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When Can You Save A Struggling Relationship?

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Building a solid relationship is a full-time commitment. Of course, everybody dreams of the perfect, happy relationship, but most people forget that happy couples work hard to make it happen. Indeed, it seems strange to assume that happiness in your couple has to imply that you share the same ideas and interests. While you do need a common base, disagreements and diverging views are at the heart of your relationship. The key is not to ignore them or pretend they don’t exist. If you want your couple to survive the first disagreement, you need to face your differences with your eyes wide open. Continue Reading

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3 Interesting Date Ideas That Are Better Than A Bar

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Dating can be a real minefield and even though it’s easier than ever to meet people, that doesn’t mean it’s easier to find somebody that you really connect with, in fact, it’s actually a lot harder. Back in the good old days when people used to meet when they were out at a bar or something, you could at least get to know that person a bit and gauge what they were like before agreeing to go on a date. But now, with internet dating, people can present themselves in any way that they like and you don’t really know who you’re talking to. That inevitably means that you’ll attract more bad dates before you find somebody that you really like. Continue Reading

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Finding A Brand New Life With Your Partner – Attitudes To Take & Methods To Follow

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When deciding to reach out and craft a new life for yourself, you might feel the romanticism pouring through. There’s something beautiful about heading out into the unknown, trying to find your way. Add a partner into that story, and the both of you will likely bond deeply, provided you are making this decision on rational grounds. You might not be ‘running away together,’ but it might feel like that as you try to decide the small means that can make up your new expectation.

Of course, no couple that decides to move abroad will do so without some form of plan. That means before you even take one step in the direction of your new life, you’ll likely have a few fixed variables to consider. You might need to move to a particular country for a job. You might have family you wish to visit. You may even have your own family you’re just trying to find the best life for. You might be moving abroad, or simply to another state, county or province. You might have an appreciation for a culture you’re about to integrate with, or you might not even know how to form a single sentence in that base language.

No matter the variables, the path, or the direction you are planning to go down, finding and following a brand new life with your partner is a big deal. For that reason, you need to understand the correct attitudes to take, and learn what methods to consider in order to make this move completely successful. You’ll likely notice that almost every step in this guide is based in the period of preparation before the move. There’s a reason for that, which should become clear as you read on.

No matter what path you choose, we hope that this guidance can offer you something of value as you try to make the best of your decisions. Without further ado, we recommend you consider the following:


Before you take any step forward whatsoever, it is absolutely essential that you are in full agreement regarding your final plan. This often sounds like something quite obvious to consider, but moving to a new environment or trying to find a new path can often be hard, and it will test a relationship in this manner. If there aren’t adequate agreements made ahead of time, then this can quite easily breed resentment in both sides of the relationship, and that is anything but healthy.

For example, while often babies aren’t planned, having a baby can often put strain on a relationship rather than saving a struggling one. A life change will require the best of yourself, and even couples with the right intention, intelligence and humility regarding their decisions, and a generally motivation to see things through can still argue in the harder moments. It’s just a normal human thing to expect of people, and it might not be that either side is wrong for expressing their concerns. Does that mean that finding a brand new life with your partner is a horrible circumstance that might only take and take from you aside from giving you a new perspective and wonderful life journey to follow? Of course not.

Just make sure you are in full agreement, even regarding the compromises, and that you are completely honest with one another about what to expect. If you’re not sure, conduct more research. Research, research, research what to do. Let’s say you’re both hoping to purchase a small hotel to run together, but neither has experience in this field. Are you going to let the romanticism of the idea drive your decisions, or are you going to test and audit one another to find the best skill sets for each role, and how might that work in the end?

When you’re both a supporter of each others development in this new and exciting scenario, you become a force to be reckoned with. After all, two heads are better than one. You just need to ensure that both heads are working together in the first instance.


Culture is important to consider when moving abroad. For example, let’s say you’re moving abroad as a same-sex couple, but you’re moving to a country that has yet to legalize same-sex marriage. How could this affect you in the future? What cultural forces might try to influence your life in some way, both positively and negatively? How are you to adapt to these circumstances? Might you have to adjust the manner in which you both behave, or perhaps what social group you will find the most applicable?

