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7 Essential Tips For Seniors Who Love To Travel

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Have You Got The Travelling Bug?

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If you’ve got the travelling bug, then you can join the long list of people who spend their days searching for different holidays, wishing they could go on one. But the reality is, unless you’re rich and work for yourself, getting a holiday is something that’s a rare occurrence. You might have two holidays a year at the most, and even that’s pushing it on the finances. When you have a family in tow as well, things definitely do become rather expensive and hard to manage. So what if there were a few solutions that we have, that you can start using, that we think will settle that travelling bug for you. The more holidays you can go on in a year, the more thrilling your life is going to become, and that’s what we want to try and achieve for you. There’s so much of this world to see, and so much of your own country to see that you just won’t have. So let’s get exploring, and put that travelling bug to bed.

Hit The Open Road

So we hope that a lot of you really like this suggestion, because we feel like it’s one that’s severely underrated in the world. Getting a camper van and hitting the open road is one of the best ways to see the world, or at least the country that you’re in now. There’s no doubt so much of it to explore that you won’t have seen before, and it’s just so easily done through a camper van. It means you could get up and take off every weekend to see somewhere new, so every weekend would be like a holiday! Austrack Campers is just one company you could use to begin your shop for a campervan, and we promise you you won’t be disappointed. Everything is so modern now, so you won’t have that campervan feeling that you’ve most likely just built up in your mind, it will most likely be like luxury accommodation! Once the camper is yours, you could rent it out to make a bit of money back on it as well!

Head To The Seas

How good would it be to explore the world by the sea. So many people are ignoring this idea as well, simply because it sounds like it would be expensive. But cruises are actually not as expensive as you would think, and you get the chance to see multiple different parts of the world in one. Most cruises are all inclusive as well, so you might not be spending as much as you would think! All you need to do is find out what part of the world you want to sale around, and get out there and do it!

Little Is More

Another tip that we have, is to think about how little is more. If you’re just going away on little city breaks, you could probably go on a few holidays a year compared to one big all inclusive beach holiday. So some years, it might be better if you think about exploring some of the great cities in this world, rather than just doing one a year!

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4 Ways to Make Your Car More Comfortable

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Many of us spend hundreds of hours in our vehicles each year, whether it be driving too and from work, taking the kids to work, shopping or heading out on fun road trips across the country. In fact, the average Aussie drives no less than 15,530 km each year! It makes sense, then that we all do what we can to make out cars as comfortable as possible, so that out time spent on the road is as enjoyable as it can possibly be. Continue Reading

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3 Tips for Preparing for a Road Trip with Friends

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There are all kinds of great reasons to do a road trip with your friends. For one thing, a road trip allows you to tap into the natural yearning for adventure, and the experience of the unknown, that we all have within us. Continue Reading

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The Perks Of Visiting Australia In December


The idea of spending Christmas anywhere other than at home is an odd thought, and during December many of us choose to keep our feet planted firmly on our own turf. But there can be a huge value in travelling during the colder months to somewhere new, and today we are going to talk about why you should visit Australia.

It’s summer

It is sometimes hard to wrap our head around the different hemispheres in the world, and the idea that some people celebrate Christmas while lying on the beach is a strange one. But as you’ll see by this website, the height of an Australian summer happens in December and when you visit here you can get rid of those winter blues for a week or two ad enjoy hot and sunny days and nights. Instead of curling up on the sofa with a hot cocoa you’ll be lying on the beach drinking from a coconut, and what could be better than that?!

It’s Christmas

As we mentioned, during December if you visit Australia you will be able to celebrate Christmas with them in their own unique way. Enjoy Christmas Carolling on the beach in the Gold Coast and even ride a kangaroo sleigh for that bit of Christmas cheer. There are lots of Christmas markets, parades and events on during December so you won’t ever feel as if you are missing out on the merriment back home.

There’s lots to do

There is always a lot of things to do in Australia and you will never have a dull day during your visit. To start with you can go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, you can try your hand at skydiving or zip lining in the forest and you can even enjoy a helicopter ride over the coast. There’s so much to do and if you are an active person this is the ideal place to be.

Enjoy amazing food

The beauty of Australia is that it has a lot of influences from people all over the world. It has roots in England where the original settlers came from, aboriginal connections and influences from many different places. If you want a meat feast, vegan meal, Italian, American and Asian food here is the place to be. They have everything and you’ll never be short of an amazing meal.

Meet the best people

If you have never had the pleasure of meeting someone from Australia then you are very much missing out. The Australian people are some of the most kind and generous in the whole world and they are the kind of people who would meet you, shake your hand and then invite you home for tea. You would be thrust right into the heart of Aussie culture immediately and when it comes time to leave you might just want to stay forever. Australian people are the best and they are the ideal people to celebrate the festive season with.

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How to Plan Your First Trip to Australia


Australia is a country that many people all over the world want to visit. If it’s on your bucket list of places to visit, you should go for it because there’s no time like the presence. Planning your first big trip to Australia can be a little daunting if you don’t know where to start, but there are some basic things that you should do right as you start the planning process. We’re going to talk about those things now, so keep reading.

