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Roadtripping Australia: Essential Places To See

Image Source: https://bit.ly/2ErNYgvAustralia is a vast place which has so many amazing beaches, stunning mountain ranges, and buzzing cities. If you are looking to get away to this side of the world now that the weather is turning cold in the northern hemisphere, here are some of the best places you can think of visiting.


If you fancy a bit of culture and a road trip you won’t forget in a long while, you can use Ace Rent A Car Perth to get a car while you are abroad and travel around Perth seeing the sites and experiencing everything it has to offer. From riverside walks to sandy beaches, this place is a stunning way to spend your days, and in the evenings you can venture into the city to enjoy some opera or ballet with your family.


No one can really think about visiting Australia without at least taking a quick trip to Sydney to see everything which makes this city so famous. The Sydney opera house can be an evening activity and you can enjoy stunning views over the water as you eat incredible foods in the many restaurants by the bay. It is a place full of thriving culture and a buzzing atmosphere so you will always be kept occupied.

Steve Irwin Park

For those of you who don’t know, Steve Irwin was an Australian National treasure who made it his goal in life to conserve the wildlife on our planet and teach people to love them. Unfortunately, he died in an incident involving a Manta Ray in the early 2000’s and now there is a huge park named after him which you can come to see. The Steve Irwin Park is a vast area which is full of stunning plants and animals and you may even be able to catch up with his wife and kids during your visit up here!

The Great Barrier Reef

One of those things which almost everyone puts on their travel bucket list is the Great Barrier Reef, and it is no surprise why when you see the vast beauty and diversity in this underwater paradise. Scuba diving can be a little scary but this is totally worth the effort and you will be awe inspired by every little creature who lives in this natural city. Grab an ice cream and lie on the beach once you are done and enjoy the sun!

Byron Beach

Byron isn’t necessarily one of the most popular places in the outback but this is ideal for you because it won’t be rammed with tourists when you come to visit for the day. This is one of their most stunning beaches in the country and it has many little bays which you can use for surfing and catching some rays. It can be a really great spot to set up a picnic, music and chill out for the day with your family while some of you try to balance on a surfboard without falling off!

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