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Comparing Tattoo Guns

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Sometimes I see tattoo guns for sale and my heart starts racing and I am compelled to hold it and check it out.

I’m of course an artist, but I’m also a collector of tattoo supplies and somewhat of a tattoo gun enthusiast. I’m a fan of the art and of the history of the art. Usually I don’t pay too much attention to the new stuff, but even the new stuff will be classic someday. Continue Reading

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Digital photos – to print or not?

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We’ve all been there, a heap of digital photos of holidays or loved ones, a lost SD card, a laptop gone bad, or a CD that won’t read. I even went down the path of digital photo frame, but over time the dust built up, I needed the SD card for something else and it rarely got turned on.

Sitting around my house are photos of my sister and I backpacking through Europe, an ex-girlfriend hugging me like we’ll be together forever…. they seem to float around, generate conversation and all of it brings back those amazing memories. So who prints, and what can you print? Continue Reading

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Caloundra’s art of happiness

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Experiencing the art of happiness is as close as your next visit to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

As part of the Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Caloundra is hosting Art in the Park from 8am to 1pm, on Sunday 4 October 2009. The event in Felicity Park links the prestigious Sunshine Coast Art Prize exhibition at Caloundra Regional Gallery with the popular Bulcock Street markets with over 100 stalls. Continue Reading

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I HATE Cinderella!

I HATE Cinderella!

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Like many of us, Amanda Cole, author of I Hate Cinderella, can relate to heartbreak. After one too many heartaches, Amanda decided to put all her energy into something positive and wrote a book to give the rest of us some healthy and easily digestible steps for getting over a breakup! Continue Reading

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And the Love is Free – Simple no-fuss recipes – A tribute to Mum

And the Love is Free – Simple no-fuss recipes – A tribute to Mum

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After June Clancy died suddenly of cancer two years ago, her eldest daughter Jules – author of the food blog ‘stonesoup’ – decided to pull together a collection of her mum’s recipes Continue Reading

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