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More Healthy Daily Habits Everyone Should Follow

Being healthy is the combination of a variety of factors. Having good genes can be helpful, but your gene pools can only help you so far. With a healthy routine, your mental and physical health could be compromised. 

As a priority, people should focus on their diet, their fitness level, their hydration, and their sleep. These are crucial to giving your body the necessary foundations to maintain and preserve its health. 

However, there is a lot more individuals can do, especially when it comes to mental health. Mental health has been neglected for too long, so it can be hard to introduce mental-health-boosting habits to your routine. However, they can contribute to decreasing stress levels, improving your mood, and also supporting your immune system. The correlation between mental health and the immunologic response deserves more attention. 

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Allow yourself a break

Are you the kind of person who refuses to book holidays in the middle of a big work project? While it is admirable, this attitude can also be self-destructive. Indeed, during a busy period, you could work hard for several months without granting yourself the right to take a break. Will a project fail before you book a week at one of the best Hamilton Island accommodation options to relax by the ocean? The answer is: No. It is not a matter of finishing everything to deserve a break. Your mind and your body need to recharge so you can remain creative, productive, and motivated. 

Talk about your feelings

Bottling up your emotions can make you feel safer and less vulnerable. But in reality, it isn’t always the best way to move through hardships. Unfortunately, when you choose not to express your emotions, you put a dangerous strain on your mental health. Dismissing your own feeling hurts your self-confidence and may gradually make you feel as if nobody cares about your opinion. Additionally, this pressure can also facilitate diabetes and heart conditions. 

It can be hard to open up at first, especially if you have never done it before. You may not understand which word best describes your feelings. However, you can work closely with a counsellor or a close friend to unlock the key to your emotions. 

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Accept that you don’t know something

The pressure to be perfect at all times and have the answer to everything is born from the desire to achieve perfection. Perfectionist individuals are rarely happy with their efforts and their results, regardless of how much they can achieve. Yet, perfectionism is often the result of fear:

  • Fear not to be relevant anymore if you don’t meet your expectations
  • Fear not to be liked or loved if you fail
  • Fear not to be as good as others

There is no denying that continuingly working on yourself is a good thing. But it should be inspired by a thirst for personal growth rather than fear. Making mistakes, failing, and not knowing an answer are all part of your learning journey, regardless of where you are or how old you are. 

Looking after your mental health begins with these simple habits, such as giving yourself permission to rest, feel, and fail. It can give you some breathing room, especially when life gets hectic. You must be able to build a safe place for yourself to recharge your batteries when you need peace.

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4 Reasons To Get Ready Every Day

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At first, working from home is great. You can get up when you want. You don’t need to deal with the commute, and you find that you’ve got many more hours in the day than you realized. However, as useful as working from home can be for your productivity; it can eventually shift you towards some bad habits. While it’s convenient to roll out of bed and go straight to your desk, this can impact your outlook, which is why we have collected four reasons to get ready every day. 

It Immediately Boosts Your Mood 

Forcing yourself out of bed can be one of the most difficult things in life, but actually doing it can directly boost and improve your mood. Even if you’re not going anywhere, it’s always worth getting dressed up, even if this might sound strange. Put on a crisp shirt and pair of trousers, pick out your favourite tie or blazer, and wash your hair and add matte pomade for a natural matte finish to make you look good on those Zoom calls with the boss. If you look the part, you’ll feel the part, and this can immediately improve your self-esteem, making getting up a little easier. 

Getting Ready Puts You In the Zone 

Getting dressed will also put you in the right zone to get on with your day. Sure, pyjamas and an old t-shirt are comfortable, but this also means you’re clinging too much to the cozy life. Although you’re working at home, you need to find a separation between work and relaxation. If you set out your work clothes (even when you’re not going anywhere), you’ll feel more confident, professional, and motivated, avoiding the risk of slacking on the job. 

You Will Be Ready for Anything 

A simple but effective reason to get dressed every morning is that you’ll be ready for anything. You might not be expecting any company, but you never know who could drop by to say hello. Wouldn’t you much rather them see you ready for the day instead of still with the bed head and spaghetti-stained shirts? Of course you would. The same goes for digital meetings. Being prepared will make a good impression because you can’t hide behind a switched-off camera forever. 

It Helps You Get Out of Your Funk 

It’s easy to forget the last time you showered when working from home, and the longer it goes, the worse you will feel. If you make a point to get dressed every day, you can avoid getting into a funk, which will keep your spirits up. If you’re experiencing depression as a result of isolation, take showering as a chance to reset, as you’ll feel more normal, giving you the tools you need to succeed. 

Taking Each Day As It Comes 

Working from home or being stuck inside due to lockdown measures can lose its novelty and appeal sooner rather than later. You might not expect it, but it can quickly impact your mental wellbeing, and if you want to keep on top of your health and productivity, you need to find little solutions that can make a big difference, and getting ready every day is one of these solutions.

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3 Pros Of Seeing A Counselor

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the amount of awareness around mental health and wellbeing, which had led to more people than ever before choosing to get help and support for their wellbeing. Counseling is one of the most common options that many people struggling with mental health problems – from minor issues to major ones – tend to use to help improve and enhance their mental health, as well as to help deal with any specific problems. 

For anyone who is struggling with mental health issues, counseling can be a good route to consider going down. However, a lot of people are unsure whether counseling is the right route for them to go down and don’t feel confident with this approach to managing mental health issues. There are lots of pros to seeing a counselor – counseling has the potential to be a fantastic step towards improving your mental health and wellbeing.  

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Wondering what some of the benefits of seeing a counselor are? Below is a guide to some of the pros of taking the time to speak with a therapist – read on to learn more about the benefits of counseling! 

1. See your thoughts from a different perspective 

One of the many benefits of opting to see a counselor is the fact that by doing so you will be able to see your thoughts and emotions from another perspective. When you are struggling with a situation or experience, it’s difficult to see it from an outside perspective. However, by opting to see a counselor, such as a therapist from John Arber for instance, you should be able to see your thoughts and opinions from a different perspective. 

2. Learn how to manage any problems that you struggle with 

Another benefit of opting to see a therapist is the fact that it can allow you to better understand how you can manage any problems that you are currently dealing with. If you’re struggling with an issue, whether it’s anxiety or OCD, it can be difficult to know how to deal with it yourself. You can often feel like no matter what you do, you cannot deal with the situation yourself, which is why seeing a  professional can help. 

3. Feel less alone 

Often, it can be hard to share how you’re feeling with the people in your life, which can lead to feelings of loneliness. However, when speaking with a therapist who is a stranger, it can feel easier to share your feelings with them, allowing you to unburden yourself, which can help to make coping with any problems easier. When you speak to a therapist you don’t need to worry about being judged; you can open up and share everything that is impacting you emotionally without worrying that other people will find out. 
Seeing a counselor can be a good way to help deal with any emotional problems that you are currently dealing with. Sometimes it can feel impossible to work through these issues on your own, whereas working through them with a professional can help to make this process easier.

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