of gifts are considered classic, because those gifts will very often be exactly the kind which you might consider getting, as they are bound to work well in most cases. In this post, we will look at some of the truly classic gifts you should consider if you want to make sure that you do well this year.


Whether you are buying for your parent, sibling or spouse, jewellery is very often a great way to go, and there is a very good reason it is one of the most popular kinds of presents given at Christmas time. No matter who you are buying for, you can surely find some piece of jewellery that they are going to be pleased with and enjoy wearing, and it is likely going to be something that they enjoy and cherish for a long time. Whether that person in particular will prefer earrings or a necklace or whatever else you might think of, you will find that they will appreciate it and that it will lead to a much more enjoyable Christmas time for them. Consider this and buy early if you want to really be confident in what you are getting them.


Often, the best gifts are those which are not things, but rather experiences. And amongst the most popular and enjoyable experiences out there are holidays, which are in themselves a great present to give to someone particularly close to you in your life. If you are keen to get your spouse something that they can really be chuffed with, then you will probably find a holiday to be a great way to go, so it is definitely worth thinking about. It could be just a weekend break to somewhere they really enjoy, or it might be that you want to go somewhere new for the both of you. Either way, this is a great way to ensure that your Christmas period will be enjoyable for the both of you.


If you are buying for someone less close to you, but still important in some sense, you can always go down the chocolate route. This, in fact, does tend to go down particularly well at Christmas, and it’s something you should consider well if you hope to be able to be pleased with the presents you buy. Make sure it is special in some way, such as being particularly good quality or a novelty size, and it will have an even better effect.

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Why New Year Fitness Resolutions Rarely Work

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Somebody forgot to pace themselves

The new year is almost upon us, and like many other people, you might be considering upping your fitness game in the year ahead. However, like many other people, you might also be tempted to give up early on. Why?

Well, while you might be serious about your long-term health, there may well be obstacles in the way of your proposed fitness program when the new year begins.

  • Deciding to embark on a daily jog or run as the new year starts is all well and good, but because the weather is still cold and wet, you might give up on this resolution at a very early stage.
  • Deciding to join the gym is a good idea, but only if you have the money. At the start of the new year, you may still be skint from all of your Christmas festivities. While you can still join the gym at a later date, you may well have given up on the idea once the business of your life takes over.
  • You might begin new year fitness resolutions because you think you should. Everybody else seems to be doing it, so you decide that you should do. And while it is an excellent idea to begin some form of exercise, you might give up easily if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing.
  • Determined to start the new year well, you may well push yourself too hard when you begin your fitness program. There is sense behind the saying, ‘don’t run before you can walk,’ and that is because you need to pace yourself. If you go at it too hard at the beginning, you may well give up early because of the hard task you have set yourself.

So, what can we take away from all of this? We should all make new year fitness resolutions, but how can we make them work?

  • Don’t start the new year keeping fit running in the cold, or by paying more than you can afford at the gym. To give you more incentive, you might want to exercise at home instead. Spend what you can afford to pay on these home gym fitouts, or save up your money so you have something for later in the year and/or next year. And if you don’t have room for a home gym, or you can’t afford to spend a lot of money, you can still work out in your living room, perhaps taking a cue from a home fitness DVD to spur you on.
  • Don’t do something because everybody else is doing it. Consider the type of workout you might enjoy, and then plan to take part doing it regularly. You might take up a new hobby at the local leisure centre, for example, or you might return to a sport you used to enjoy. While you should exercise regardless of the fun factor, you are still more likely to keep going if you’re actually gaining some enjoyment.
  • Limit what it is you do. Before you start piling on the weights, go with something you can comfortably manage. Before you start running around the park, take a gentle stroll instead. You will do yourself an injury if you push your body too hard at the beginning, so take it slow, work your way up, and you will eventually see the benefits.

Fitness resolutions rarely work…unless you consider what we have said. Focus on doing those things that are a) affordable, b) achievable, and c) relevant to you, and you should have all the impetus to keep going all year round.

We wish you every success, and a very happy new year!

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Are You At Risk Of Making These Mistakes On Your Business Tax Return?

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Are you setting enough aside?

Are you setting enough aside?

We’re here to talk about the much-dreaded tax return. Is there a more hated word in the small business vocabulary. Heck; is there a more hated word in all language? If there is, we haven’t heard it yet. We all feel the pressure of upcoming tax forms. This is especially the case when you’re filing for a company rather than just yourself. Suddenly, you’ll have so much more to think about. Not to mention that you’ll be accounting for a whole load more money. That alone could end up making you hot under the collar.

That fear only gets worse when you consider everything businesses get wrong when it comes to their tax returns.  Even big names make significant mistakes here. That doesn’t bode well for you, with inexperience and first-time nerves working against you. Luckily, we’re going to look at a few common mistakes you might make, and how to avoid them.

You haven’t set enough aside

Around 32% of companies fall foul to not having aside enough to cover their tax returns. This causes them to dip into profits elsewhere. That can even lead to them clearing themselves out. The fact is that you’re sure to owe more than you imagine, especially if you only have personal returns to go off thus far. Your best bet to weathering the tax return storm, then, is to set money aside for this through the year. A good way of doing this to start with may be to use one of many tax calculators out there to estimate how much you might owe. Keeping your accounts together using software like Xeppo, as discussed here by Umlaut, could also help you here. By giving you a birds-eye-view of every aspect of your business, such software can ensure that you consider the whole picture. That includes your tax allowance.

