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The Keys To An Awesome Trip

It’s always fun to take a trip. And in truth, the majority of trips are worth the effort and money; we usually get at least something out of the journey. However, it’s always true that not all trips are created equal. Some are more exciting and valuable than others. And if we’re going to take the time to leave home and go on an adventure, then it’s worthwhile trying to make the trip one of the better ones that we’ve taken. If you do that, then you’ll have plenty of fun and happy memories!

But what leads to these types of trips? In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the key elements to keep in mind when you’re organising your trip. 

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The Right Destination

There are beautiful places to visit in all corners of the world. But that doesn’t mean that you can just pick any old destination and expect to have the time of your life. It’s all about choosing the destination that’s right for you. Everyone has their own preferences! You might like cities, beaches, or mountains. When you’re putting together your trip, think about what type of adventure you want to have, and then find the best of the best for that type.

Pre-Trip Planning

There are some people who advocate for spontaneity when they’re travelling. However, while some spontaneity is recommended, if you’re going to get the most from your trip, then it’ll be important to plan as thoroughly as you can. Only with pre-trip planning can you ensure that you’ll do everything that you want to do while you’re there. So before you set off, download a holiday planning app, and begin making your itinerary. This will give you peace of mind that you’ll end up doing all the awesome things that you hope to do!

Clear Schedule 

When you’re on a trip, you’ll want to be completely focused on what you’re doing. You should live in the present. In fact, that’s something you should do at all times, but it’s especially important when you’re travelling! Alas, sometimes there are issues that can drag you out of the present and back into the office. Before you leave, make sure you’ve taken care of any essential work and that you’ve told your boss (and anyone else) that you’ll be off-grid for a while. Nothing will kill the magic of your trip like having to deal with an email from the beach.

Adventurous Attitude

Finally, remember that your attitude will count for a lot! You could have all the pieces in place for your journey, but if you’re not going into it with the right attitude, then you’ll find that there’s something missing. Make sure that you’re well-rested before you fly, and then, when you’re there, throw yourself into all the fun and adventure that an amazing trip can offer. You’ll find that your adventurous attitude helps to bring even more goodness to your journey. You never know what might happen when you have a positive approach!

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Planning a Post-Pandemic Getaway

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2020 has been a bizarre year for the vast majority of us. Back in January, none of us could have anticipated how the following months would unfold. We had all sorts of plans set out and were well set in our day to day routines. Who could have guessed that a worldwide pandemic would unfold? Over the past few months, governments around the world have set out all sorts of guidelines and measures, requesting that people limit contact with others and stay home whenever possible. As part of this, international travel has been put on hold between many countries, with strict conditions set on travel between countries where flights are still operating. If you had a getaway booked, chances are it’s been called off. But this doesn’t mean that things will stay this way forever. Sure, it may take a while for international travel to get back on track, but now is a good time to start planning a smaller scale, post-pandemic getaway. Not only will it give you something to look forward to, but planning in advance will give you the best chances of making sure your trip is as safe and well thought out as possible.

Consider a Road Trip

If you live with someone you’d like to get away with (perhaps a partner or close housemate) or if you are in a bubble with someone you’d like to go away with, you might want to consider a road trip. Road trips are a good idea, as you will only be spending time in the space of someone you know and have spent time with over the past months. It’s much safer than getting on a flight with countless strangers. Plus, there are countless places you can go in your local area without worrying about potentially spreading the virus to new areas. Just make sure to get a hold of a reliable vehicle from Burswood Car Rentals and choose a location. Make sure that you are permitted to travel to this location and you should be good to go!

Pack Appropriately

Of course, if you’re heading away on a getaway, you’re going to need to pack appropriately. This includes various items that you might not have considered packing pre-pandemic. Some such items include:

  • Plenty of face masks for use in public
  • Latex gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Antibacterial wipes

Keeping yourself and everything you come into contact with clean should be high on your priority list right now.

Be Flexible

Of course, now more than ever, it’s important to be flexible with your trip. Regulations and guidelines are constantly changing, meaning you never know when your area could go back into a lockdown mode, or when new restrictions and limitations may be put in place. If you do book anything, such as accommodation, make sure that it is fully refundable up until the day.

We’re all yearning to get away right now. After all, we’ve spent months in isolation. But it’s important not to rush into things and to plan thoroughly to ensure your break is safe for all!

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Five of the Best Travel Items

Westin Heavenly Travel Blanket AUD$60

Cosy, snug and compact for napping on the go, the Westin Heavenly Travel Blanket is a lust item for any traveller. Open, it’s a full sized, soft blanket, fold and tuck into a hidden pocket and it’s a beautiful plush pillow. With a strengthening commitment to guest wellness, the Westin Heavenly Travel Blanket offers the comfort and luxury synonomous with first class travel. Read the full story

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