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How To Stay Comfortable On Long Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycles are a lot of fun, and if you own one, then you’ll understand just what we mean. Riding along on a motorcycle is so much more intense than being in a car, but it isn’t always comfortable, especially on long journeys. Because you’ll want to make the most of your time on your bike, it’s wise to look into how to make that time more comfortable for you and your passengers. Read on to find out what to do and how to ensure you enjoy your motorcycle to the max. 

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When you sit in a car, you’re not using too many muscles. Although you might feel stiff when you arrive at your destination after a long drive, that’s because you haven’t been moving around much. On a motorcycle, it’s different; you use lots of different muscles to ride a bike, from your neck all the way down to your feet, and they can all start to ache or even cramp up during a long trip. 

The best way to combat this potentially dangerous issue is to stretch before you head off. Just like when you play sports, a warm up is necessary to ensure that blood is pumping to all your muscles and that they aren’t cramped up. You’ll be much more comfortable, not to mention safer, if you do this. 

Wear The Right Clothes 

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, and should something go wrong, you’ll want to be wearing protective clothing. We don’t just mean a helmet (although this is extremely important); we mean what might be termed ‘leathers’. In other words, clothing that covers all your skin and has padding on the arms and legs at the very least. 

These clothes always look cool, and they will help you stay safe, but they’re not necessarily comfortable. This is why you need to search around to find motorcycle clothing that not only suits you and protects you, but that also feels good. It’s not as easy as picking something you like the look of and that’s in your size. Plus, men and women will need different fitting clothes for their own comfort. Check out Moto Femmes for women’s motorcycle gear to get an idea of what we mean. The right clothes make all the difference. 


Drinking enough water before you set out on your long journey might seem like a chore, especially as it means you’ll have to keep stopping for comfort breaks, but it’s going to make you more comfortable in the long run. Drinking plenty of water will help keep you awake and alert and help your body function as it should, preventing dehydration, headaches, and muscle aches. 

Plus, having to stop for regular breaks on a long journey is good too, and will help you stay safer – you should aim to stop around every one to two hours. Make sure you have water with you on your journey so you can stay hydrated no matter how long you’re on the road. 

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