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Donald Trump’s True Motivation Behind That Drone Strike

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If you’re anything like a huge number of US citizens, you’re probably wondering what goes on in Donald Trump’s head. He seems to say what he thinks online and in person without giving much thought to how it really sounds, and this can seem bizarre in itself. But what about the recent U.S. drone strike that killed Major General Qasem Soleimani, one of Iran’s top military leaders?

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What The Client Needs To Know About Building Regulations

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Builders come in all shapes and sizes and cover a multitude of types of projects, domestic or commercial. If you’re worried about your responsibilities under the Building Regulations on a particular building project, it really does pay to choose the right builder. This will help make sure you don’t fall foul of the local planning department. Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know.

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Four Reasons To Renovate The Bathroom

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Home renovations are a big deal, as they’re your shot at upgrading and redoing the areas of your home that you’re not so proud of having. It can seem like a costly and time-consuming task, and sometimes it can be, but there are so many more reasons to renovate than there is not to do it! You are going to live through a little bit of upheaval, but with the right planning, you can make your bathroom upgrade one that is worth it.

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Buying A Home: How To Know It’s Perfect For You

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Simple House Buying Tips

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When you are ready to buy your first home, there are a lot of big decisions to make. It can be a nerve-racking period, with a lot of unknowns going on. However, these tips might just make the process a little bit easier for you. 

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5 Ways To Improve Your Home Security This Christmas

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Our homes are an extension of ourselves, making a break-in or theft from our property a personal blow. At this time of year as we gear up for Christmas, we start to fill our homes with the latest gadgets, toys and items, making them even more attractive to opportunistic thieves and criminals. To keep yourself, your belongings and your property safe, here are 5 ways in which you can improve your security over the Christmas period. 

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Preparing For Hefty Outdoor Or Industrial Work

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There are many people out there who work hard jobs, but find a real sense of satisfaction in doing so. For example, a tree surgeon must apply his or her best judgement when it comes to felling or restoring trees. The pressure on them is great, as bad judgement could mean property damage or even risk to life. They have to work in hard physical conditions, with dangerous equipment, and at all hours of the day.

That being said, they also get to remain outside for most of the day, apply real change to a landscape, care for the wilderness and prevent rot or other maladies from spreading. As such, we can never say that a job is bad simply because it’s slightly hard or dangerous. It’s all down to the individual. That being said, these jobs require a sense of preparation to stay active and healthy within said role. To that end, we have some advice to help you prepare for heft outdoor or industrial work effectively. Applied well, this can give you safety and job satisfaction like never before. Please, consider:

Wearing Excellent Protective Gear

No matter how prepared and skilled you may be at your job, it’s important to note that you are never too good for adequate protective gear and safety. This is where stylish, comfortable, yet also practical and protective clothing offered by Fritz Wear can come in so handy. Having your own items that will enable you to transition from workplace to workplace with a reliable, personally-maintained set of protections can help you stand firm despite the insufficiencies perhaps given to you by a new contracting agency.

Self-Care Before & After The Job

It’s important to rely on yourself to stay safe in this environment. For example, operating heavy machinery is not something you should do hungover or very tired, and other work that may put yourself in jeapardy should never be undertaken while under certain medications. It’s essential to disclose this, because not only might you injure yourself through being inattentive, but you may really hurt someone else. None of this is acceptable in the least, and so this is the singular most important thing to consider when working a tough job.

Reading Safety Protocols Thoroughly

No matter how thoroughly and carefully you know your safety protocols expected of you, it’s important to read them semi-regularly to have them memorized. Additionally, transitioning to a new job, even if identical in nature, may have slight differences in how the work is presented to you and how you should follow up on it. This can help you ensure that no matter what work you are conducting, you can always apply yourself to this process in the most measured perspective. That makes a true difference day after day, and you’re sure to notice this as you progress.

With this advice, you’re certain to correctly prepare for hefty outdoor or industrial work.

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Eight Reasons To Build Your Own Home

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Building your own home can be very exciting, allowing you to design the perfect home for you and your family. If you’ve found the right plot of land, you can get to work planning the perfect house. Here the best reasons to consider building your own home.

