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3 Health-Related Signs That Require Immediate Medical Attention

With 47% of the Australian population battling with at least one chronic health condition, you could say that almost half of the nation needs medical attention. While some medical issues are due to lifestyle choices, others are not, making the latter even more worrying. Therefore, whether you already manage a chronic condition or not, you may need to know more about some signs that require you to rush to the emergency room.

  1. Sudden dizziness

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The Australian Society of Head and neck surgery says over 36% of the population experience dizziness at some point in life. Otherwise known as vertigo, dizziness is a symptom of an underlying illness. In other words, it is not a health condition on its own. It could happen due to an imbalance in the inner ear or brain or a neurotic issue that requires immediate attention. Indeed, several reasons may account for the onset of dizziness in an adult or child.

According to medical research, ignoring something as serious as this could put you at a higher health risk. Sometimes, these signs and symptoms are warnings to seek early attention. Sadly, not many people see it in that light. This usually happens because they may have experienced vertigo only once or a few times in a period. Therefore, the absence of ill health lures them into thinking all is well.

  1. Frequent headaches

Available data suggest that 4.9 million Australians deal with migraines at least fifteen days per month. As if that is not enough, statistics indicate that women of working age are more predisposed to this debilitating headache. The truth here is that a migraine is more than a mere headache you can brush off. According to physicians, migraines could occur due to many reasons. For example, damaged teeth could trigger migraines. The best medical option may be to get a dental crown to replace the affected tooth if this is you.

  1. Sudden and frequent episodes of confusion

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A sudden change in a person’s behaviour or level of alertness could indicate an episode of confusion. Admittedly, emotional and mental stress could cause these episodes. However, the problem arises when an individual feels confused for no apparent reason. They may forget their name, unable to recollect where they live or their workplace. If this happens to you frequently or once, it is enough reason to seek medical attention.

Sudden episodes of confusion may be due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. It could also be the onset of early dementia or Alzheimer’s. More commonly, an acute shortage of oxygen in the body could result in delirium or sudden confusion. The brain feeds on blood oxygen to function and remain alert. Therefore, a lack of it may also indicate a lung problem or faulty cardio function. It could be a myriad of medical reasons responsible for these confusion episodes.

Your health is your wealth. Therefore, ignoring certain signs and symptoms may represent a nonchalant attitude concerning your well-being.

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