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Finding the “Secret Sauce” to life

Surviving two different forms of cancer should be an exciting celebration, but it can be difficult to know who you are and where you fit in with the new, unrequested title of “Super Survivor”. This is especially true if your doctors have told you they can do nothing more for you. In other words, don’t get this disease again or you are going to die.

A lot of cancer survivors prefer not to make any changes to their life, it is easier and perhaps unnecessary to turn their lives upside down. But for some, myself included, there was something I was doing that just wasn’t working anymore. Not sure of what exactly, I decided to take the “out with the old and in with the new” approach.

  • A little freshen up here, releasing stale relationships.
  • A little sprucing there, cleansing my toxic living environment
  • Let’s go meet the Dalai Lama literally and practice a Buddhist way of life.
  • Oh, and while we are at it, why not get a divorce and change everything that I eat to startliving an Ayurvedic (Ancient form of Indian Medicine) way of life!

That’s a good start, I thought. That way I knew eventually when I do leave this planet, I would know that I tried everything. I would not go to that grave with the thought “If I had only…?”.

13 years later, a new marriage, blended family, thriving business and clean bill of health, here is what I know for sure.

Don’t resist change: While it was difficult and darn right scary to change everything in my life, when the doctors sat on my bed, telling me to make change or die, the only thing I could do was to trust my gut.

For the first time since I was an eight-year-old, I reconnected with that illusive voice within. I thought I had lost my voice somewhere in the fields of my pain and suffering. Probably leaving it under a mushroom on top of one of the hills I sobbed all my “feel sorry for myself” sorrows on.

But alas, there it was, screaming at me. “GET UP! Do what ever it takes to survive! You have two small children and there ain’t no way they are going to grow up without you!”

So, I did. Since that moment, moving forward until today. I trust every gut instinct, internal voice, guidance system, whatever you want to call it, no questions asked. How do I know it’s working? Cause I’m still here.

Set your intentions and don’t get attached to the outcome: This was a big one. Of course, I did not travel this journey on my own. I listened to my gut and created a support team that I could rely on when I needed help. One of my team members was the Guru, Deepak Chopra, whom first taught me about Ayurvedic medicine.

On the path to becoming a certified Chopra Practitioner earlier this year, I had the good fortune of spending time with Deepak and his team at the Chopra Centre in San Diego California. He stood there on the fourth day of teachings and said “It’s like this. When you plant a seed in the flower bed, you nurture it, water it, put it in the sun and trust that the universe will do the rest to allow the flower to grow. You don’t go out to the flower bed every day, dig the seed up to see if it is growing.”

There it was, like a lightning bolt directly from the universe, I got it. I am really, really good at planting seeds of intention, but metaphorically I go out every day, dig the little guy up to see if he is growing. I get in the way of the flow of life, interfering with what is meant to be. I set my intentions and get obsessed with the outcome, hanging my identity as a human being on that result. And watch out if it did not turn out the way I wanted. Crazy Woman coming through!

I now realise that this practice repels any form of manifestation. Energetically it is impossible for anything to grow to its ultimate potential with me always getting in the way.

Finding the “Secret Sauce”: The part of the story that I have not told you is that I grew up with a Bi- Polar, slightly Schizophrenic father who taught me that vulnerability was weak. Being sensitive was dramatic and being feminine was weak and irrelevant.

My survival reaction was to shut down who I was inside. Stop feeling and spend my junior life attempting to become whatever it was he wanted me to be.

Later I realised that for an introverted, creative and highly sensitive human being, this was the fuel for my Dis-Ease. The exhaustion from trying to morph into something that I was not for decades finally brought me to my knees with disease.

The secret sauce to my survival was to be brave and dare to show my vulnerably, feminine creative side and prey it would be enough and by golly it worked. I now run a six-figure business, trotting around the globe teaching other women to be a reflection of the potential that lies within us all.

I hope you can something from my tale and reach your potential.

Accept the change that comes like the tide, set your intentions without strangling the outcome with too much control and find your own Special Sauce to become all you can be. The world needs to hear you because you deserve to be heard.

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