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Working Safely In The Office

An office may seem like a safe environment. However, hours staring at a computer screen can’t be good for your health, and there are steps you need to take to ensure that you do not develop any back problems or pain in your shoulder or neck.  Below, we have some top tips to ensure that you are safe while working in an office.

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How You Could Turn A Simple Office Space Into A Much More Attractive Prospect

A whole bunch of aspects go into the productivity and the overall performance of an individual or group. We could be here all day as we reel off the list, so we won’t bother going into detail about those. We will, however, talk in quite some detail about one particular aspect: the environment in which people work. 

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New Office Space? Doing Your Business Justice

It is exciting when your business takes a step in the right direction, and perhaps moving into a new business office or premises is exactly that for yours right now. A chance to meet with clients and potential customers. It is also the opportunity to hire staff and really move your business forward. However, the look of a business location is very important, so how do you get this right? Here are some tips and considerations that you may want to think about.    Read the full story

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The Dos and Don’ts Of Office Renovations

An office renovation is an awesome way of providing your small business with a better workplace. It’s a fantastic alternative to moving offices as you don’t need to change your business address, you can keep most of your stuff, and so on. Read the full story

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