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Twitter on your mobile

Roy Morgan statistics (March 2009) indicate that the use of social networking sites on mobile has grown 125 per cent over the past six months, amongst Australian consumer mobile users aged 14+.

“The social networking community is not longer satisfied with logging on once a day, from their PC. Twitter and Facebook aficionados are updating their status and getting their fix of information in real-time, on the move,” said Jessica Forrest, PR Manager at VHA. Read the full story

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55 Twitter update ideas for small business

Ok so as a small business, you get the need to be on Twitter. But just getting onto Twitter isn’t enough to help you connect with your customers, and build relationships with the wider community.

Providing regular and informative Twitter updates is the key. Remember it is about building relationships and not directly selling your products or services (well most of the time). Read the full story

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