You’re mixing business with pleasure

Another fatal mistake would be to mix both your personal and business finances. This is yet another reason it’d pay to develop a separate system for business finances. If your business is a corporation or independent entity, you can’t risk slipping so much as one piece of personal finance into that return. Make sure, then, that your personal receipts are nowhere near your business office. One slip here could see your whole tax plan come crashing down.

You’re too keen to claim

Tax returns are the bitterest pill. Claiming things back is the best way to wash it down. However, you could soon trip over this, too, if you try to claim too much. Filing for things which don’t qualify could fast see you facing legal issues and hefty fines. As such, you need to be 100% clear on what you can and can’t claim from day one. Things like start-up cost up to $5,000, and even the cost of training counts here. But, things like personal transport and entertainment do not. Learn the rules and play by them to ensure your tax return journey runs smoothly every time.

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Finding the “Secret Sauce” to life

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Surviving two different forms of cancer should be an exciting celebration, but it can be difficult to know who you are and where you fit in with the new, unrequested title of “Super Survivor”. This is especially true if your doctors have told you they can do nothing more for you. In other words, don’t get this disease again or you are going to die.

A lot of cancer survivors prefer not to make any changes to their life, it is easier and perhaps unnecessary to turn their lives upside down. But for some, myself included, there was something I was doing that just wasn’t working anymore. Not sure of what exactly, I decided to take the “out with the old and in with the new” approach.

  • A little freshen up here, releasing stale relationships.
  • A little sprucing there, cleansing my toxic living environment
  • Let’s go meet the Dalai Lama literally and practice a Buddhist way of life.
  • Oh, and while we are at it, why not get a divorce and change everything that I eat to startliving an Ayurvedic (Ancient form of Indian Medicine) way of life!

That’s a good start, I thought. That way I knew eventually when I do leave this planet, I would know that I tried everything. I would not go to that grave with the thought “If I had only…?”.

13 years later, a new marriage, blended family, thriving business and clean bill of health, here is what I know for sure.

Don’t resist change: While it was difficult and darn right scary to change everything in my life, when the doctors sat on my bed, telling me to make change or die, the only thing I could do was to trust my gut.

For the first time since I was an eight-year-old, I reconnected with that illusive voice within. I thought I had lost my voice somewhere in the fields of my pain and suffering. Probably leaving it under a mushroom on top of one of the hills I sobbed all my “feel sorry for myself” sorrows on.

But alas, there it was, screaming at me. “GET UP! Do what ever it takes to survive! You have two small children and there ain’t no way they are going to grow up without you!”

So, I did. Since that moment, moving forward until today. I trust every gut instinct, internal voice, guidance system, whatever you want to call it, no questions asked. How do I know it’s working? Cause I’m still here.

Set your intentions and don’t get attached to the outcome: This was a big one. Of course, I did not travel this journey on my own. I listened to my gut and created a support team that I could rely on when I needed help. One of my team members was the Guru, Deepak Chopra, whom first taught me about Ayurvedic medicine.

On the path to becoming a certified Chopra Practitioner earlier this year, I had the good fortune of spending time with Deepak and his team at the Chopra Centre in San Diego California. He stood there on the fourth day of teachings and said “It’s like this. When you plant a seed in the flower bed, you nurture it, water it, put it in the sun and trust that the universe will do the rest to allow the flower to grow. You don’t go out to the flower bed every day, dig the seed up to see if it is growing.”

There it was, like a lightning bolt directly from the universe, I got it. I am really, really good at planting seeds of intention, but metaphorically I go out every day, dig the little guy up to see if he is growing. I get in the way of the flow of life, interfering with what is meant to be. I set my intentions and get obsessed with the outcome, hanging my identity as a human being on that result. And watch out if it did not turn out the way I wanted. Crazy Woman coming through!

I now realise that this practice repels any form of manifestation. Energetically it is impossible for anything to grow to its ultimate potential with me always getting in the way.

Finding the “Secret Sauce”: The part of the story that I have not told you is that I grew up with a Bi- Polar, slightly Schizophrenic father who taught me that vulnerability was weak. Being sensitive was dramatic and being feminine was weak and irrelevant.

My survival reaction was to shut down who I was inside. Stop feeling and spend my junior life attempting to become whatever it was he wanted me to be.

Later I realised that for an introverted, creative and highly sensitive human being, this was the fuel for my Dis-Ease. The exhaustion from trying to morph into something that I was not for decades finally brought me to my knees with disease.

The secret sauce to my survival was to be brave and dare to show my vulnerably, feminine creative side and prey it would be enough and by golly it worked. I now run a six-figure business, trotting around the globe teaching other women to be a reflection of the potential that lies within us all.

I hope you can something from my tale and reach your potential.

Accept the change that comes like the tide, set your intentions without strangling the outcome with too much control and find your own Special Sauce to become all you can be. The world needs to hear you because you deserve to be heard.

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How To Boost Your Confidence In Time For Christmas


At this time of year it’s all too easy to feel a little down in the dumps. Whether it’s because of the fact that the colder weather has crept in and is making you feel a little low, or the fact that Christmas is just around the corner and you’re simply exhausted from the year, it’s understandable that you might be lacking some self confidence. This time of year is usually packed full of social events and if you’re not feeling quite yourself, it’s not uncommon to want to skip out on these events. However, Christmas is a time for celebrating, so check out these effective ways to boost your confidence just in time for Christmas!

