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4 Things That It Might Be Worth Spending a Good Chunk of Money on Upfront

With more consumer goods, potentially useful services, and assorted avenues for spending your money available today than ever before in human history, it’s not always straightforward figuring out which things are actually worth investing a good chunk of change in upfront, and which potential purchases should be ignored, delayed, or turned down in favour of cheaper alternatives. Read the full story

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What Does It Take To Be “Self-Sufficient” These Days?

It seems that we live in a world where we’ve got to cover our own backs. Every single thing about life appears to be increasingly more difficult with every passing year. Even the act of making money is only feasible if you’ve got a main job, a side hustle, and some form of freelance career to go alongside them. As such, it seems we’re being actively encouraged to look after our own needs, rather than anybody else’s. And without making it sound like we’re completely selfish, being self-sufficient is a term that continually crops up. Whether this is in terms of our lifestyle or our career choices, the idea of looking after our own needs encapsulate so many different components. What are these, and how can we best embrace the self-sufficient lifestyle without being self-sufficiently selfish?   Read the full story

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