Of course, this is a highly specific example. Culture is essential to learn about before moving. Take nightly language lessons to help you adapt to life there more appropriately. Consider your reason for moving. Might you need to follow a distinct formula for applying for your business license? How long do you need to live there before you can apply for dual citizenship? What exchange rate can you expect for the funding you’re bringing with you? How are your plans going to materialise in the new country? For example, if you’re Australian born and bred, might it be considered a silly idea to move to Rome to open an authentic Italian eatery? Consider how the culture might affect your decisions for better or for worse, and you’ll likely be able to push forward with the right priorities and understand how to ignore all of the other difficulties on your way.


Of course, just because you want to spend your life in a new environment doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right to. You need to understand how VISA’s work, and what rights you are entitled to. Sometimes, the criteria you either match or don’t match can influence how far you are able to execute your plans, or how deeply you need to change them. Your plan might look pretty on paper, but without a reputable and reliable firm such as FISA Immigration to help you arrange your papers, your declarations, and advise you of your rights, you’re going to fall at the first hurdle.

It’s not enough to simply apply for what you’ve been told you will need to do. You need to understand why, how and when these documents will give you the right to pass over foreign borders. Of course, some countries do it differently than others. Right now, growing concern over EU nationals in the UK and UK citizen in the EU is of course a cause of Brexit. Some more rational and able border checking processes are more rational, such as the points-based system adopted by Australia.

It’s important you get your personal identifications in order, submit to all questions with dignity, and to make your intentions clearly known. Dishonesty will get you nowhere, even if you feel it can speed up your process.


Funding is essential to make a new life work. Unfortunately, heading out into the Wild West to make your fortune and build your own town is not something you can do in the modern world. This might sound saddening, but it’s a reality you have to deal with. Finding a brand new life with your partner might sound romantic, but it can quickly fall into being destitute if you’re not able to consider how your cash flow will be considered.

Do you have a job at the new place? If purchasing a business, how long before you can start expecting income? What personal costs might you incur when heading to this new life, and have you considered them? The small costs can often add up. For example, it might be that required medication you need to manage a condition is 250% more expensive in the country you are planning to move to, putting a real dent in your daily funding. Consider all the small variables that support your life and which you take for granted now, and over time you should feel much more able to feel confident in your financial plan.

Personal Needs

What will your personal needs be? Might it be that you have a medical condition that needs to be managed, and that in this new, cold environment symptoms might flare up even more? Have you considered that? Even small considerations like disability access, funding for vital resources and even current knowledge you’re relying on might not be as effective as thought in the new environment.

How will you adapt to the shifting tides? Are you thinking of this change or pursuit with security, or are you simply pushing ahead to see what happens? Can you afford to be so reckless? Are there any hidden costs that might occur due to a lack of foresight? Try to consider everything and anything you can. Sometimes it’s the tiny issues that can come back to bite us if we’re not careful with our actions.

With these tips, finding a brand new life with your partner is sure to be a well-planned for and possible part of your journey. We wish you the best!

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Congratulations to Ravi & Jessica Gounder

Congratulations to Ravi & Jessica Gounder

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Ravi and jessica Gounder - wedding

Ravi and jessica Gounder - wedding

The Gold Coast wedding of high profile couple Ravi Gounder & Jessica Gounder (formerly Brown) over the weekend definately set tongues wagging. Continue Reading

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Internet Dating 101 – the walker (Dun. Dun. Da. Insert dramatic music)

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It’s been a while since I submitted an article as I had to do some (gulp) ‘paid work’ to support my shoe habit. I’m never sure if anyone is reading these articles but will press on with what I started. If you do read it then give me a ‘hoy’ in the comments column, just for my ego.

Well, Christmas has come and gone. A very traumatic time of year for many singles. For those of us who were away from family at this time of year and without a partner it can be very lonely, but if you have good friends around this can make up for not having that ‘someone’ to share the holidays with. Continue Reading

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Internet Dating 101 – insert danger tape here…

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One of the unpleasant side effects of internet dating is attracting losers. Sorry but this is the truth. Over the years I started to catagorise some of these people – the stalker, the talker, the time waster and what I affectionately call the moron.

Let’s start with the stalker. This is the person that cannot let it go. There are a couple of different types of stalkers – the one that wants desperately for you to talk to them; the one that you DO talk to then decide that was a bad idea try and break it off but they just won’t get the message; and the one whom you actually meet, decide they’re not for you but again just won’t leave you alone.

