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How Can You Improve Your Online Business’s Delivery Process?

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There is no denying that online retail enjoyed a huge boom in Australia and worldwide due to the pandemic. According to Statista data, this rise in online clients saw retail sales account for more than 15% of the total retail market in Australia by September 2021. If you run a local online business, you have an even massive opportunity to boost sales if you offer local delivery straight to customers. However, it is prudent to deliver to clients without taking on unnecessary risks and expenses or harming the customer experience. Here are some of the best ways to improve your online company’s delivery processes.

  1. Prevent package damage

Customers have the luxury of spotting damages when purchasing items in-store. However, they can’t physically inspect goods before buying them from online stores, leaving this quality control aspect entirely in your hands. Therefore, it will be a real disappointment for them to receive goods damaged during the delivery process. It is no secret that packages can become damaged due to water exposure, improper handling, and other factors during delivery. Luckily, you can take effective measures such as wrapping every item, selecting the right box size, and affixing a “Fragile” shipping label on the boxes containing delicate products. Galvanised trailers from manufacturers like Big Man Trailers can also help you keep products safe during deliveries by vehicle, so keep this in mind.

  1. Prioritise delivery speed

A recent survey of Australian consumers revealed that 27% would not buy from a retailer again if they didn’t receive their package in time for the then-upcoming Christmas holidays. Late deliveries ruin the customer experience, so you should do all you can to optimise delivery speed. You can readily achieve this by reducing behind-the-scenes paperwork, remaining organised with your inventory, and setting clear expectations with clients before the sale to give you accountability. Fast deliveries can readily lead to positive customer reviews on your website, making your online products more attractive.

  1. Communicate effectively

Time seems to slow down when you expect a package, so clients are usually tense during the delivery process. Therefore, keeping them in the dark regarding their delivery is one of the worst things you can do as an online business. Consequently, rely on various automation tools to let clients know when their packages are dispatched and the best time to expect their driver. This way, they are less likely to constantly reach out to your store to ask where their products are.

  1. Simplify your delivery options

It is tempting to provide a handful of delivery options when running an online business. However, too many options can cause confusion and human error, resulting in avoidable shipping delays. Consequently, simplifying your shipping options is the first step to improving your delivery strategy. Delivery within the neighbourhood,  county, or state, shipping from one state to another, and international shipping are excellent examples of simplified delivery options. Simplified delivery alternatives help narrow down your list of preferred logistic partners. Indeed, you can simply employ one carrier for state-wide deliveries, leave inter-state deliveries to another, and find an international logistics partner to handle international shipping.

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