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How to Improve the Sustainability of Your Business

In recent years, sustainability has seen a huge boost in the public eye. Climate change has plagued the world for decades now, but people are taking it increasingly seriously in every aspect of their lives.

Customers and governments alike are favoring businesses that can prove that they are sustainable. This means that a sustainable business is a healthy business. Sustainable practices usually have a higher up-front cost than other methods, but they can be as good for your wallet in the long run as they are for the environment. This means that companies have even more motivation to switch to a greener way of doing business.

Reducing Utilities

One great method to kill two birds with one stone is to reduce the utility usage of your business property. This saves on utility costs and can help the environment. There are a few methods to go about this.

First, ensure that your property is well maintained. Any breakages or wear and tear can result in higher utility bills. For example, if the doors and windows are old or damaged, they are less efficient at keeping the heat in. This means that your heating system will use more energy to maintain the temperature. A dripping faucet will waste plenty of water.

Another option is to reduce the amount of energy that your business uses by getting rid of wasteful practices. Use smart thermometers and turn off devices and lights when they aren’t being used. If your business uses a lot of power, then switch to green energy. Some companies use a commercial solar system to generate green electricity.

Remote Working

Since 2020, remote working has taken the world by storm. But a surprising benefit to remote working is that it is usually less harmful to the environment than people commuting to the office. Cutting the commute plays a large role in this, as driving vehicles is a massive contributor to pollution and climate change.

As well as cutting the commute, people use less power at home than they do in the office. As you’d expect, this reduces your costs as well. However, remote working can improve morale as well.

While some workers prefer the office, many appreciate the option to work from home. Some companies have taken to offering remote working options for their employees, only allowing them to be in the office part of the time. True, some industries require employees to be physically present, but there may be room for flexibility.

Getting Involved in Charity

Another way to improve morale and help the environment is to get involved in charity. This could be as simple as donating funds to a green charity or may require getting more involved. Some companies offer promotions where part of the profits go to charity, while others give employees opportunities to volunteer for events.

Getting involved in charity also looks good. Customers, clients, and shareholders all look favorably on companies that make an effort to get involved and help others. This markets your brand and makes it far more attractive.

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Sustainability is Good for Business

Sustainability and conservation go hand in hand.  They have received a lot of media attention in recent years and they will not be many people that have not heard about climate change and how the earth’s natural resources are depleting.

Some businesses have embraced the principles of sustainability as part of their efforts to be more eco-friendly. Many of them have found that as an added bonus, they are making more profits from extra sales, as consumers are starting to reject the businesses that do not get involved in trying to reduce the amount of damage that is being done to our world.

Replacing Outdated Items

Old computers use more energy, as do fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. Exchanging your lights for more energy efficient LED ones will reduce your electricity bills and they will need fewer replacements. Each bulb can last more than 10 years, and when they do have to be disposed of they are much more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting methods.

Computers have advanced an amazing amount in just the last few years. Apart from all the latest innovations they have, they are more energy efficient than ever before. Just remember to turn them all off totally every evening. You may be surprised to learn that each one you leave in standby overnight uses about £1 worth of energy.

These two things alone will mean your business uses less energy and if this was replicated across all business, the amount of raw material needed to produce it would be dramatically reduced.

Keeping Emissions Low

A hugely important part of keeping your business sustainable is to take a look at what level of emissions you are generally producing. It is clearly a very important environmental issue to keep your emissions as low as you can, so this is something you shouldn’t overlook. As it happens, it is relatively straightforward to keep your emissions low in general.

First, you will need to find out exactly how your emissions are faring to begin with. With proper emission assessments, you can soon determine what kind of level you are operating at, and at first it might shock you. But you can use this surprise as fuel for improving things in future.

Next up, you need to take active steps to reduce your emissions as best as you can. Using alternative fuel sources and keeping a close eye on the supply chain you are using should help here.

By keeping emissions low, your business is more sustainable, and you are doing your bit for the planet that little bit more.

Let People Know

Studies have shown that you can increase your sales by 20% if you let your customers know that your products are made in an eco-friendly way. Consumers want to buy from businesses such as the  E Leather Group who they believe are trying to help the environment.  Even down to the wrapping your products are in, can make a difference and bring you new customers. In fact, there are whole groups of people who will now only buy from eco-friendly firms. They have forums where they let the others know each time they find a new one, and if they have found out that a company has not been telling the truth.

Make sure your adverts, social media posts and website all mention the ways in which you are using sustainability and conservation in your products, and you will soon see the extra sales start.

It’s All In The Mindset

Businesses can reap the benefits of sustainability quite easily if they really believe in what they are doing. If their own personal mindset is for conservation and helping the planet, their business is far more likely to be successful in its efforts. Someone who does not believe they should have to do anything will go about it in a half-hearted way, and not be so effective with their measures.

Most countries around the globe are trying to encourage businesses to be more eco-friendly and some of the governments give tax incentives to ones that can show they are.

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