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Enhancing corporate image through giving

In the face of challenges presented by the global economy, savvy businesses have identified the effectiveness of enhancing image and visibility through corporate giving programs.

Increasingly, corporate giving is being recognized as a successful vehicle for businesses and organisations to acknowledge and contribute to the very communities that have made them successful.
The 2007 Australian Governments ‘Corporate Community Investment in Australia’ report confirmed that companies are devoting more resources to develop, manage and implement strategic community relations programs that build relationships with local communities and support local initiatives.

Many of Australia’s most recognizable companies are incorporating charitable activity into their everyday business activities through cash donations, product provisions, in-kind services and employee giving and volunteer programs.

But to be effective, a corporate giving program must be appropriately leveraged, administered and aligned with projects and initiatives that address clear needs within the community at large.
The Good Guys presents an excellent model for corporate giving. Established since 2006, The Good Guys Local Giving Program has recently achieved over $2million in donations distributed between 150 charities, supporting essential programs, services and projects at a local level across Australia.

Each store within The Good Guys family returns a percentage from every transaction to local not for profit organisations and additionally engages in a range of employee volunteering and events fundraising activities.

“Our national community relations program is embedded in The Good Guys culture. Each of our Proprietors connect and support charities in the communities they live and work, highlighting that The Good Guys are not just a national retail brand but 81 individual organisations creating change and addressing specific community needs and goals locally,” said Alicia Peardon, The Good Guys Community Partnerships Manager.

To date, The Good Guys Local Giving Program has funded a host of projects including the purchase of caravans used for temporary housing during the Victorian Bushfire crisis, the purchase of essential medical equipment for regional medical services and support of cancer treatment programs, youth programs and disability access initiatives.

The company has identified that corporate giving not only enhances brand recognition and reputation but also provides beneficial outcomes for both the community and the store proprietors. All of which is very good news for local not for profit organisations.

“We know that each community is unique, so to make the donation more meaningful we created a local program that lets individual stores decide how their funds are used in their community. What is a valuable resource to the community in Bundaberg might not be the same in Essendon for example,” explained Alicia.

“Beyond the bottom line, programs like this help us to win and maintain community trust and build positive reputations providing us with a competitive edge,”

“We have also seen a lift in staff morale, retention and leadership, the program is an excellent team building tool and helps generate internal pride.”

Want to know more about corporate giving programs available within your state? Visit for further information.

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