Treat yourself to a new ‘do

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you’ve been to the salon and you just know, that your hair is looking amazing. This time of year is usually a time where you’re thinking of saving money for gifts, but if you’re lacking confidence we think it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a new hair do. Perhaps you’ve been rocking the same look for years? Why not opt for a fresh look and colour so that you can really turn some heads? Your hairdresser will be able to advise you on a cut and colour that will suit you!

Improve your smile

A way of instantly improving the way you look is by smiling more! Any outfit or look is instantly improved when paired with a smile, so smile as much as possible! However, with the world’s obsession with having the perfect smile, it’s understandable that you might be feeling a little self conscious of that too. Having your teeth whitened or even investing in invisalign treatment might just put that smile back on your face. You could also consider purchasing make up that helps plump the lips leaving them looking healthier than ever.

Dress for your shape

A mistake that many people make is buying clothes that simply don’t suit their body shape. A common reason is because people tend to buy clothes that are too big for them so that they can hide the natural shape of their body. Embrace the body that you’ve been given and dress for your body shape! While it might not be something you usually do, you’ll thank yourself for doing it once you start receiving a tonne of compliments!

Do a pre festive-season detox

Finally, this time of year is usually a time for bingeing out on luxurious food and treating yourself to your favourite tipples. While you should definitely do this, why not do a detox before the festive season really kicks in? Doing this will leave your skin looking healthier, your hair shinier, your waistline trimmer, and a happier version of you!

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Achieving Hormonal Balance

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Do you ever feel as though your hormones are ruling you? Have you ever found yourself crying for no real reason? Angrier than you’d expect to be over something small or unable to explain your emotions? Do you ever feel as though your moods are flying from one extreme to the next with little warning or control? Or, do you ever find that despite leading what you’d consider to be a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of yourself, you are always tired, your weight fluctuates, and your face is spotty and oily? Well, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you are certainly not alone.

Sometimes, some of these symptoms can be a cause for concern. They can present as a warning of a deeper problem. But, most of the time they are a result of a hormonal imbalance. Your hormones play a big part in how you feel, as well as how you look at how your body functions. They are an essential part of our overall well being, but one that we often neglect. We just assume that they’ll balance themselves and behave how they are meant to.

Most of the time, for most of us, they do. Our endocrine glands produce the exact amount of each hormone that our bodies need to be at their best. These chemicals help to control our weight, mood, appetite, confidence, and emotions. Your hormones can play a big part of your sobbing at a film, but they can also make you feel empowered and confident.

Unfortunately, the modern world poses a threat to our hormone levels, and many of us find that the delicate balance isn’t kept. Leading to that feeling of a loss of control. This can lead to physical and mental health problems which often start to become more evident as we get older. Fortunately, there is plenty that you can do to find balance and give your hormone levels a little helping hand.

Take a Look at Your Contraception

Long-term contraception is a good idea if you don’t want to get pregnant, and an abortion clinic should only be sought in an emergency and not as the first line of defense. But, sometimes, our contraception doesn’t suit us. Many of the common forms of contraceptive for women are hormonal. They release extra hormones into your body, to prevent pregnancy. For most of us, the side effects are minimal. But, some people find that these hormones clash with those present in their bodies naturally. Leading to weight gain, greasy skin, mood swings and other symptoms.

If you suspect your contraception is affecting your hormonal balance, see your doctor or visit your local family planning clinic to ask about hormone-free methods of contraception, which may suit you better.

Get Regular Exercise

One of the most important hormones in your body is insulin. One of its main jobs is allowing your cells to take sugar and amino acids from your bloodstream. Too little insulin and you’ll find that your energy levels suffer and your muscles weaken. Too much can lead to diabetes, cancer and heart disease. So, it’s essential to get the levels just right. Exercise plays a significant role in reducing insulin levels but also increasing insulin sensitivity so that you don’t need as much.

Aerobic exercise and strength training can both balance your insulin levels if done regularly. Exercise will also help to balance your mood and give your mental health and confidence a boost if you are struggling with other hormonal issues.

Eat More Protein

Protein has many advantages for your body. One of these is providing the amino acids that your body can’t make for itself — these help to look after your muscles, skin, and bones. Protein also influences the levels of your hormones that control your appetite. This is why dieters are often encouraged to eat meals high in protein, and low-calorie meals are often filled with the ingredients high in protein.

Eating more protein will help you to feel full for longer, as well as increasing your metabolism and your ability to burn fat. Try to make sure there is protein in every meal that you eat. Foods that are high in protein include eggs, almonds, chicken, oats, yogurt, milk, broccoli, lentils, and cottage cheese.

Find Ways to Manage Your Stress

Most of us feel stressed out at least some of the time. We’re busy, we’re always on the go, and we’re continually worried about ways to better ourselves and to take better care of ourselves and our families. It’s no wonder that most of us report feeling stressed out regularly. But, this stress is terrible for your hormones.

Having a busy, stressful lifestyle causes your body to release cortisone, which helps your body to cope with the physical effects of stress, and adrenaline which gives you the energy that you need to handle it. Too much of these hormones can lead to an imbalance. So, find better ways to manage stress without the need for them. Exercise will help, but so does speaking about your problems, spending time with people that make you feel good, getting a good night’s sleep and practicing meditation and yoga.

Sleep Well

Not getting enough sleep confuses your body. It needs sleep to recover from its busy day. Without sleep, all of your bodies functions struggle to perform at their best. To combat this, your body releases more of almost every hormone. Poor quality of sleep and nights spent tossing, and turning can have the same effect, and you can quickly start to feel different.

