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Hurdles to Overcome During Your First Year of Entrepreneurship

Starting up your business was one of the biggest challenges you have ever faced, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You realise that your first year of entrepreneurship is going to be filled with ups and downs that you need to overcome. There will be many stumbling blocks to face when launching a business for the first time, so it is your job to be fully prepared from the very beginning. The following pointers might be able to equip you to face any problem that comes your way during your first year of running your own business. Make the decisions that are right for your unique company and you will always come out on top.


You might have those days where you feel like you’re not getting as much done as you’d like to. Your systems are slow and you aren’t getting the most out of your working day. You might need to look into cloud solutions at www.totalcalibration.com.au. These systems will automatically make your business more productive, so that you can earn more money as a business owner. As soon as you have streamlined your day to day strategies you will be able to start making more plans for the future.

person using laptop computerFinances

The first year of entrepreneurship is the hardest in terms of your finances. You won’t have a stable income and you won’t be able to predict how much your profits are going to be in the initial stages. The best thing to do at this point is to make very sensible decisions as you don’t want to be put out by any silly mistakes. You probably spent a lot of money to set up your business initially, so now is the time to start making that money back instead of eating into your savings. Think through every decision you make you will always have a healthy amount of money in the business account.


You won’t find the most effective advertising strategy right off the bat; it takes time to discover the best options for your business. You can’t create carbon copies of advertisements from any other company as their target market might be completely different to yours. All you need to do is try and test a handful of different strategies and see what works out best. You might find that the majority of your clients are highly active on social media, so a type of pay per click advert will be most effective for you. It takes about six months to a year to really refine your marketing strategy so don’t be disheartened if you don’t hit the jackpot right away.


Staying one step ahead of your competitors will always be a huge challenge in your first year of business. You just need to get a good grasp on what your customers are looking for. Once you have figured out what they want you will always be ready to provide it for them.

You will have your first year of entrepreneurship mastered if you can stick to your plans and be prepared to make sensible decisions.

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