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New site launches to support separated families and their 1.1 million kids

A new service to connect and guide people through the separation process is now available. is a definitive online resource for separated & divorced parents, providing a safe and comforting haven to help take stock of the situation.

It’s estimated that over 100,000 couples either separate or divorce in Australia every year impacting parents, children, family and friends.

‘Having gone through a separation, I knew first hand that there was a need for local information, resources and support that could help guide parents through this difficult time. A place where they can take stock of the situation and access information, support services and helpful tips to help ease them through the process” says Two Homes Founder, Rebecca Jackson.

‘Separating is hard enough; no-one should ever feel as if they are going through it alone, because they’re not,’ states Rebecca.

Finding clarity and focus amidst the emotional haze of a separation is a major benefit of using the site, by being able to freely access a wealth of information, tips and tools to guide people through the process, anytime, 24/7.

The site provides a comprehensive one stop place for everything to do with separation and ongoing management as a single parent; with designated areas for men and women, inclusive of carers, grandparents and the broader community.

Browsing the website, you can also find real accounts of people’s experiences; tips and advice on all matters pertaining to separation and divorce; articles on priorities, checklists and emotional wellbeing.

‘Two Homes is a reassuring bridge between adjusting as a separated parent and thriving as single parent,’ concludes Rebecca.

About Rebecca Jackson
Two Homes was founded in 2008 by single mother Rebecca Jackson in response to a lack of information in one site on how to best manage a separation from all perspectives.

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