To regulate your hormones, it’s essential that you get plenty of high-quality sleep. Try meditating before bed, as well as turning your phone off and leaving it in another room. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day to try and get into a routine. Exercise and a healthy diet will also help you to sleep better, and many people find that avoiding caffeine and sugar in the evening can help them to relax and fall asleep more easily.

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5 Budget Garden Projects That Will Make Your Garden Feel Brand New

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Photo by Eco Warrior Princess on Unspla

Do you feel like your garden is starting to look a little lacklustre and in need of a bit of TLC?

Often, gardening is one of those jobs that keeps getting pushed to the back of people’s minds – but there really is no time like the present to start working on any garden projects you’ve had planned, especially with the warmer weather creeping in.

Whilst most people feel you need to hire an expensive landscaper or professional gardener, however, that isn’t always the case. Lots of different garden renovations can be done by you, and on a budget.

There are plenty of simple updates that can be achieved without having to break the bank, all of which can make a huge difference to the appearance of your outdoor space.

Whether you have a small backyard, a massive patio space or a balcony garden, here are 5 budget garden projects that will help make your garden feel brand new again:

  • Lay A Wooden or Stone Path Throughout Your Garden

This is one of the more affordable changes you can make to your garden, but it instantly makes a massive difference to the look and feel of your outdoor space. Head to your local garden centre to pick up some supportive wooden panels (or stepping stones if you prefer) and create a beautiful walkway throughout your entire garden. Not only does it save people walking across your grass, but it stops people getting muddy shoes too!

  • Upcycle Old Furniture To Use As Storage

If you have any old cupboards lying around in your home, try upcycling them so that they can be used as outdoor storage. Grab some paint and a waterproof top coat and get to work making your old furniture look brand new. Before you know it, they’ll be perfect for storing any gardening equipment and toys you may have lying around outside.

  • Create A Rustic Barbeque Set Up For Family Get Togethers

If you find you’re regularly hosting guests but don’t have a nice outdoor space to host them in, an outdoor barbeque set up could be the perfect solution. Using lots of old bricks and a barbeque, you can create a space that looks rustic and a really small budget.

If you’re carrying out a project like this it’s important to check your patio and surrouning areas to make sure you’r enot covering up any manhole forms, or anything else that may be important.

  • Hang Fairy Lights To Create A Magical Garden Effect

If you have an area in your garden where there are lots of trees or woodland, you can easily make a magical space for children by hanging up some colorful fairy lights. For ideas and inspiration, you can visit this website here.

  • Create A Cosy Firepit For Toasting Marshmallows

This is such a simple and affordable project and once finished, you’ll be able to enjoy toasted marshmallows all year round! Create a simple firepit and surround with cosy chairs and you’ll have all your friends wanting to come around in no time!

Have you ever renovated your garden? Let us know your favourite budget garden projects in the comment section below.

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Money Management Advice For Stay At Home Parents


Having kids always puts a lot of financial strain on you because there is an endless list of things that you need to pay for. You’ve suddenly got to cover the cost of diapers, clothes, food and toys and to make things harder, one of you is going to have to stay at home for a while to look after the new baby. It’s so hard to manage your money as a stay at home parent because you’re already working double the hours you normally would and nobody is paying you for it. That makes it a lot harder for people to manage their money. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible and if you know what you’re doing, you can attain financial freedom as a stay at home parent. Here are some great tips to help you out.

Protect Your Children Financially

Nobody wants to think about it but there’s always the chance that something bad could happen to you and your partner. It’s not likely but you still need to prepare for that eventuality. It’s important that you make sure that your kids are provided for in the event that something happens to you. As soon as you become a parent, you need to write a will so your kids are protected. It’s also important that you’re putting money aside each month into a savings account for their education in the future.

Allow Equal Access To Money

When one partner is earning and one is staying at home with the kids, it can lead to some resentment between the two of you. Especially if you’re keeping the money separate. The person that is at home will feel like they can’t spend any money. It’s a lot easier for both of you if you just share all of the money that you have equally and consider it both of yours rather than thinking about who is earning what.

Earn Money On The Side

Just because you can’t go out to work right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t earn some money still. Research how to make extra money online and you’ll find all sorts of things that you can do. You could fill out online surveys, start your own blog or offer freelance writing services. There are so many options for earning money from the comfort of your own home. If you can do these things in those quiet moments when the kids are asleep, you can make it a lot easier to manage your money.

Earn By Saving

You might not be able to earn a full salary but you can find ways to save on household expenses and then use some of those savings on yourself. You could find coupons to save on the weekly grocery shop or call up your service providers to haggle with them and get a better price. All of that stuff takes the pressure off your finances and makes budgeting a lot easier.

Money management for stay at home parents is always tough but it doesn’t have to be impossible if you follow these steps.  


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Finding A Brand New Life With Your Partner – Attitudes To Take & Methods To Follow

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When deciding to reach out and craft a new life for yourself, you might feel the romanticism pouring through. There’s something beautiful about heading out into the unknown, trying to find your way. Add a partner into that story, and the both of you will likely bond deeply, provided you are making this decision on rational grounds. You might not be ‘running away together,’ but it might feel like that as you try to decide the small means that can make up your new expectation.

Of course, no couple that decides to move abroad will do so without some form of plan. That means before you even take one step in the direction of your new life, you’ll likely have a few fixed variables to consider. You might need to move to a particular country for a job. You might have family you wish to visit. You may even have your own family you’re just trying to find the best life for. You might be moving abroad, or simply to another state, county or province. You might have an appreciation for a culture you’re about to integrate with, or you might not even know how to form a single sentence in that base language.

