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Why Gardening Is A Great Hobby For The Retired

If you’re planning for your retirement, you might be thinking about what you could do with all that new spare time that you’ll have. You’ll have more time to spend on your current hobbies, and the time to take up some new ones. Gardening is a classic activity for retired seniors, with good reason. Here are some great reasons to consider indulging your green fingers and getting out into the garden. 

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7 Essential Tips For Seniors Who Love To Travel

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Who’s Looking After Granddad?

You have fond memories of playing with your father as a child. Together, you shared moments and games, whether it was the weekly ride in the local woods or a ball game in the backyard. For most children, the father is the hero of their childhood. Then, as time passes, he becomes a confident, the one you call to tell him about your wedding plan. He’s the first excited to meet your first-born, his first grandchild. You didn’t know as a child how much your relationship would change, and you’re glad it has. The figure of authority is a wise equal who can advise and help when you need him.  Read the full story

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