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21st Century Living: How Tech Could Affect Our Quality Of Life In the Future

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Flying cars and suits made of tin foil may not be what is ahead of us. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some pretty massive changes that will affect our quality of life in the 21st century. In fact, life by 2099 may be unrecognizable to how we live now. A topic you can read more about the post below. 

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Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business Website

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Creating an effective business website is like hiring the best employee in the world. It is there to answer customer queries, complete transactions, and act as the face of your brand. That being said, your website can only do this if people actually visit it. Website traffic is the lifeblood of an online business. After all, the more visitors you have to your site, the more potential customers see your products. With that in mind, here are five effective ways to drive traffic to your website. Continue Reading

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How Easy Is It To Make Money On The Internet?

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Since the beginning of the internet, people have been finding ways to use it to make themselves richer, and although we can’t argue that many have made quite the success of this, we do have to question if it’s all really as easy as they make it seem. Continue Reading

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The Dangers of Online Shopping

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Isn’t the world of technology amazing?  The latest news, hit songs, viral videos, and the entire world at your fingertips.  How did people ever survive before the Internet world?  Continue Reading

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Retail Survival

Retail Survival

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Mr Salakas – The Party People

It is not the biggest that survive, it’s the most Continue Reading

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Why an Australian digital agency built their own project management app

Why an Australian digital agency built their own project management app

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Your Creative, a small digital and branding agency based in Melbourne have spent the last two years building a project management tool after being frustrated at the options they had on the market, introducing Hassl. Continue Reading

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Is living off grid feasible for modern families and could you do it?

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I think at some point almost all of us have thought about living off grid. Throwing in the day job, eating what you grow and being completely self sufficient.

The sun lapping across your back as you take it easy, sipping on your home made Ginger Beer….

That’s about where most of us get to, when we are suddenly pulled back to reality – work, deadlines, paying bills, study, kids, partners, family – you name it!

Maybe self sufficiency or off grid living is just that, a dream. An unreachable goal that on paper feels like what we were meant to be doing, but can never fully attain.

The other issue that’s always slapped me in the face (pretty hard) when I’ve looked into self sufficiency, that a great number of people who’ve achieved self sufficiency (or even just off-grid) status happen to accept a significantly lower standard of living than what most normal families are prepared to live with.

Making dinner at night shouldn’t be an exercise in how many kilowatts are left in my battery, and maybe I shouldn’t (or cannot) use the microwave!

To be honest, in the middle of summer we want energy independence, we want to run the air conditioner (in Queensland, Australia) and enjoy life, not sweat it out. The same in winter, families want a warm shower – fine, it doesn’t have to be a 10 minute shower, but something you can rely on.

So, without any more ado – we are making it happen!

That’s right, we are taking a family of 4 living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia – firmly fixed to the energy grid, and taking them off grid, and a long way to being self sufficient.

The goal – for under $50k (retail) we will show you how a family of 4 can live sustainably and off grid. This isn’t a warm and fuzzy brush over, this is a warts and all look at what it takes to transition from a normal grid connected family to a renewable off grid life. We will be showing you every step you need to get you, and your family off grid and on the road to self sufficiency:

  • Energy – production/storage
  • Food – plan/plant/harvest/store
  • Water – harvest/treat/store
  • Short and long distance transport – fuel/vehicle selection
  • Community – give/live/assist

The families overall goal is to inspire other families all around Australia that living a rewarding and sustainable lifestyle is possible and within reach, and that the implications are probably far greater than you could ever imagine.

More information about our off grid family will be released in the coming weeks -> sign up here to keep yourself posted on our off grid project.

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How To Find Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities

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Finding a legitimate work at home opportunity is not hard when you evaluate the more respectable offers on the Internet. Unfortunately, there are a lot of shoddy operators out there, out to get your money because they want to cash in on this demand.

Working from the comfort of their home is a dream come true for many people. Saying good bye to long commutes, snarly bosses and bitchy co-workers has its benefits. You can grab your own slice of this global behaviour shift by finding, and starting a business from home. Continue Reading

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Digital photos – to print or not?

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We’ve all been there, a heap of digital photos of holidays or loved ones, a lost SD card, a laptop gone bad, or a CD that won’t read. I even went down the path of digital photo frame, but over time the dust built up, I needed the SD card for something else and it rarely got turned on.

Sitting around my house are photos of my sister and I backpacking through Europe, an ex-girlfriend hugging me like we’ll be together forever…. they seem to float around, generate conversation and all of it brings back those amazing memories. So who prints, and what can you print? Continue Reading

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The Handheld Revolution

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There you are in a hotel, two or three time zones from home, feet up and cool beverage in hand. You’ve finished your meetings for the day and now it’s time to open the laptop, check on email, review your next presentation, and get ready for tomorrow. Except the hotel’s Internet connection is down so your laptop isn’t talking to anyone, at least for the time being. Not a problem. You have your hand-held, perhaps a BlackBerry or maybe a Treo, and you’re still in business. Continue Reading

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Celebrity scandals reveal naked truth about Internet security

Celebrity scandals reveal naked truth about Internet security

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Love gossip about Paris Hilton and Brangelina? Continue Reading

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Twitter on your mobile

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Roy Morgan statistics (March 2009) indicate that the use of social networking sites on mobile has grown 125 per cent over the past six months, amongst Australian consumer mobile users aged 14+.

“The social networking community is not longer satisfied with logging on once a day, from their PC. Twitter and Facebook aficionados are updating their status and getting their fix of information in real-time, on the move,” said Jessica Forrest, PR Manager at VHA. Continue Reading

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Two new Hybrid Concepts from Toyota at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Two new Hybrid Concepts from Toyota at the Frankfurt Motor Show

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Toyota, the name is synonymous with quality at the right price, it’s obvious just taking a quick look at new car sales figures, Toyota (in Australia at least) is the car of choice. Now we’ve got another reason to love them! Toyota is taking centre stage at this Month’s international motor show in Frankfurt, Germany with not 1, but 2 new hybrid cars. Continue Reading

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