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4 Easy Ways To Save Water Around The Home

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We’re all trying to make more of an effort to be environmentally friendly and preserve the planet. There are a lot of simple lifestyle changes that you can make and a lot of them start in the home. Things like switching the lights off when you’re not in a room and walking instead of driving will make a difference over time. But one thing that people don’t think about as often is how much water they’re using. Water shortages are already a big problem in a lot of places and in the next few decades, they’re likely to start affecting most countries unless we find ways to cut our usage. The other major benefit of using less water is that you’ll save yourself money on utility bills so there’s no reason not to do it, and it’s not that hard either. These are some of the easiest ways to cut water usage around the home.  Continue Reading

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Making Your Business More Eco-Friendly

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Businesses are stepping up to the mark when it comes to making themselves more eco-friendly. They have a slightly bigger responsibility, especially when they begin to grow bigger as a company. If your business is looking to make a few changes this year in favour of the environment, here are some tips to make it more eco-friendly. Continue Reading

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Increase The Value Of Your Home Before You Sell

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Everyone wants to make sure that they are increasing the value of their home, and this is the case even more so when it comes to selling. When it’s time to get your property ready for sale, it’s important that you spend money on projects that are going to increase the value of your home. Just be careful not to put too much of yourself in a project, otherwise, you’re alienating some potential buyers. Continue Reading

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How To Improve Your Home Without Tearing Your Hair Out

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The moment we want to improve our homes, millions of questions seem to spring from the ether. Which room should you start first? What’s your budget? What’s your deadline? Should you really be improving this room when that one hasn’t been completed? What about that upcoming vacation, can you really fit it in before then? How do you find a good contractor after your last bad experience? The building is getting pretty old, are you sure that new work won’t override the rustic character that helps this home stay unique? Continue Reading

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Top Tips For Moving House

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Moving house can be a stressful one, but with the right knowledge, the process can be a lot easier and a more enjoyable one. Depending on your new location, you may need to consider different factors depending on the distance of your move from the old property to the new one. So whether this is your first time or you’ve done it before, here are some top tips for moving house to use for your next move.  Continue Reading

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Making Money From Property: Whether You Rent or Own


Whilst making money from property, as a tenant is a much more contentious issue than if you own the property yourself, as many tenancy agreements include a strict clause pertaining to subletting and making an income from the property… today, in the world of AirBnB many tenants are making extra income from hosting people via AirBnB for instance.

This is a particularly good option if you live in a prestigious property in a good location, such as those by Meriton.  Yet, today, there are all sorts of ways to make money from property whether you are an owner or a tenant.


If you have a spare room, then getting a lodger can be a great way to make a consistent and reliable monthly income from your property.  Of course, if you rent, you must be a little careful in terms of violating the terms of your tenancy agreement – and similarly, if you own the house, you must be careful in terms of what is considered a “commercial arrangement” versus merely renting a room out, as a “normal” person.

Renting a spare room often provides a more reliable monthly income than concepts such as AirBnB that are more sporadic in nature, yet of course, monthly rent will be capped in terms of the amount you can make – whereas AirBnB has potential to make a lot more money.


Something that pays quite a lot of money is to host an international student; this often requires you to provide two meals a day in addition to a little tutoring when it comes to learning English, along with providing a room, but the amount you can make from this is substantial.

  1. AirBNB

AirBnB offers a more profitable alternative, at least in terms of the amount you can charge each night, than the idea of getting a full-time lodger.  It’s also much more flexible in the sense that you can decide when people stay or when you want your house to yourself – by simply blocking out time on your availability calendar.

There are pros and cons to both AirBnB and having a long term lodger, so it depends on what you’re looking for, but if you live by a major airport or venue, AirBnB might make a lot more sense as you can sell your room at a premium due to the economics of supply and demand.


Many people don’t want someone else living in their space, but are happy to rent out their garage as storage space in order to make some easy money.


If you live in a busy town and are centrally located, or near a transport hub, such as a train station you might want to consider renting out your driveway as a parking space.  If you work office hours yourself this could be particularly useful, as during the day, when the driveway would otherwise be empty you can make money whilst adding to the security of your home due to it looking like someone is in.


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The Best Ways to Seek Inspiration for a Home Renovation


If you’ve lived in your home for a relatively long period of time then you’ve likely thought about a renovation. No one wants to live surrounded by the same few walls for the rest of their life which is why drastic changes are sometimes required in order to make your home feel more comfortable again. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, new shelves or even a home extension, there are plenty of different home renovations that you could perform.

