Simple Safety Tips For Drivers


Your car is one of your most valuable possessions and therefore more likely to get stolen The model of the car often isn’t that important, instead, it depends on how accessible it is and easy to resell. Of course, you can find ways you can minimize the risk of you car being broken unto by following certain security precautions. 

Don’t forget to lock your car

This might seem pretty obvious but it’s a very common error. Most people lock their car on autopilot so it’s difficult to remember actually doing it. Try to get into the habit of keeping your key in a particular pocket or having some sort of routine that reminds. Trigger your memory by keeping your key in the same place and make sure you always double-check. 


Try and park in a well-lit area or one that is equipped with CCTV. At home, you can install an alarm in the garage or even a motion detector. Think about the area in which you are parking and the crime rate. Beware of neighborhoods with a high rate of theft. 

Steering wheel lock

These are simple, yet effective. They might be a bit cumbersome and delay your get-away time, but for this reason, they will be a deterrent to criminals. They are difficult to break into and you can’t drive off with them attached.

Hide visible items

Don’t leave valuable items on display. This could also affect your insurance claim if you suffer a break-in. Hide the evidence, or marks, left by any expensive items you might have stashed in your glove compartment or trunk. If you can, it’s best to carry your valuables with you when you get out of the car.

GPS tracking

Smart devices can allow you to track your car, and also find your car keys so it’s pretty difficult to lose things nowadays. If you do manage to lock yourself out of your car, a trusty locksmith can help you get back in.

Car alarm

These make a lot of noise and are a good deterrent so it’s worth installing one. 

Install an immobilizer

These also make it pretty impossible for anyone to drive off in your vehicle as they are locked with a coded key. Immobilizers prevent ignition and so nobody else will be able to start your car.

Protect your wheels

These are one of the most expensive parts of the car so fit them with wheel locking nuts. 

Get your windows etched

Why not consider having your license plate number etched into either your windows or your mirrors? This will make it more difficult for thieves to change the identity of the car. 

Keep your keys safe

When you’re out and about keep your keys somewhere safe and don’t lose them. Don’t leave them in plain sight either as they could get stolen. Be vigilant and watch where you store your keys at work and even at home. You can never be too careful especially around children as well.

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