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How Your Business Can Leverage A Connected Digital Worker Strategy

The past couple of years has seen many businesses adopt various digital solutions to navigate the business world’s challenges. Businesses have had to resort to remote working solutions to minimise physical contact as much as possible. The traditional working environment is becoming outdated, with digital work solutions taking over. This means there is a need for effective mobile communication, especially among frontline and remote workers. And this is where a connected worker strategy comes in. Here are some ways you can use this strategy to improve your business. 

  1. Keep your frontline workers connected on the go

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Frontline workers are employees in an organisation who need to show up physically to their jobs. They include factory workers, retail associates, site workers, customer service reps, and nurses. Unfortunately, in most cases, most of these workers feel out of the loop with no clear perception of their company’s direction. Of course, they show up and do their jobs as required, but they also deserve access to the same digital productivity tools and cloud collaboration your in-office workers enjoy. That will also help them improve their daily functions and even stay connected with management. For example, with digital solutions or apps like Claris Filemaker Go, site workers can update project status and tasks lists from the site to keep everyone up to date and on track.  

  1. Enhance cybersecurity through a central communication channel

Remote and frontline workers can easily resort to insecure communication platforms and unapproved messaging apps for various work-related communications. This can easily put your company’s data security at risk, as unapproved communication channels are easy to hack. Already cybercrime is costing businesses millions of dollars each year. 

  1. Reduce downtime on maintenance and operations

Various forms of operational interruptions and unexpected downtimes can negatively affect your business’s revenue. You can use a connected worker strategy to minimise this by leveraging mobile devices to boost efficiency. For example, replacing lost labour and training new employees can cause operational downtimes. Here, a connected digital strategy can fill any skills gap by making every important training material available and accessible online or on cloud solutions. That means a new employee can access all the knowledge needed without going through time-consuming training programs. This solution can also help boost the capacity of an inexperienced workforce, which means you’ll reduce the risks of costly mistakes and even improve safety. 

  1. Create a more productive and effective remote workforce

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The more connected your remote workers feel to your business can enhance their productivity and effectiveness. Their productivity can have a massive impact on your company’s bottom line. Use a connected digital worker strategy to keep your remote workers better connected to enhance collaboration and improve innovation. Ensure that every remote worker has an open line of communication and can access essential tools and files from a central digital or cloud platform. But, as stated earlier, only use secure and approved communication platforms.

Implementing a connected digital worker strategy is important to ensure your business’s productivity, efficiency, and growth. Fortunately, these tips should put you on the right track to creating an effective strategy.

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