Sadly, there’s so much choice that it can be difficult to know what type of renovation would be best for your circumstances, so in this article, we’re going to show you a couple of excellent ways in which you can gather inspiration for your next big home renovation.

  1. Speak to friends and family members

You’re probably not alone when it comes to wanting a renovation so it’s a good idea to speak with friends and family members to see what kind of renovations they would personally like to see in their own homes. You can get many great ideas just by asking others for their opinions, and this could lead to combinations of ideas or completely new possibilities that you didn’t consider in the past.

  1. Read lifestyle and home blogs

There are many home blogs such as Unhumid and our blog that can give you plenty of excellent ideas for renovations. Whether it’s pictures, showcases or blog posts such as this one, you’ll find a lot of inspiration by simply reading someone else’s opinion or report. This is a brilliant way to get inspiration but you’ll need to bookmark blog posts and save pictures in order to keep a scrapbook of ideas that you can reference.

  1. Look at Pinterest

Pinterest is the go-to website for inspiration no matter what you’re doing. Simply type in “home renovation ideas” and you’ll get thousands of pictures that you can save to an online Pinterest board (essentially a scrapbook) and you’ll be able to look back at these ideas when you’re speaking to a designer or contractor.

  1. Speak to a designer or contractor

Another excellent way to get inspiration is to speak to a designer or contractor that specializes in the renovations that you are interested in. They’ll be able to offer expert advice that is not only relevant to your property, but they can also explain what’s possible with your property and your budget.

  1. Consider what your personal needs are

Lastly, think about what you personally want to see changed in your home. Don’t like your kitchen? Search up or look for kitchen renovation ideas to get a good idea of what your kitchen could become. Want to make use of your garden? Look at possibilities like a garden room, flowerbeds or even a pagoda. You typically only look at renovation opportunities when you want something changed in your home, so why not use that as a starting point to look for new and unique ideas?

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5 Budget Garden Projects That Will Make Your Garden Feel Brand New

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Photo by Eco Warrior Princess on Unspla

Do you feel like your garden is starting to look a little lacklustre and in need of a bit of TLC?

Often, gardening is one of those jobs that keeps getting pushed to the back of people’s minds – but there really is no time like the present to start working on any garden projects you’ve had planned, especially with the warmer weather creeping in.

Whilst most people feel you need to hire an expensive landscaper or professional gardener, however, that isn’t always the case. Lots of different garden renovations can be done by you, and on a budget.

There are plenty of simple updates that can be achieved without having to break the bank, all of which can make a huge difference to the appearance of your outdoor space.

Whether you have a small backyard, a massive patio space or a balcony garden, here are 5 budget garden projects that will help make your garden feel brand new again:

  • Lay A Wooden or Stone Path Throughout Your Garden

This is one of the more affordable changes you can make to your garden, but it instantly makes a massive difference to the look and feel of your outdoor space. Head to your local garden centre to pick up some supportive wooden panels (or stepping stones if you prefer) and create a beautiful walkway throughout your entire garden. Not only does it save people walking across your grass, but it stops people getting muddy shoes too!

  • Upcycle Old Furniture To Use As Storage

If you have any old cupboards lying around in your home, try upcycling them so that they can be used as outdoor storage. Grab some paint and a waterproof top coat and get to work making your old furniture look brand new. Before you know it, they’ll be perfect for storing any gardening equipment and toys you may have lying around outside.

  • Create A Rustic Barbeque Set Up For Family Get Togethers

If you find you’re regularly hosting guests but don’t have a nice outdoor space to host them in, an outdoor barbeque set up could be the perfect solution. Using lots of old bricks and a barbeque, you can create a space that looks rustic and a really small budget.

If you’re carrying out a project like this it’s important to check your patio and surrouning areas to make sure you’r enot covering up any manhole forms, or anything else that may be important.

  • Hang Fairy Lights To Create A Magical Garden Effect

If you have an area in your garden where there are lots of trees or woodland, you can easily make a magical space for children by hanging up some colorful fairy lights. For ideas and inspiration, you can visit this website here.