Choose the Right Time of Year

The climate in Australia is certainly changeable, and you should be aware of what the climate will be like when you’re planning on making your trip there. In the summer months, temperatures can reach 45 degrees celsius, so if that’s a little too much for you, you should probably plan your visit during the winter months, which fall between June and August, unlike in the northern hemisphere.

Plan How You’ll Get Around and Where You’ll Go

Once you get to Australia, do you have a plan for how you’re going to get around. If you’re heading to a place where there aren’t so many major cities, you will probably need to hire a car. Even in cities, this is a good idea because it’s how most people get around and it’s the most comfortable way of doing it when temperatures are high. Places like Bayswater Car Rentals make this easy.

Book Trips and Activities in Advance

You should book as many things as you can in advance when you’re planning on heading to Australia. There are lots of things that you’ll need to book from the transport to the accommodation and the cars, but you need to make sure that you don’t forget about the trips and activities you want to do when you’re there. Many of these can and should be booked in advance.

Compare Flights and Book Early for Better Deals

Comparing flights when you’re going a long way is really important, so if you’re going to be travelling from afar, you need to make sure that you do this. You will only find the best deals if you do two things: compare the options and book them as early as you can. Don’t make the mistake of booking late because you’ll lose out and spend more.

Leave Time for Enjoying the Natural Beauty of Australia

When you’re making your plans, be sure to leave space in your schedule for spending time in the parks and natural areas of Australia. Australia is all about nature and wildlife, so you’ll want to spend as much time exploring all of that stuff as you possibly can.

Visiting Australia is always a pleasure, and there’s certainly far more to do than you’ll ever have time for in omne visit, so you’ll probably want to come back at some point. That’s something to think about later though. For now, enjoy planning your first trip and seeing this wonderful country for yourself.

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Bucket List Ideas That Aren’t Just About Elaborate Vacations

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Image Source: people here the words bucket list, they automatically think about travel destinations that people may want to visit. It might be backpacking in Europe or taking a road trip in the USA. But a bucket list can be for all sorts of things, and it shouldn’t just be specific to travel, it can be for a number of things. I thought I would share with you four of the things that you could add to a bucket list, and some of them could enhance your life in many different ways.

Learn a language

Maybe you like the idea of learning a language. A lot of people start in school learning specific languages but as they get older they tend to forget the basics, or just stick with the conversational phrases. Leaning a language through can open up a lot of doors for you. It could help you with your career, perhaps giving you the chance to learn new things or to work within specific areas of your company or even in a different country. On a personal level, it could be just the hobby you need to help you keep your brain working. Something you enjoy and feel confident in when traveling to that country for holidays.

Migrate to a new country

Maybe you like the idea of a big change in your life, and so you may find that migrating to. Anew country to live and to work could be on your bucket list. This could also work hand in hand with learning a language. For some countries, the process can be quite complicated. So you may want to look into using Immigration agents to help you with the paperwork and the legal side of things. This could be a huge opportunity for you. Some countries offer better pay for jobs, or more opportunities for a better quality of life. So this could be just the life change you crave.

Start your own business

Perhaps you like the idea of starting your own business and feel like this is something that you have or would like to add to your bucket list. You may already have the idea. Perhaps nurturing it in your mind until the ideal time arises to strike that opportunity. Or it could be that you are still wondering what you want to do, and hope that you can one day work for yourself. So that you can enjoy a better home and work life balance. Whatever your motive is, many people have this this dream, and it could be the best decision you make.

Have a family

Finally, maybe you like the idea of starting a family one day. This is quite a common one for many people as at some point they expect they may become parents. However, it is worth setting some timer to plan and consider it for the future. Not everyone is blessed with pregnancy the minute they decide they want to start a family. It can be a tough process and journey to embark on. Not only that, but you also need to plan in terms of financials and your career. But, as many say, becoming a parent is life changing and often described as one of the bets journeys you will ever take.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for some of the things you can add to your bucket list.

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Here’s How You Make Sure that You Have Found The Right Car

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Image Source: a new car can really be a daunting experience to say the least. After all, you really do have so much to think about and you also have to consider the investment that you are making as well. If you want to get the best result out of your car and the purchase that you are making then there are a few things that you can do to try and make the whole thing easier on yourself.

Be Honest

The first thing that you need to do is be honest. How often do you go up into the mountains, carry large goods or even transport rubbish to the local tip? If you don’t do things like this very often then there is absolutely no point in you buying a big car. You have to remember that in life, you have things that you want and things that you need, so work out what your actual life-needs are and then work out what you need from your car. This is one of the best ways for you to try and find out if you are making the best decision with your car and it will also help you to know if you are able to save money as a result as well when you are out on the road.