No matter the variables, the path, or the direction you are planning to go down, finding and following a brand new life with your partner is a big deal. For that reason, you need to understand the correct attitudes to take, and learn what methods to consider in order to make this move completely successful. You’ll likely notice that almost every step in this guide is based in the period of preparation before the move. There’s a reason for that, which should become clear as you read on.

No matter what path you choose, we hope that this guidance can offer you something of value as you try to make the best of your decisions. Without further ado, we recommend you consider the following:


Before you take any step forward whatsoever, it is absolutely essential that you are in full agreement regarding your final plan. This often sounds like something quite obvious to consider, but moving to a new environment or trying to find a new path can often be hard, and it will test a relationship in this manner. If there aren’t adequate agreements made ahead of time, then this can quite easily breed resentment in both sides of the relationship, and that is anything but healthy.

For example, while often babies aren’t planned, having a baby can often put strain on a relationship rather than saving a struggling one. A life change will require the best of yourself, and even couples with the right intention, intelligence and humility regarding their decisions, and a generally motivation to see things through can still argue in the harder moments. It’s just a normal human thing to expect of people, and it might not be that either side is wrong for expressing their concerns. Does that mean that finding a brand new life with your partner is a horrible circumstance that might only take and take from you aside from giving you a new perspective and wonderful life journey to follow? Of course not.

Just make sure you are in full agreement, even regarding the compromises, and that you are completely honest with one another about what to expect. If you’re not sure, conduct more research. Research, research, research what to do. Let’s say you’re both hoping to purchase a small hotel to run together, but neither has experience in this field. Are you going to let the romanticism of the idea drive your decisions, or are you going to test and audit one another to find the best skill sets for each role, and how might that work in the end?

When you’re both a supporter of each others development in this new and exciting scenario, you become a force to be reckoned with. After all, two heads are better than one. You just need to ensure that both heads are working together in the first instance.


Culture is important to consider when moving abroad. For example, let’s say you’re moving abroad as a same-sex couple, but you’re moving to a country that has yet to legalize same-sex marriage. How could this affect you in the future? What cultural forces might try to influence your life in some way, both positively and negatively? How are you to adapt to these circumstances? Might you have to adjust the manner in which you both behave, or perhaps what social group you will find the most applicable?

Of course, this is a highly specific example. Culture is essential to learn about before moving. Take nightly language lessons to help you adapt to life there more appropriately. Consider your reason for moving. Might you need to follow a distinct formula for applying for your business license? How long do you need to live there before you can apply for dual citizenship? What exchange rate can you expect for the funding you’re bringing with you? How are your plans going to materialise in the new country? For example, if you’re Australian born and bred, might it be considered a silly idea to move to Rome to open an authentic Italian eatery? Consider how the culture might affect your decisions for better or for worse, and you’ll likely be able to push forward with the right priorities and understand how to ignore all of the other difficulties on your way.


Of course, just because you want to spend your life in a new environment doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right to. You need to understand how VISA’s work, and what rights you are entitled to. Sometimes, the criteria you either match or don’t match can influence how far you are able to execute your plans, or how deeply you need to change them. Your plan might look pretty on paper, but without a reputable and reliable firm such as FISA Immigration to help you arrange your papers, your declarations, and advise you of your rights, you’re going to fall at the first hurdle.

It’s not enough to simply apply for what you’ve been told you will need to do. You need to understand why, how and when these documents will give you the right to pass over foreign borders. Of course, some countries do it differently than others. Right now, growing concern over EU nationals in the UK and UK citizen in the EU is of course a cause of Brexit. Some more rational and able border checking processes are more rational, such as the points-based system adopted by Australia.

It’s important you get your personal identifications in order, submit to all questions with dignity, and to make your intentions clearly known. Dishonesty will get you nowhere, even if you feel it can speed up your process.


Funding is essential to make a new life work. Unfortunately, heading out into the Wild West to make your fortune and build your own town is not something you can do in the modern world. This might sound saddening, but it’s a reality you have to deal with. Finding a brand new life with your partner might sound romantic, but it can quickly fall into being destitute if you’re not able to consider how your cash flow will be considered.

Do you have a job at the new place? If purchasing a business, how long before you can start expecting income? What personal costs might you incur when heading to this new life, and have you considered them? The small costs can often add up. For example, it might be that required medication you need to manage a condition is 250% more expensive in the country you are planning to move to, putting a real dent in your daily funding. Consider all the small variables that support your life and which you take for granted now, and over time you should feel much more able to feel confident in your financial plan.

Personal Needs

What will your personal needs be? Might it be that you have a medical condition that needs to be managed, and that in this new, cold environment symptoms might flare up even more? Have you considered that? Even small considerations like disability access, funding for vital resources and even current knowledge you’re relying on might not be as effective as thought in the new environment.

How will you adapt to the shifting tides? Are you thinking of this change or pursuit with security, or are you simply pushing ahead to see what happens? Can you afford to be so reckless? Are there any hidden costs that might occur due to a lack of foresight? Try to consider everything and anything you can. Sometimes it’s the tiny issues that can come back to bite us if we’re not careful with our actions.

With these tips, finding a brand new life with your partner is sure to be a well-planned for and possible part of your journey. We wish you the best!

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The Perks Of Visiting Australia In December


The idea of spending Christmas anywhere other than at home is an odd thought, and during December many of us choose to keep our feet planted firmly on our own turf. But there can be a huge value in travelling during the colder months to somewhere new, and today we are going to talk about why you should visit Australia.

