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Important Things To Do Before You Sell Your Car

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Are you thinking about selling your car? Whether it’s to give yourself the means to afford a new one, or to improve your financial position, we hope you manage to sell it successfully. However, there are a few important things to do beforehand, so take note of the following before letting go of your vehicle. 

#1: Ask yourself: Do you really need to sell it?

If you’re looking for a new car, it might be that updating your current car is better than buying another one. This will likely be the cheapest option. And if you’re looking to improve your financial position, there are other ways to make extra money. So, don’t do something that you might later regret, especially if you aren’t sure selling your car is the right thing to do. 

#2: Study the market

No matter how you’re selling your car, be it to a dealer or through the classifieds, you should find out how much your car is worth. You can do this by Googling the make and model of your car and researching the prices that other sellers are selling it for. Sites such as PricesPeoplePay are also very useful, as you will be able to use a valuation tool to get a near-accurate estimate. 

#3: Sort out the paperwork

You will need the paperwork you received at the time you bought the vehicle, including documents relating to proof of purchase and registration. These are both mandatory, although there are other things you might want to gather together too, including any maintenance records as proof your car is roadworthy. That leads us to the next point.

#4: Get your car serviced

You don’t want to be responsible for selling a potential death trap, so get your car serviced before the sale. This will give both you and the buyer peace of mind, and you shouldn’t be held liable for any faults that occur after the sale. Visit your local garage, and then keep any receipts and maintenance documents as evidence of the service.

#5: Decide how you’re going to sell the car

After taking the steps mentioned, the obvious thing you will be asking yourself is where do I sell my car? Be it through a private buyer, a dealer, or a third-party service, there will be pros and cons related to the ease of sale and how much you will get for your car. Commit to research on all available avenues and choose the path that is better suited to your particular needs.

#6: Give your car a good clean

If you’re selling your car for scrap, this isn’t something you need to worry about. However, when selling it to a private buyer, this is something you should definitely do to raise your car’s value. Arm yourself with the necessary cleaning items and work on both the exterior and interior of your car. Alternatively, get your car cleaned professionally, as that extra shine your car receives should make it more appealing to the buyer.

These are just a few of the things you should do before selling your car, so remember to focus on each one of them. The process will be a lot easier if you do, both for you and the car buyer.

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