You probably don’t have a huge pile of cash lying around and for this reason you will probably need to take out a used car loan. When you do this, you will need to take into account your payments, your insurance, your maintenance, registration, repairs and more. There are so many car loan providers out there who can help you to work all of this out and there are even online calculators as well. When you are able to take this information into account, you will soon see that the whole thing is super easy for you to do and you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

Image Source: a Car Finder Tool

Believe it or not, there are so many auction sites out there that give you the chance to find the perfect car for your needs and you can even search by the category for your vehicle, the options that are available and even the price as well. When you do this, you really do eliminate the chances of you overspending and you can also stop yourself from getting a car that is not really suitable for your needs as well.

Test Driving

Sure, the car that you are getting right now may be similar to the car that you have already but this is not the case at all. You should always make sure that you test drive the car as much as you can and you should also try and put the work in to see if it suits your driving style. Some people are more drawn to certain cars when compared to others and the last thing that you need is to be locked into a deal with a car that just doesn’t suit your driving style.

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Roadtripping Australia: Essential Places To See

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Image Source: is a vast place which has so many amazing beaches, stunning mountain ranges, and buzzing cities. If you are looking to get away to this side of the world now that the weather is turning cold in the northern hemisphere, here are some of the best places you can think of visiting.


If you fancy a bit of culture and a road trip you won’t forget in a long while, you can use Ace Rent A Car Perth to get a car while you are abroad and travel around Perth seeing the sites and experiencing everything it has to offer. From riverside walks to sandy beaches, this place is a stunning way to spend your days, and in the evenings you can venture into the city to enjoy some opera or ballet with your family.


No one can really think about visiting Australia without at least taking a quick trip to Sydney to see everything which makes this city so famous. The Sydney opera house can be an evening activity and you can enjoy stunning views over the water as you eat incredible foods in the many restaurants by the bay. It is a place full of thriving culture and a buzzing atmosphere so you will always be kept occupied.

Steve Irwin Park

For those of you who don’t know, Steve Irwin was an Australian National treasure who made it his goal in life to conserve the wildlife on our planet and teach people to love them. Unfortunately, he died in an incident involving a Manta Ray in the early 2000’s and now there is a huge park named after him which you can come to see. The Steve Irwin Park is a vast area which is full of stunning plants and animals and you may even be able to catch up with his wife and kids during your visit up here!

The Great Barrier Reef

One of those things which almost everyone puts on their travel bucket list is the Great Barrier Reef, and it is no surprise why when you see the vast beauty and diversity in this underwater paradise. Scuba diving can be a little scary but this is totally worth the effort and you will be awe inspired by every little creature who lives in this natural city. Grab an ice cream and lie on the beach once you are done and enjoy the sun!

Byron Beach

Byron isn’t necessarily one of the most popular places in the outback but this is ideal for you because it won’t be rammed with tourists when you come to visit for the day. This is one of their most stunning beaches in the country and it has many little bays which you can use for surfing and catching some rays. It can be a really great spot to set up a picnic, music and chill out for the day with your family while some of you try to balance on a surfboard without falling off!

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Golf and ocean cruising – can it be true?

Golf and ocean cruising – can it be true?

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Filling the void and Learning a second Language

Filling the void and Learning a second Language

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Flip Flops to go, anywhere. Introducing new Flipsters footwear!

Flip Flops to go, anywhere. Introducing new Flipsters footwear!

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Jessica Watson at 16 to solo circumnavigate the globe

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This weekend Australian sailor Jessica Watson, 16, kissed her parents, friends and family goodbye in an emotional farewell as she set sail on an around the world adventure hoping to be the first female her age to complete the journey non-stop, un-assisted.

Un-assisted doesn’t mean with out all the bells and whistles of technology available to sailors today, including satellite navigation and tracking, communication, radio, weather and storm tracking, satellite phones and internet. It means alone, all alone in her boat to navigate across 38,000 km (22,000 nautical miles) of big blue for 240 days (8 months). Continue Reading

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Five of the Best Travel Items

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Westin Heavenly Travel Blanket AUD$60

Cosy, snug and compact for napping on the go, the Westin Heavenly Travel Blanket is a lust item for any traveller. Open, it’s a full sized, soft blanket, fold and tuck into a hidden pocket and it’s a beautiful plush pillow. With a strengthening commitment to guest wellness, the Westin Heavenly Travel Blanket offers the comfort and luxury synonomous with first class travel. Continue Reading

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Technology for Travel: Flipping-Out About MinoHD Flip Video Recorders?

Technology for Travel: Flipping-Out About MinoHD Flip Video Recorders?

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One of the coolest gadgets for gizmos in a long time is the MinoHD video recorder from Flip Video. This handy little camcorder holds 60 minutes of HD-Quality video with 4 GB of built-in memory and fits in the smallest of handbags! Continue Reading

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Forget Travel Guidebooks – Grab your iPod

Forget Travel Guidebooks – Grab your iPod

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There is nothing quite like the excitement of travelling, discovering a new place or re-discovering an old favourite! Continue Reading

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