  • Create A Cosy Firepit For Toasting Marshmallows

This is such a simple and affordable project and once finished, you’ll be able to enjoy toasted marshmallows all year round! Create a simple firepit and surround with cosy chairs and you’ll have all your friends wanting to come around in no time!

Have you ever renovated your garden? Let us know your favourite budget garden projects in the comment section below.

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Redecorating? Use The French as Inspiration

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Sprucing up your home is usually a lot of fun, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. This is especially true if you’re trying to decorate a new home entirely from scratch; when you’ve never really had a theme to lean on, it’s almost impossible to get it right from the start.

A lot of interior and exterior design nuts prefer to find a popular design from different cultures and allow it to become the red line of their home. It’s not just to appear more worldly and sophisticated, though, even if this might have something to do with it – by borrowing elements from another culture, you’ll be able to use it as the cornerstones of your design.

That way, you won’t end up with a result that clashes completely and you still have a solid foundation in case you should continue your interior design adventure later on. Here is a handful of great design ideas from France so that you can get started as soon as possible.

Classic French? Use these elements

It doesn’t matter if you’re into the French fashion or not – interior design borrowed from France will either lean on the modern Parisian homes of the 17th, 18th, and 19th-century buildings – or it will be a part of the cosy French countryside design.

The Parisian homes of this era were, undoubtedly, a mix of fancy monarchy design and a rather eclectic and playful approach to design. It might be difficult to grasp, to begin with, but just try to picture a home in Paris of this era or have a look at some pictures around the web before we go through the different elements.

First of all, the history of the French interior design should be respected historically. This means that there will be elements of grandeur, naturally, with fancy furniture, tall doors, and rosettes in the ceiling.

The French fashion was, in general, very popular back then and the elements you associate with grand will definitely also be a part of this design.

Eccentric French?

Another part to keep in mind that makes this interior design a bit different from the rest is the approach to anti-decor. The decoration might look like it hasn’t been thought through properly, the elements may, to begin with, look like they don’t work together – and that is precisely why they end up working.

You need to be playful while decorating the rooms and try to think a bit outside the box. Keep in mind that those with money during the 17th century would quite often be rather eccentric and definitely a part of those leading the fashion of the day – so, of course, their homes will reflect this personality.

This is perhaps the elements that make the French interior design so popular as it is both eye-catching and easy to recognise. A living room styled in this fashion, with quirky decoration and surprising splashes of blue that actually end up looking natural is easy enough for most interior design freaks to recognise as French.

It is, after all, the effortlessly chic that tends to attract us when it comes to this type of design and you should try to achieve the same with your home. Be a bit playful and add some decoration that you wouldn’t normally have thought about – and try to think about your outside area the same way.

While it is difficult to style your entire home as well as its outside the way you want, you should at least try to think about how you can make those doors work in your favour. Have a look at this panel lift garage door, for example, as you’ll be able to customise them to the design you prefer and remember to find an entrance door that works with its design.

That way, your entire home will fit seamlessly together when you’re done with the project.

Keep it functional

Another point to keep in mind about the French interior design is that is should be functional and practical. The American style, for example, is way more thought-through and perfect, so to speak, than the French style.

The latter would cherish a family heirloom even if it doesn’t look that great and perhaps even keep that torn leather chair rather than throwing it out. As a result, the French living room will look as if it’s been lived in way more than the American style – and you should try to keep this in mind while decorating.

It means that you can go for that shabby-chic leather chair and it will still look great even if the other elements don’t quite match. It will be recognisable as a French style as well, by the way, or at least to the trained eye.

To others, it may look like a fun, elegant, and kind of eccentric home that anyone would love to throw a party in.

Remember to mix

Finally, a part of what makes the French style so much fun to work with when decorating a home is that it is a fan of mixing contemporary and more old-fashioned design.

You should totally do the same with your style and remember to keep in mind that, the more contemporary you make it, the less it will look like a classic French living room.

Let that worn and comfortable leather couch sit together with a bright yellow armchair, for example, and place a more modern floor lamp next to it to draw everything together.

An 18th-century dresser will, of course, be a fantastic addition to this living room and any French socialite from this era would be proud to pop a bottle of champagne in your home. The trick is, in other words, to mix and match and don’t be afraid to have fun with the decoration.

Your home will be both quirky and elegant at the same time and we could, after all, not have wanted anything more than this.

