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Quick Tips For Eye Makeup

When it comes to makeup, some people can absolutely work miracles and others of us who need a lot of practice. And while both sides of that camp can agree that Michael can be an incredible and amount of fun, there is still a lot to learn.

Some people love to have a bold lip; for them, it is the whole show. And for others, it’s the eyes. And while they do say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, that is what makes them so much fun to dress up.

So let’s dig into some quick ways to make your eye makeup look amazing.

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The shape of your eyebrows, and how full they are, can dictate how your whole face is framed. A great tip from Bobby Brown is that filling your brows with the same shade of brown or taupe that you use on your eyelids as your transition color or base. This will stop your eyebrows from being too harsh. Soft, small strokes will give you definition, and look more like natural hair. 

And in general, following the natural shape of your brow, unless you have them professionally shaped, will be perfect for you. A clear brow gel, clear mascara, or the new brow soap is a great way to keep them in place.


It would be best if you always primed your eyelids before you apply any eyeshadows. And in fact, this is even more important if you are using pigments, so that you can try to avoid them stating your limits. If you use a lighter, whiter shade, your eyeshadow will immediately look brighter. But the most important tip is that it will stop your make up slipping and sliding door in the way that. As well as this, it will make your eyelids look much smoother. Most people recommend either using a Mac Painterly Pot or P.Louise


Some colors really work with particular eye colors. For blue eyes, most often bronzes, coppers, and browns will make those baby blues stand out. Greens tend to look amazing with Hazel, peppers, and hopes. It would be best if you were careful how you apply anything metallic to the eyes, it does have a tendency to settle in the creases of your lid. 

If you wear glasses, it might be the perfect time to buy contact lenses online. Well, glasses are super cool, being able to see what you would do with your eye makeup can make the whole thing much more uncomplicated.


Mascara might be the most significant way to give your eyes a huge impact. But this only works once you have a mascara that you really love. Most brands will recommend that you curl your lashes first, and they apply a generous amount of mascara.

And finally, if you have dark circles, very wrinkly lips, or dry skin around your eyes, it’s time to up the amount of water that you drink. And invest your money in the very best eye cream that you can afford.

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