Stalker 1 – Listen… I didn’t smile, kiss, etc back at you because I’m simply not interested. I read your bio and I’m sure you mother loves you, but you’re just not my type. Just let it go. Stop smiling, kissing, etc at me and move on to the next person. Also… don’t ask me why I didn’t reply, just move on…

The second type of stalker are those that follow you around electronically. You chatted to them online… once. All I can say is “thank god for blocking mechanisms”. But they hunt you down. Wherever you go – Facebook, MSN, Twitter, they’re there! Lying in wait to pounce on your unsuspecting keyboard. “Why are you ignoring me, what have I done to deserve this?” Ooookaayy, creepy. I’ve never met you, I don’t even know you and now we have some fantasy relationship where I’m your best friend who isn’t speaking to you after knowing you for 100 years (10 mins on the internet). There’s only one thing to do with this person – block, block, and keep blocking. Whatever you do, don’t ever give them your private email address, you’ll never hear the end of it. I love hotmail. I can be whoever I want to be at the drop of a keystroke – hotlips2000; shedevil500; and tomorrow I can simply shut it down and be someone else.

And then there’s the ones you meet. This could be a whole article in itself. How do you stop them from calling. There’s only one thing for it – be honest. Simply say “Thanks, but I’m not feeling it. Have a nice life”. Whatever you do don’t say the magic words “I had a great time”. If you do you have opened the door to a whole set of questions – “Then why don’t you want to see me again”; “You said you had a good time so what’s the problem”. Just turn and walk away. If you meet them online say “Hi” but don’t overly encourage them, otherwise they think you are now soul mates, destined to be together forever. Whatever…

I once chatted to this guy online for roughly 5 minutes, he said some stuff that really made me uneasy. How he meets women in public places for a little bit of gratification, or a lot of gratification in his case, I’m not so sure about hers…. At first I was fascinated, you really do this? Do people really do this? I thought that only happened in porn movies. I soon found out I was wrong. He was an interesting character to say the least. Would I meet up with him? Ahhhh no thanks, not my style. Boy did he go nuts. How dare I lead him on, why wouldn’t I meet him, and on it went. But it didn’t stop there. Everytime I was online he was there. Stalking me. Creep. So when in doubt – block. And if this doesn’t work… I contacted one of the websites and asked them to make sure he couldn’t access me anymore. It must have worked because I never heard from him again. It was a toss up between stalker and moron, but I have to put him into the first category because I didn’t actually meet him.

More next week…

Guest contribution by Julie Allen @

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Speed dating – who does it? and why!

Speed dating – who does it? and why!

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Continue Reading

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Internet Dating 101 – Rules and Tribulations

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Following on from my last posting, I thought I would share some of the crazy, wonderful and bad experiences of my online dating. One of the first things I learned and have never forgotten is Rule Number 1 – don’t lie…

If you lie, you will get caught. Now I’m not saying that I lied on my profile but I did opt to leave out some things, for the sake of my privacy of course. I wasn’t lying… I just wasn’t telling. But it seems that some others have taken this to the extreme. Continue Reading

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Is Internet Dating the new “cool”?

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I was at a group dinner recently with a bunch of well travelled and experienced women. I happened to be sitting at a table of people I hadn’t met before so it was a case of getting to know people from scratch. There were 6 of us at the table and as the wine started to flow the conversation turned from the safe: married – yes/no, kids – yes/no, work, etc to the good stuff.

One of the women mentioned that she had had no luck finding a partner in life with cliché lines like “all the good ones are married or gay”. Then to my surprise out popped the simple question that only a year ago would have made people gasp “Are you online?” After a quick survey around the table we realised that five of us had been online and two of us had found partners we were still with. Continue Reading

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I HATE Cinderella!

I HATE Cinderella!

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Like many of us, Amanda Cole, author of I Hate Cinderella, can relate to heartbreak. After one too many heartaches, Amanda decided to put all her energy into something positive and wrote a book to give the rest of us some healthy and easily digestible steps for getting over a breakup! Continue Reading

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Fast Impressions Study Reveals: Chivalry isn’t dead – but there’s room for improvement.

Fast Impressions Study Reveals: Chivalry isn’t dead – but there’s room for improvement.

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Continue Reading

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