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Spiritual Healing by Gail Warwick

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that 750,000 of us will consult at least one complementary health therapist (naturopath, traditional healer, chiropractor etc) over a two week period.1

Spiritual Healing is just one of the many therapies which has burst onto the natural therapy scene in the past few years. Gail Warwick from Complete Spiritual Healing on the Gold Coast is a practitioner who works in this medium and admits the field has attracted people from all walks of life.

According to Gail, Spiritual Healing works by channelling information from the spiritual world to help us all choose more wisely in life, and draw upon our own ‘knowingness’ to follow our own journey and life path. I sat down with Gail to ask her how we can all bring a little spiritual healing into our day to day life. Here she offers us 8 simple things we can do to help us tune into ourselves more.


    We are all guilty of munching down a quick snack as we run out the door or eating with one eye on our food and one on the computer. Try making yourself a meal you are really in the mood for and savoring every single mouthful. Craving a curry? There’s probably a mineral or herb your body is asking for present in it. By eating slower and eating what we need we maintain medical and health lines in our body. Remember how you digest food can affect how you digest life.


      Ever notice when you wear a particular colour or a favourite shirt you feel really good about yourself? The way you dress reflects you and puts an image of yourself out to the world. Dressing well and in a way that represents you, says to yourself (and the rest of the world), “I deserve to feel good. I am confident. I value me.” Try dressing in something that makes you look great and you might find yourself feeling great too.


        Have you ever had a bad feeling about a particular person or situation for seemingly no reason at all and brushed it off? Then down the track you get burnt by that situation because your intuition was trying to tell you something you ignored. Intuition gives us our sense of direction in life. It is an acknowledgement of what we show ourselves through glimpses or little images in our mind. Listen to what you see and hear.

        4. YOUR NOSE KNOWS

          Scent opens up the psyche. It is a tool for manifesting what you want in your life, that’s why we have senses, and that’s why there’s that old saying “Take the time to stop and smell the roses”. Surround yourself with beautiful smells.

          5. LISTEN TO MUSIC

            Similar to stimulating your sense of smell, listening to music is another way to open up the psyche. Our bodies are rhythmic but these days many of us are too busy for exercise. Listening to music is another way to bring the rhythm into our lives that our body needs. Music alters the value of yourself, it puts you more in touch with yourself and brings movement into your life.


              Why do we constantly commit to going to doing things we don’t really enjoy? When you are faced with particular ‘obligations’ in life, ask yourself whether it pleases you to do it. If it doesn’t, simply don’t do it. You will be amazed at the changes in your life. Stepping out of pleasing others and placing yourself as a priority alters your confidence levels, and it also can affect your direction in life. It takes discipline and bravery, but ask yourself – why would you do anything at all in life and only give half of yourself or half of your best effort?

              7. BE YOURSELF

                There is only one of you in this entire universe. Too often we try to be somebody we are not in order to adapt to what we think others want us to be or do. The gift of your life is actually YOU. Make yourself the best person you can be by doing only things that make you happy.

                8. FOLLOW YOUR JOY

                Too often we put hardships in front of us to teach ourselves ‘what not do do’ instead of avoiding a situation we knew would create hardship in the first place. We put ourselves through hard times so when we get over it we can feel like we have a new awareness about a situation and it makes us ‘better people’. Try choosing the ‘easy’ road once in a while. You might find yourself enjoying life a whole lot more simply by following your joy.

                Guest Contributor: Vanessa Barrington

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                3 Responses to “Spiritual Healing by Gail Warwick”

                1. Feeling stressed and overworked? As a Naturopath, I use a combination of herbal medicines termed adaptogens and nervines, which assist your body to adapt to stress and relieve the associated symptoms. Nutrition is also an important aspect for the treatment of stress. Supplementation with individual nutrients may be required to rebuild your systems which have been affected by stress.

                2. The effects of spiritual sickness are particularly evident in your body. If you are constantly feeling hopeless, empty, and exhausted, then perhaps it is already high time for you to undergo spiritual healing and choose to walk a more spiritual path.

                3. It helps a lot when you mention the importance of paying attention to the intuition that guides you. My wife has become especially exhausted ever since she started a job that she was hesitant about applying for last week, and I would like to find a professional that can help her energize herself before we go on vacation next month. We will find a spiritual healing service that can help us identify any problems that she may be having.


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