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What Would Your Dream Headquarters Be Like?

Small businesses are always challenging themselves and being challenged by their professional environment. There will come a time when every new business owner will have to decide what kind of HQ they want? Their headquarters will be the base of operations for the time being, it will be ‘office no.1’ essentially, as all other things flow from this central nervous system. Look all around the world and you can see the major companies taking a lot of pride in their own HQs. Take a gander at Apple, Samsung, HSBC, Playstation, Gucci and a whole raft of other colossal giants in their respective industries. They spend tens of millions on their HQ because it’s not just an office but a symbol of who they are. So if you had a chance to build your very first headquarters, what would you include? Be mindful that once you do set the foundations, if you ever want to expand you will have to build another office wherever your target location is. After spending a lot of money on your HQ, you cannot or should not abandon it in the near future.

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3 Rules To Follow When Building Your Own Office

When your business starts to expand and you bring more employees on board, you’ll soon outgrow your office space. Most businesses will look for a larger office space to rent or buy at this point, but have you ever considered building your own? It’s a big task to take on but it has a lot of benefits. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find an office that suits your needs and has all of the features that you’re looking for, but if you’re building your own from the ground up, you have complete control over the design and you can create the perfect office space. You also have a bit more freedom over the location and you can save yourself a bit of money if you find a good piece of land at a cheap price. However, there are a lot of things that could go wrong during the building process, especially if you’ve never done this before, so it’s important that to you remember these rules. Read the full story

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