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Modern Sales Approaches For Modern SME Leaders

Once upon a time, in order to make a huge sale, you had to take to the skies and land in a foreign country to meet with a regional executive. Now with the amazing technology we have, you can make monumental sales just by the swipe of your phone. So where does that leave small and medium-sized enterprise owners? New ways of approaching sales have to be adopted. Technology integration has to be a high priority but so do modern communication skills. Your departments have to work together to nail down a sale whether it be with a domestic or foreign client. Your sales staff should also be fluent in the SPIN and SNAP selling methods that most modern businesses utilize. In the age of information, a more modern educational approach to customer relations is also key in finalizing a sale.

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Key Challenges New SME Owners Are Not Prepared For

If you’re running a business for the first time, there are always going to be issues that you aren’t prepared for. Here are some of the common challenges and information on how to deal with them effectively. Read the full story

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