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Simple Safety Tips For Drivers

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Your car is one of your most valuable possessions and therefore more likely to get stolen The model of the car often isn’t that important, instead, it depends on how accessible it is and easy to resell. Of course, you can find ways you can minimize the risk of you car being broken unto by following certain security precautions. 

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Keep Rolling With These Tyre Care Tips

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When looking after your car, one of the most important parts you should consider monitoring is the tyres. Your tyres will be the only part of the car to touch the ground when you drive on the road and this makes them crucial for safety and performance on the road. 

Today we want to take a deep dive into the world of car maintenance and specifically look at the Tyres. Here are all of the things you need to consider when you are maintaining your tyres this year. 

1. Check the pressure 

The first check to do on your tyres regularly is pressure. The pressure inside your tyres is equal to how much air is inside them, and to maintain grip on the road you need to have a decent level of inflation on your tyres at all times. To check your tyre pressure, you should place the car on a flat surface and wait for it to cool completely. Once cold, take a tyre pressure gauge and check the tyre pressure according to your manufacturer’s guide. There may even be a small sticker inside your car near the driver’s seat. Inflate the tyres to the right level. 

2. Inspect for damage

When maintaining the tyres the main thing you will be thinking about is the air inside and whether this has been preserved. This is why now and again you should check the tyres for any small cuts or bulges that may run the risk of letting air out of the tyres while you are driving. If you find anything like this you should consider getting some new tyres. 

3. Check the tread depth

The tread of a tyre is a crucial aspect to maintain. When you drive on the road, the tread will grip the tarmac beneath you in the same way hiking boots will grip the ground below your feet. To avoid slipping you need that friction, and tread does this. It also helps to avoid a phenomenon called ‘aquaplaning’ where water runs between the tyres and the road causing you to slip. Make sure the tyre tread is at least 1.6mm

4. Think about the weight 

It stands to reason that the more weight you put inside the car, the more pressure will be on the tyres and therefore the more strain it will receive. To try and make your tyres last longer on the road it is a good idea to try and lower the weight you put in the car, whether this be taking out unnecessary items or transporting less people. 

5. Avoid the kerb when possible 

Sometimes parking on the kerb is the only option we have, and this is something that you do need to be aware of. When you think about parking on the kerb, you need to be careful of the damage it will do to the tyres. It can often cause more pressure and could even cause the tyre to blow. Be mindful and try to mount drop kerbs first wherever you can.

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Singapore revs up for the world’s only night-time Grand Prix, where racing and live rock collide in 2009

Singapore revs up for the world’s only night-time Grand Prix, where racing and live rock collide in 2009

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Two new Hybrid Concepts from Toyota at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Two new Hybrid Concepts from Toyota at the Frankfurt Motor Show

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Toyota, the name is synonymous with quality at the right price, it’s obvious just taking a quick look at new car sales figures, Toyota (in Australia at least) is the car of choice. Now we’ve got another reason to love them! Toyota is taking centre stage at this Month’s international motor show in Frankfurt, Germany with not 1, but 2 new hybrid cars. Continue Reading

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Nathan Mauger launches rugby coaching programme for young players

Nathan Mauger launches rugby coaching programme for young players

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Former All Black Nathan Mauger today announced the launch of a significant Canterbury coaching programme to improve junior schoolboy rugby in the region.

The junior academy, Mauger Developments Rugby, has the backing of All Black Dan Carter and Crusaders assistant coach Daryl Gibson. The first intake begins at Christchurch Boys’ High School, Mauger’s old school, on October 12. Continue Reading

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