It’s summer

It is sometimes hard to wrap our head around the different hemispheres in the world, and the idea that some people celebrate Christmas while lying on the beach is a strange one. But as you’ll see by this website, the height of an Australian summer happens in December and when you visit here you can get rid of those winter blues for a week or two ad enjoy hot and sunny days and nights. Instead of curling up on the sofa with a hot cocoa you’ll be lying on the beach drinking from a coconut, and what could be better than that?!

It’s Christmas

As we mentioned, during December if you visit Australia you will be able to celebrate Christmas with them in their own unique way. Enjoy Christmas Carolling on the beach in the Gold Coast and even ride a kangaroo sleigh for that bit of Christmas cheer. There are lots of Christmas markets, parades and events on during December so you won’t ever feel as if you are missing out on the merriment back home.

There’s lots to do

There is always a lot of things to do in Australia and you will never have a dull day during your visit. To start with you can go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, you can try your hand at skydiving or zip lining in the forest and you can even enjoy a helicopter ride over the coast. There’s so much to do and if you are an active person this is the ideal place to be.

Enjoy amazing food

The beauty of Australia is that it has a lot of influences from people all over the world. It has roots in England where the original settlers came from, aboriginal connections and influences from many different places. If you want a meat feast, vegan meal, Italian, American and Asian food here is the place to be. They have everything and you’ll never be short of an amazing meal.

Meet the best people

If you have never had the pleasure of meeting someone from Australia then you are very much missing out. The Australian people are some of the most kind and generous in the whole world and they are the kind of people who would meet you, shake your hand and then invite you home for tea. You would be thrust right into the heart of Aussie culture immediately and when it comes time to leave you might just want to stay forever. Australian people are the best and they are the ideal people to celebrate the festive season with.

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It’s Time To Get Serious About Your Long-Term Health


How healthy is your lifestyle? If you’re prone to drinking too much, eating more than you should and skipping the gym regularly then your lifestyle might not be as healthy as you think it is. Making changes to your lifestyle now can help you in the future, improving your life expectancy and making sure you stay fit and healthy in your old age. Looking to improve your health for good? Here are some suggestions for helping you to get serious about your long-term health.

Ditch your diet

Let’s not beat around the bush – Australia is becoming an overweight nation. With more two-thirds of the population considered overweight, there’s plenty to be done to strive for change. Start with your diet and give it a complete overhaul. A good, healthy diet should consist of the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats, and should be low in sugar and salt. Monitoring your nutrition macros is one way to see how healthy your diet is, or you can simply try doing more home cooking so that you know exactly what’s going into your food.

Get moving

Australia is a nation that’s blessed with good weather and plenty of outdoor space – so go ahead and make the most of it. You should be doing more than 150 minutes of physical activity a week to stay fit and healthy, so step up on your cardio. If you struggle to find the time to work out, take a look at some ways to help make exercise easier to manage. Even walking counts as cardio, so if you rely a lot on your car to get around, why not ditch the wheels and try walking on two feet instead?

Prioritise your healthcare

How well do you keep up with medical appointments? Routine health checks such as smear tests could save your life, while your annual vaccine will help you avoid dreaded flu in the winter. Your health should always be prioritised above other commitments, so make sure stick to your appointments. Choosing bulk billing doctors can help you manage your healthcare costs more effectively, ensuring you’re not left out of pocket for your medical expenses. Make sure you’ve got the most appropriate solution for your needs and make sure your insurance details are all correct.

Put an end to bad habits

As a young adult, you might have a carefree attitude when it comes to smoking, drinking and even drugs – but the choices you make could come back to haunt you later on. Smoking, as you know, can lead to lung cancer as well as increase your risk of other cancers and diseases, while drinking too much can also have long-term effects on your health. The Quitnow programme is there to help you give up cigarettes for good, so quit now to experience the immediate health effects of quitting smoking.

Your health is important, and while you might feel indestructible now, you might not be later on. Get serious about your health and make those changes that will help you live a long and healthy life.

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Quick Tips To Help You On Your Way To Create The Best Version Of Yourself


Summer is well and truly on its way. Some will be focusing on that bikini body, others not so much. I am here to tell you that the whole bikini diet thing isn’t the most healthy way to do things. Crash dieting isn’t good for you and mainly because it can’t be sustained. But if you can change your lifestyle, then you are well on your way to achieving a more healthy you this summer. Here are five tips to get you on your way to healthiness this summer.


A refreshed skin care routine

During the winter, your skin can take a real hit. Especially on places like your face which are exposed to the elements. So it’s important to use this time now to take care of it and provide your face and body with a little TLC. A great way to do this is by refreshing your whole skincare routine and maybe treating yourself to some new products. A great cleanser and toner are a good place to start. Along with a day and night moisturiser. A healthy skin glow will do wonders to your confidence during the summer months.

Move more

Exercising is proven to help with a healthy lifestyle. Moving more can provide you will kinds of benefits. It can help with a healthy weight loss and it can provide you with more energy. It doesn’t mean taking full on exercise straight away, especially if you don’t exercise at the moment. You can start small by focusing on the number of steps you take each day, motivating yourself to move more. Even if it is just moving round the house more, or going up and down the stairs a few more times.

Healthy supplements

Taking additional supplements in your diet can help in all sorts of ways. There are different supplements that do different things. You can be specific, such as trying out new trends like Wheatgrass juice or adding Cacao and Acai berry powder to your smoothies, or you can invest in an all in one supplement that is full of nutrients and goodness. You can find out more here about the options available to you. Doing this alongside a balanced diet can be a great way to ensure you nourish your body with everything that it needs.

