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Is Your Office Protected Against Power Outages?

When you think about the potential dangers to your business, you’re probably thinking about cyberattacks, fraud or burglaries. But have you ever considered the danger posed by power outages? If you lose power to your office, everything grinds to a halt and there is a chance that equipment can be damaged. You’re losing money until you can get things back online again and you may have to deal with serious problems, like data loss. It’s important that you take steps to protect your office against a power outage so you can avoid any big financial losses. These are the best ways to manage the dangers posed by power outages. 

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UCVS Systems 

Using a UCVS (Ultra-Cap Voltage Stabilizer) can protect against voltage surges or drops, especially in data centers. If you don’t already have a system in place, get in touch with a company like gff power and have one installed. This will protect electrical equipment in the event of a large storm or a power outage, so you can avoid damaging things or, most importantly, losing any sensitive data that is stored on your servers. 

Backup Generators 

In the event that there is a power outage, having a backup generator in place is a good idea. If you have a reliable backup in place, it will kick in right away and restore power to the building. This prevents any expensive downtime because your employees can continue working as normal, but you may still lose some of your data if servers are offline for a minute or so. 

Outsource Your IT 

If you are concerned about protecting your servers and preventing data loss, outsourcing your IT is a good option. All of your data will be stored and managed on the cloud by a third party company, so if there is a power outage at your office, you won’t lose anything. A good IT management service will also be able to fix any issues that are caused by a power outage so you can reduce downtime and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Have A Health And Safety Plan 

You don’t just need to think about protecting sensitive data and electrical equipment from power outages, you also need to consider your employee’s safety. You should already have a plan to deal with general dangers around the office but you also need to have a specific safety plan in place in the event of a power cut. If your backup generators are not working for some reason and you cannot restore power to the building, you need to evacuate your employees safely. You should then inform the local authorities so they can deal with the issue. Having a few battery powered torches around the office is a good idea because the low light makes things a lot more dangerous. Make sure that all of the walkways and exits to the building are cleared as well because trip hazards are increased in low light. 

Power outages can be very costly to your business if you are not prepared for them, but you can protect yourself if you follow these steps.

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