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Safety Tips For Fleet Drivers

A fleet company can be a wonderful thing. Not only can you work for yourself and make great money and a contractor, but the hours are flexible and you have the scope to work in any part of the world. When it comes to running a fleet company there are a lot of factors to consider including money, environmental impact and logistics. The most important thing to ensure though has to be safety.  This is why today we want to talk about some of the top safety tips to consider. 

Use Technology

Driving for long hours on often dark roads is always going to be difficult. It is incredibly important as a driver not to get distracted and risk an accident. This is why it is important to use technology such as a sat nav, dash cam, and reversing sensors to make the drive easier. As well as this In terms of fleet management, a telematics company can be used to track drivers with GPS and this will ensure you always know where they are. If they ever get into trouble you’ll be able to track them down and ensure that they are safe. 

Pay for a course

One of the great ideas you can use when ensuring the safety of all fleet drivers in your party is a course. Running a course for safety will give both you and your drivers valuable information that will allow you to provide the best safety for your business. Although this will cost a bit of money, it is more than worth it for the future. 

Use rewards

The idea of dangling a carrot on a stick in front of drivers might not seem useful, but when you are looking to ensure the safety of your drivers and the business, rewards can be worth investing in. By offering rewards for safer driving on the roads you will be able to incentivise your drivers to stay safe on the road and not to endanger themselves or others. 

Get great insurance incentivize

The most important thing to think about when you are managing a fleet business is the insurance. It is crucial for you to invest in a good insurance policy that covers drivers against all manner of things. If you deal with the haulage of products, it is important to insure vehicles for contents, and if they are every stolen you will be able to get the money back. 

Maintain the vehicles 
When you have a car at home that you use every day without issue, it is easy to forget those regular checks to keep the car healthy. However when running a business that relies on vehicles; you should be more vigilant. Mark a day on the calendar each month where fluids are topped up, tire tread is safe, and pressure is checked. Make sure that every month you carry out these simple jobs to keep your trucks healthy and allow them to last for much longer. Book a service twice a year if you are able as vehicles are used heavily. This will allow you to keep vehicles safe and the drivers safe.

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