Get more sleep

Increasing the amount of sleep you get can help you obtain a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping more is proven to help with your mood and concentration levels. Sleeping gives your body time to repair from the day and allows your mind to unwind. To obtain more sleep, it’s a good idea to reduce your use of technology at night.

Eat clean

Finally, the last tip is to eat clean. Eating clean is a chance to evaluate what you currently eat. Eating more of the healthiest options in each food group, and less of the foods that have been modified or messed with. It’s a good habit to enter into, as you eat healthily without dieting.

I hope these tips help you on your way to a healthy summer.

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Redecorating? Use The French as Inspiration

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Sprucing up your home is usually a lot of fun, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. This is especially true if you’re trying to decorate a new home entirely from scratch; when you’ve never really had a theme to lean on, it’s almost impossible to get it right from the start.

A lot of interior and exterior design nuts prefer to find a popular design from different cultures and allow it to become the red line of their home. It’s not just to appear more worldly and sophisticated, though, even if this might have something to do with it – by borrowing elements from another culture, you’ll be able to use it as the cornerstones of your design.

That way, you won’t end up with a result that clashes completely and you still have a solid foundation in case you should continue your interior design adventure later on. Here is a handful of great design ideas from France so that you can get started as soon as possible.

Classic French? Use these elements

It doesn’t matter if you’re into the French fashion or not – interior design borrowed from France will either lean on the modern Parisian homes of the 17th, 18th, and 19th-century buildings – or it will be a part of the cosy French countryside design.

The Parisian homes of this era were, undoubtedly, a mix of fancy monarchy design and a rather eclectic and playful approach to design. It might be difficult to grasp, to begin with, but just try to picture a home in Paris of this era or have a look at some pictures around the web before we go through the different elements.

First of all, the history of the French interior design should be respected historically. This means that there will be elements of grandeur, naturally, with fancy furniture, tall doors, and rosettes in the ceiling.

The French fashion was, in general, very popular back then and the elements you associate with grand will definitely also be a part of this design.

Eccentric French?

Another part to keep in mind that makes this interior design a bit different from the rest is the approach to anti-decor. The decoration might look like it hasn’t been thought through properly, the elements may, to begin with, look like they don’t work together – and that is precisely why they end up working.

You need to be playful while decorating the rooms and try to think a bit outside the box. Keep in mind that those with money during the 17th century would quite often be rather eccentric and definitely a part of those leading the fashion of the day – so, of course, their homes will reflect this personality.

This is perhaps the elements that make the French interior design so popular as it is both eye-catching and easy to recognise. A living room styled in this fashion, with quirky decoration and surprising splashes of blue that actually end up looking natural is easy enough for most interior design freaks to recognise as French.

It is, after all, the effortlessly chic that tends to attract us when it comes to this type of design and you should try to achieve the same with your home. Be a bit playful and add some decoration that you wouldn’t normally have thought about – and try to think about your outside area the same way.

While it is difficult to style your entire home as well as its outside the way you want, you should at least try to think about how you can make those doors work in your favour. Have a look at this panel lift garage door, for example, as you’ll be able to customise them to the design you prefer and remember to find an entrance door that works with its design.

That way, your entire home will fit seamlessly together when you’re done with the project.

Keep it functional

Another point to keep in mind about the French interior design is that is should be functional and practical. The American style, for example, is way more thought-through and perfect, so to speak, than the French style.

The latter would cherish a family heirloom even if it doesn’t look that great and perhaps even keep that torn leather chair rather than throwing it out. As a result, the French living room will look as if it’s been lived in way more than the American style – and you should try to keep this in mind while decorating.

It means that you can go for that shabby-chic leather chair and it will still look great even if the other elements don’t quite match. It will be recognisable as a French style as well, by the way, or at least to the trained eye.

To others, it may look like a fun, elegant, and kind of eccentric home that anyone would love to throw a party in.

Remember to mix

Finally, a part of what makes the French style so much fun to work with when decorating a home is that it is a fan of mixing contemporary and more old-fashioned design.

You should totally do the same with your style and remember to keep in mind that, the more contemporary you make it, the less it will look like a classic French living room.

Let that worn and comfortable leather couch sit together with a bright yellow armchair, for example, and place a more modern floor lamp next to it to draw everything together.

An 18th-century dresser will, of course, be a fantastic addition to this living room and any French socialite from this era would be proud to pop a bottle of champagne in your home. The trick is, in other words, to mix and match and don’t be afraid to have fun with the decoration.

Your home will be both quirky and elegant at the same time and we could, after all, not have wanted anything more than this.

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All Summer Long: Keeping Your House Cool

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The better weather is coming your way, and even if you’ve been experiencing some pretty drab winter and then spring weather, the BBQs and flip flops won’t be far away from making an appearance. But how do you plan on keeping cool over the summer? In many instances, the natural go-to is the air conditioning. But that, along with fans dotted around the house, can all be pretty energy consuming, costing you a lot of money in the long term. So the good news is that there are alternatives. These are some of the things that you could try instead, or at least in between the air-con and the use of fans. Keep cool and keep your energy bills down.

Use Your Windows in the Right Way

It can be a natural choice to open your windows as wide as they will go to let in a bit of a breeze. But this isn’t always be a good decision, depending on where in the house you are opening the windows. To really help your home to keep cool, it is all about keeping the hot air from even coming in. So if you’ve got south facing windows, for example, keeping them closed and covered with blinds or curtains during the day can really help the home to stay cooler. When the sun has moved or gone down, then you can open them to give them a good airing.