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All Summer Long: Keeping Your House Cool

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The better weather is coming your way, and even if you’ve been experiencing some pretty drab winter and then spring weather, the BBQs and flip flops won’t be far away from making an appearance. But how do you plan on keeping cool over the summer? In many instances, the natural go-to is the air conditioning. But that, along with fans dotted around the house, can all be pretty energy consuming, costing you a lot of money in the long term. So the good news is that there are alternatives. These are some of the things that you could try instead, or at least in between the air-con and the use of fans. Keep cool and keep your energy bills down.

Use Your Windows in the Right Way

It can be a natural choice to open your windows as wide as they will go to let in a bit of a breeze. But this isn’t always be a good decision, depending on where in the house you are opening the windows. To really help your home to keep cool, it is all about keeping the hot air from even coming in. So if you’ve got south facing windows, for example, keeping them closed and covered with blinds or curtains during the day can really help the home to stay cooler. When the sun has moved or gone down, then you can open them to give them a good airing.

If you really feel the need for a breeze, as let’s face it, air moving is going to be much cooler than air in the home that is just staying still, then make sure you do so in the way that will encourage a breeze. Open windows on opposite sides of the house, and it can it can help a breeze to travel through.


Insulation is normally associated with keeping warm. Because let’s face it, it can give you an extra ‘layer’ in your home and will help with keeping the heat in. But what it also can help with is keeping the heat out of your home as well. So don’t underestimate the power of some insulated panels for wall partitions in your home, for instance. It can help you then in summer when you want to keep heat from coming in, and in winter when you want to keep the heat in the home and stop it from going out.

Switch It Off

It can be quite surprising just how much heat many appliances in our homes generate. If you’ve ever used a computer for a long time, for instance, you will know what I’m talking about. So switch things off fully when not using them; don’t just put them on standby. It is a good idea to make sure that fridges and freezers have plenty of room around them to vent (rather than being squashed against a wall), as these are some of the appliances that can generate a lot of heat (but of course, don’t switch these ones off). Just give them plenty of room to ventilate.

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Property Investment Ideas When You’re Feeling Creative


If you’re a busy parent, you’ll already understand how hard it can be to find the time for anything other than organising the family household, and ensuring that everyone (including yourself) is happy, comfortable, and cared for. However, if you’re naturally creative, especially when it comes to the environment around you; you’ll ensure that your surroundings are considered, and always look great. If you love your family home and love nothing more than trawling through Pinterest and picking up interior and property inspiration; why not put it to great use, and begin putting your ideas into action. Having fun with interior design and property renovation can be as simple as a small project in your own home, or you could take it to a new level, and invest your time and skills into an investment property, to sell on or rent out.

A little (or large) side project could be just what you need this year, and you can turn your attention and focus towards something other than the never-ending list of things to do regarding your family’s wellbeing. If you’re ready for an interior and creative project all of your own; you’ll need to start by deciding just how big you want this project to be. Perhaps there’s a room or area of your home that you feel needs improving, and you can’t wait to get the paint and fabric swatches out and fill the space with the latest home interior trends. Or, maybe you’ve reached a point with your family home where you’re happy with the hard work and effort that’s gone into it, and you’re ready to take on a challenge elsewhere.

Although investing in another property is a big commitment; there are a variety of options that will suit an array of budgets and lifestyles, so it’s not something you should rule out. The following is some information and advice for creative minds who want to get their teeth stuck into property this year, for an exciting, and potentially lucrative future ahead.

A Project At Home

If investing in property seems a bit much, and you’d rather spend your time and money focusing on your family home; you can still find something creatively exciting to get stuck into. You’ll always come up with the best interior ideas in your household because you use and utilise the space every single day. Therefore, it could be time to focus on those neglected areas of your home or the ones that are frequently used but need vast improvement. Working on your own house will also allow you to be far more creative with your personal ideas and tastes in design, as you’ll only have to appeal to yourself. Therefore, it’s your chance for some serious time on the internet to look through the plethora of design inspiration that’s available.

You can also pick up or subscribe to interior magazines, and pull out what you like the look of. If you know a space is about to be renovated or decorated; don’t be afraid to put paint swatches up on the wall and keep playing around with layout and design features. Be brave and bold with your choices, especially when it comes to wallpaper, paint, and fabric options; these are surface decor which can easily be changed when you change your mind. If you’re investing in more expensive items like fixtures, fittings, and furniture; you might want to take more time thinking about how they’ll last into the future and work with an array of potential colours, styles, and even layouts.

