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How To Stay Positive During The Current Pandemic

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There’s no doubt about it. The pandemic situation has hit everybody hard.

Businesses up and down the country have been forced to shut down, with some of the most badly being hit being those within the retail and hospitality industry

Many of us have been left feeling isolated, and this is thanks to the social distancing rules that have limited family and friend social get-togethers. 

And, of course, there is the COVID-19 itself, a virus that has affected the health of thousands. It has been devastating, and we are still in the cusp of fighting this dreadful infectious disease.

Still, we must do what we can to remain positive. It’s very easy to get downhearted, low, and frustrated about the pandemic situation, but for our mental wellbeing, we do need to do something to lift our mood states.

To stay positive, as hard as this might seem, consider the following suggestions.

#1: Switch yourself off from the media occasionally

We aren’t saying switch yourself off from the media for good. We do need to keep abreast of what is going on in the world. However, listening to politicians and journalists talking about the pandemic can get wearying, and it can sometimes give us cause to worry unduly as well. So, don’t overwhelm yourself with what is being said in the news. Get a handle on what is being said once a day but then do other things with your time so you’re not always thinking about this current world event. 

#2: Do something fun

As we just alluded, distract yourself during the day, and do those things that you enjoy. Admittedly, there will be things you can’t do at the time being, but there are lots of ways to stay busy during the pandemic, even if you’re in lockdown. Play video games, catch up on your reading list, have a board game night with your kids, and do those other things that were suggested in the previously linked article. By doing things that you enjoy, you will stay positive, and because you’re probably at home, you will save money too! That’s something else to feel positive about.

#3: Connect with people

Okay, so large social gatherings are out of the question for the time being, but you can still talk to people online, be that using social media or through video chats. Especially if you’re living alone, you should connect with others, as you will be able to fight feelings of isolation and loneliness this way. Co-watching parties are also becoming a big thing now, so even though your local cinema might be closed, you can still watch movies remotely with your friends and loved ones. 

#4: Plan ahead

The pandemic won’t last forever, and there are reports that vaccines are ready to roll out everywhere at some point down the line, so be glad that there is an end in sight. But in the meantime, use this time to plan ahead. Plan the social activities you will have with your friends and family. Plan your post-pandemic getaway. And plan for those other activities that you might be looking forward to. Your mood might be lifted if you focus your time on your future hopes and dreams. 

So, yes, there are reasons to be gloomy right now. However, you don’t want to let negative thoughts get you down. Do what you can to stay positive, as there are plenty of things to be glad about, and by following our suggestion, you can take steps to turn your pandemic frown upside down.

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