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To Work from Home or Not?

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For many, working from home is an impossibility. However, for others, it can be a viable solution to the dread of going to and from the office every day. If you can do it, you may not want to do it. But there are plenty of reasons to try it, and it can become an even more efficient way to get work done than working in an office environment. 

It may seem challenging, having to consider how to create your own workspace ay home, perhaps using some kind of virtual desktop infrastructure, and to keep in touch with everyone back at the office throughout the day. But when you consider the benefits, you may decide to work from home after all, if you’re the right sort of person.

Who can work from home?

It should be noted that there are various different types of people who might be working from home. There are of course the obvious ones, those who have their own business or freelance for a living. But when people hear “working from home” they may be thinking about the idea of being a remote employee. This is when you would be working for your company as you normally would, but instead of going to an office you just work from the comfort of your own home.

Staying motivated

The first thing people think about in relations to working from home is the idea of motivation. It can be difficult to stay motivated when doing tasks in the office, never mind at home where there are dozens of potential distractions. You might have kids running around, and phones to play with and other things to take your mind off of work. So how are you supposed to get anything done?

Distractions are everywhere

Well, when you are at the office you are hardly immune to distraction. There are other employees there, talking to you and asking you to do things for them. It can be difficult to stay on task, even if you don’t realise it. You might not notice a casual 20-minute conversation with your boss about the company’s performance, but you would definitely notice if you watched a sneaky episode of your favourite show at home in between tasks. But in reality, there are distractions everywhere, and it is really down to the individual to avoid being taken over by them.

No more commuting

There is one clear benefit to working from home, however, and that is the lack of a commute. All you need to do is get out of bed and head to wherever you plan to work today. This could be the kitchen, your living room or even a designated office space (usually the recommended option if possible). This means you are not required to wake up at absurdly early times to get an hour-long train to the office. Time is money, and so saving time here allows you to spend that otherwise lost time doing more productive things. Not only that, but you will also sake a reasonable amount of money regardless of how you get to and from work, be it fuel costs in your car or fare prices on the train or the bus.

More comfortable

The next thing to consider about working from home is the idea of comfort. At home, you will be much more comfortable than if you were at work. This is a double-edged sword, as being too comfortable can have a drastic effect on your productivity levels. However, just the right amount of comfort can help to reduce stress levels and in turn, even make you more productive. 

Aside from physical comfort, you can also enjoy being around your family a bit more. This can help to build stronger bonds with everyone, and this is always a good thing. This will give your personal life a good boost, which will make you happier which in turn can once again make you more productive when it comes to working again. 

More flexibility

Lastly, you will usually also have more flexibility. Some companies may require you to clock in and clock out as if you were in an office, but you will often find that you can choose when to get the work done, as long as it is completed on time. This can make things much less stressful, and far more enjoyable. 

Thus, working from home really can be a viable option, and when the right steps are taken, it can lead to higher levels of productivity.

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