As long as you’ve done enough research, you’ll understand everything to do with the form and function of your design project. From davey pumps to keep your kitchen and bathroom running smoothly, to circuit breakers to light the way and keep everything running smoothly; it’s worth knowing when to get the professionals in, in contrast to you doing it yourself. It’s your project, and more importantly, your home, so choose the things you love and will enjoy; there’s no harm in getting the family’s opinion on everything, and get those creative ideas flowing for your perfect family interior space.

A Project Elsewhere

There are an array of ways to get your creative teeth stuck into a home or a property elsewhere. As long as you keep in mind that you’ll need to appeal to as many people on the market as possible; investing in another property could be the project for you. As someone who understands how a family utilises their living space, you’ll already have a head start when you’re heading into your challenge. You’ll be able to change and improve the layout of a building, or individual rooms so that they are most appealing to that area of the market. Your interior design skills will stretch further than colour palettes and textures (although, these are also very important); you’ll be able to understand how a space flows, and where the furniture and storage will work best in a room.

If you’re planning to buy a home to renovate and then sell for a profit; you’ll be able to use your knowledge and skills to make the most of the interior environment. The challenge will lie in how much you can save in regards to the cost of materials and services, like builders, decorators, electricians and plumbers. You’ll also need to get plenty of design inspiration online and in real life so that you can make sure that you’re not just creating somewhere that you’d like to live, but an abode that will appeal to the masses. Period properties will always provide you with more style scope, because you can be sympathetic to the era, and sourcing particular fixtures and fittings will be an enjoyable part of the process.

You’ll be able to hone your skills when you do get to choose the colours and hues of the interior of the property; they must complement each other, and allow buyers to picture their own furniture and items within= the space with ease. When it comes to selling your property; it’s important to dress each room so that potential investors can understand and picture what each space is best used for, and they can mentally start moving in before they’ve even thought about making an offer. The problem-solving and logistical side of things will prove to be a creative part of your property process and could end up being your favourite aspect of your investment.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating Your Home

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Planning some home improvements? Here are five mistakes to avoid to ensure that your renovation project is a success.

Not having a strict budget

Getting into lots of debt could cause you to regret your renovation project rather than being proud of it. Try to keep to a tight budget – if you take out a loan, make sure that it’s something you’ve planned for in advance. Having a budget will also urge you to find ways to cut costs such as shopping around for contractors and materials, rather than accepting the first quote you get.

Not hiring professionals

There are a lot of jobs that can be DIYed, but it’s important to know your limits to avoid doing something potentially dangerous. Electrics and gas plumbing are two jobs generally best left in the hands of professionals. Similarly, you may want to get professionals to carry out jobs such as installing windows and knocking down interior walls. Hiring professionals can be more expensive, but it can ensure that the job is done properly.

Not getting planning permission

Planning permission isn’t required for all improvements, however if you’re hoping to build outwards such adding an extension or raising the roof it could be wise to check. If you don’t get planning permission and decide to go ahead anyway, your local planning committee may order you to revert your home back to how it was if they find out. You will have to pay to get it reverted back on top of the costs that you paid to install it in the first place, making it a huge waste of money.

Not considering the neighbours

On top of getting planning permission, you may also want to consider how your neighbours may feel about the project. It’s good manner to warn them, just in case of the noise. It’s possible that you may be able to use less noisy alternatives such as non-destructive excavation as opposed to regular excavation. On top of the noise, you’ll want to ensure that your renovation project doesn’t invade on their privacy or block out the sun to their garden as is common with some extensions.

Not considering the ROI

It’s worth also considering the ROI (return on investment). Many renovations can add value to a home – for example, converting your attic into a bedroom could help to add value by giving your home an extra bedroom. Other renovations however may deduct value from your home such as painting your walls a controversial colours like pink or getting rid of a bedroom. It’s important to the ROI if you plan to sell up in the future. As well as the impact on your home’s value, you may also want to consider the impact your renovation has on your home’s energy efficiency. Adding insulation could help to cut your home’s energy bills, potentially making you future savings.

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