If you really feel the need for a breeze, as let’s face it, air moving is going to be much cooler than air in the home that is just staying still, then make sure you do so in the way that will encourage a breeze. Open windows on opposite sides of the house, and it can it can help a breeze to travel through.


Insulation is normally associated with keeping warm. Because let’s face it, it can give you an extra ‘layer’ in your home and will help with keeping the heat in. But what it also can help with is keeping the heat out of your home as well. So don’t underestimate the power of some insulated panels for wall partitions in your home, for instance. It can help you then in summer when you want to keep heat from coming in, and in winter when you want to keep the heat in the home and stop it from going out.

Switch It Off

It can be quite surprising just how much heat many appliances in our homes generate. If you’ve ever used a computer for a long time, for instance, you will know what I’m talking about. So switch things off fully when not using them; don’t just put them on standby. It is a good idea to make sure that fridges and freezers have plenty of room around them to vent (rather than being squashed against a wall), as these are some of the appliances that can generate a lot of heat (but of course, don’t switch these ones off). Just give them plenty of room to ventilate.

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Getting The Glow: Tips For Bright, Youthful Skin

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With a dewy, youthful glow being the top of every beauty blogger’s wish list, there’s a constant demand for great skincare and products that will help in your plight for anti-ageing. However, if you lead a busy lifestyle, reside in the city centre, and enjoy late nights out with friends (who doesn’t), it can all take its toll on the condition of your skin.

To help avoid premature skin ageing and a dull surface; there are some things you can do to help boost your youthful appearance and keep your skin in great condition. There will always be an array of products on the market that claim to help improve your skin’s appearance and conceal those common signs of ageing; however, you can make a difference with some decisions that are right for you, your lifestyle, and stage of life. The following are some things to consider if you want to gain your glow back, and how to maintain a youthful appearance.

Drink Up

There’s a reason that both health and beauty bang on about getting enough water throughout your day; it’s a fact that drinking plenty of H2O is good for you. Staying well-hydrated helps to ensure that everything on the inside of your body is working swimmingly, which will improve the appearance of your skin. Dehydration can lead to your skin becoming dry and flakey; annoyingly, dry skin can also lead to spots, as the oil and dirt in your skin can’t escape your pores. If you feel like a complete refresh of your face; it might be worth looking into a chemical face peel so that you’ll have a clean slate to work with. Hydration will play a major part in your skin continuing to glow in the future, so make sipping your water a regular habit.

Calm Down

Studies have shown that a bad night’s sleep, stress, and fatigue will all contribute to your skin’s ageing process. Taking regular time to unwind and relax, and getting a decent amount of sleep during the week, will help you to ensure that you don’t wake up with way more wrinkles than when you got under the sheets. You can check out how a bad night’s sleep wrecks your skin online, and learn some tips from model Jodie Kidd, on how to get a great night’s sleep instead.

Cover Up

At the risk of sounding like your mum; have you put your SPF on, are you wearing a hat and sunglasses, and are you spending enough time in the shade? If you’ve answered no to any of the previous questions, then it’s time to make a change to your usual summer routine. The sun can be amazing for lifting your mood, the ability to eat al fresco, and providing you with plenty of vitamin D; however, sun damage will contribute to the ageing process of your skin. Don’t panic; you can still get that summer feeling with the use of a quality fake tan; but, if you want to stop or slow down skin ageing, you’ll need to cut down on the time you spend sunbathing.


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What Financial Stumbling Blocks Are You Faced With?

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When it comes to money, we all have things that we are comfortable with and things that we are not. It’s only natural. Because money is definitely one of the areas of life that we aren’t always okay with talking about. Or thinking about. Or even dealing with. But at the same time, your finances are real. And they are something that you HAVE to be able to get to grips with. Even if you’re struggling right now, that doesn’t have to be the case forever. But, if you want to be financial issue free, you need to make sure that you’re pushing through the problem areas. So this means that you have to not only identify them, but work on them. So let’s take a look at what financial stumbling blogs you could currently be facing.

Expensive Bills

We all have bills. We all have to pay them. But there are some bills that we pay that are definitely way more expensive than they need to be. And this could be because you’re just not shopping around. Here, you will want to make sure that you’re looking for cheap auto insurance rates or lower-priced home broadband deals. If you can reduce the cost of what you need to pay, you will free up money for the things you need.

Unnecessary Bills

But then also, there are likely to be bills that you really don’t need to be paying for! You may find that you have duplicate bills, or subscriptions that you really don’t need. If you want to make sure that you’re only paying out on what you need, go through your bills and expenditure and cut out what’s not necessary.

Low Income

If the amount of money you earn is restricting you, you need to change that. Come up with a plan to help you get a pay rise, look for a new job, or even get a second job! Or maybe you like the idea of starting a side hustle? This could help you to increase your income too.


So from here, maybe your main issue is that you’re just spending way more than you earn. And this will ALWAYS be a problem. We will address poor habits next, but this one is something that you should really look to weed out if you struggle with it. Because you will never be able to get through your financial issues if you’re getting into debt and constantly spending more money that you should be.

Poor Financial Practices

Then the final thing that you may be faced with, is bad financial habits. And this can be tough. Maybe you know that you’re not in the best possible position and that you don’t handle your money well, but you just don’t know what your issues are or how to change them? This is where you’re going to want to really address how you think of money and how you act with it too. So that you can start to build better practices that will help you to be financially healthy.

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