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Four Golden Principles To Keep When Choosing An Office Location

It might seem, on first glance, that an office is an office. A simple place to set up your business, to network online, and to develop your ideas. Most contemporary offices have been designed with care, and offer a range of utilities. Accounting for size, it can seem as though one is very much like the other. In some respects, it is. A computer will function in the same way no matter if you set it up here or ten miles down the road in another office.

However, there are many small variables that can transform two seemingly similar offices into perfect for your business, and anything but. This is why it’s important to consider your decision carefully, and never make a snap judgement from the beginning. If you can do this, you’ll be much more likely to enjoy the golden principles necessary when selecting a home office.

If you can keep to the following golden four principles, you’ll likely see what we mean. Let us begin:

Staff Transitioning

If you already hold an office or a place of work, changing your location is much more than the property values might imply. It’s also important to consider the daily, practical functions of choosing such a place. Your ability for staff to commute or park outside the building is also essential to consider. If you move near to your previous premises, or within the same city, you’ll likely be quite alright. Ten to twenty minutes extra or less is usually neither here or there to most employees. 

However, if you’re moving to a new city, a new coast, or perhaps even abroad – you can expect your move to come with minor resignations or the need for major layoffs. Because this termination of employment might be due to factors you have decided ahead of time, a careful staff severance policy will have to be followed. It’s important to keep those things in mind before you put your final plans in place – because even the smallest variables can have an effect in this direction.


It might be that you need new space for new departments you hope to build. That’s all very well and good. A larger office is often a great marker of a business’s progress, and can translate to true pride. However, larger is not always better. It’s important to consider the function of your office. Do you wish for that extra space to be an open-plan room for several departments? What about meeting rooms? Do you have enough staff bathrooms in the new place you’re viewing? What about staff facilities, such as lockers or kitchens? What’s the parking situation like? If you can consider this, then you’re likely thinking along the right lines. Finding properties through services like the Prosper Group can be essential to this end, because they truly keep in mind all the variables that might be important for a new business to cherish, and as such, develop a better ideal in the long run.


It’s important to ensure the security of your offices, no matter what. Does the property you are viewing have its own building and surrounding environment? Will you need to construct walls, or perhaps renovate the security solutions, or employ your own security apparatus? Might you place kiosks in certain environments for night patrols? Or are the offices within a larger scheme of building management, and thanks to your rental or purchase you are able to utilize those services either included or after a fee is paid? This can be the case in modern office blocks, where a generalized reception, keycard access and a range of other gating forms are considered to improve the security of a certain environment.

If you can find out all of these facts and make a decision based on them, you will be more informed than you might have been otherwise. Remember – all businesses have some form of value, be that sensitive data or pure inventory. It’s important to protect both.


While moving offices might seem like a spend in luxury, it’s not a bad idea to consider the value and measure that compared to your current scope. Could it be that the area is getting much regeneration and investment, which might help the resale value of the business skyrocket ahead of time? Measuring considerations like this can help you come to the best approach, something that’s relevant both now and in the future.

With these tips, we hope you’re better able to choose a fantastic office location.

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving Office

Moving to a brand new office is an exciting time for your entire business. Not just because it’s probably a bit newer and fancier, though, but also because it’s the next big step in making your business grow and prosper. You may make it or break it in the new area but you’ll never know unless you actually make the move.

It helps a bit to do some thorough planning first, however, and you can certainly increase your chances of making the move successful by following the tips below.

It won’t guarantee you from experiencing any hiccups along the way but at least you know that you’ve covered everything on the checklist – and you’re ready to move.

First: Use a spreadsheet for planning

While online articles can give you generic advice and try to help you with making the transformation fuss-free, every business is different and you need to go through all the tasks that are specific to yours. A spreadsheet will help you out with this; write down all your tasks, compile them into bite-size chunks, and tick them off as you go.

That way, you can feel a lot more confident that you’ve got everything covered before it’s time to get a hold of a Ute hire or a van hire to get all of your office stuff to the next location. Remember to use a sharing software as well, by the way, so that everyone in the office is able to stay up to date on what remains to be done and what’s already taken care of.

Next: Time your move

This is definitely a part of the planning process but you need to decide on this sooner rather than later. Moving is definitely a disruptive time for your business but you will still need to operate and keep those doors open, so to speak; by timing your move perfectly, you’ll avoid going through this during the busiest time of the year.

Plan it for a time when you expect that traffic is a bit slower so that you’re able to get back on your feet as soon as you’re settled into the new office. Making this move in the middle of your busiest period will not only ensure that you forget about something in the rush – but you’ll risk losing out on quite a lot of money as well.

Take care of your business processes

Finally, you can’t even think about moving before you’ve handled the most important processes of your business and had a chat with your suppliers. They need to know where to find you, after all, and it’s important in order to maintain a good relationship with them as well.

Don’t forget to let your cleaning company know as well, by the way, as well as anything else you usually get delivered to your office.

Go through your office furniture and consider what you’re bringing with and what you’re purchasing, have a look at your new office contract to see exactly what it covers in terms of essential amenities and talk to your current suppliers for their support during the move as well.

While there is a lot to take care of before you can move office, the rewards are definitely worth it whether you’re doing it for the sake of having more space or just taking back control over your brand and environment. Get the steps above over with as soon as possible and you’ll be able to settle in a bit quicker.


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