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5 Steps To Improve & Modernize Your Recruitment Processes


Finding the best people for your company is crucial, and you’ll only do this with an effective recruitment process. Developing a recruitment process means paying attention to trends, keeping up with technology and striving to remain competitive. Using these five steps you’ll modernize and improve your recruitment processes.

1 . Employee referral program

Consider putting an employee referral program in place, this is a great way to enhance your recruitment procedures. Think about it, your current employees know your company culture, and so they can recommend people who are a great fit. You hired them because of their talent, and they are likely to know similarly talented people in the same industry. There are several benefits to using an employee referral scheme such as:

  • Can help you save money.
  • Can speed up the hiring process.
  • Improved chance of finding the right people.

2. Remote recruitment

Remote roles and remote recruitment processes were popular before COVID-19, and the events of the pandemic have driven these trends forward. Besides adapting to the new normal there are many advantages of remote recruitment processes. Using remote recruitment procedures you can access a larger talent pool, and hire candidates in many different locations across the globe. Remote hiring processes are typically faster and more convenient, allowing for a streamlined onboarding process. Whether you run a remote business or not, remote hiring processes can be helpful to boost productivity.

3. Applicant tracking software

Applicant tracking software helps businesses to track and organize their candidates. The software means that companies can collect info, and sort prospects according to their skills and experience. The benefits of using ATS include:

  • Allows employees to organize their candidates in one place.
  • Using ATS software can save time.
  • Can quickly filter out unsuitable candidates using algorithms and keywords.
  • Allows you to remain competitive in your industry.

4. Work with an RPO company

RPO companies work to support recruitment agencies and businesses that need internal recruitment. Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies develop recruitment procedures, and offer support to build back office teams. RPO company clients can access valuable support such as:

  • IT support for remote and office based teams.
  • Human resource support including talent acquisition, payroll and organisation management.
  • Software support from communication tools to CRM or timesheet logging.
  • Access to hardware including laptops and computers.

5. Focus on company culture 

According to BuiltIn, ‘46% of job seekers cite company culture as very important when choosing to apply to a company.’ If you’re keen to find the best talent you’ll need to focus on company culture throughout the hiring processes. When you advertise your positions use job descriptions that demonstrate what your culture is all about. Use your social media accounts to reinforce your core values, helping you appeal to like-minded people. Building a strong company culture fuels success, and so it’s important to find candidates who are a good fit.

These five steps will support you to improve and modernize your recruitment processes. Keeping up with recruitment trends can help you to remain competitive and find the best hires for you.

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