How To Make Products More Attractive Online

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Selling products online requires different tactics to selling products in a physical store or through an in-person sales agent. Customers aren’t able to physically touch or test the product when buying online. Instead, you have to find other ways to give customers the information they need and build trust. Below are just five tips on how to make online products more attractive.

Use professional photographs

If you’re not a professional photographer, you should avoid taking your own photos of your products. Similarly, you should avoid using manufacturer photos. Instead, hire a professional photographer to take your own high-quality original photos for online purposes. 

A professional will know how to get the best lighting and angles and will be able to create a sense of consistency between all your product photos (even if you’re selling products from a variety of different brands, it’s worth keeping a consistency between them for the sake of your own brand identity). When hiring a photographer, look for someone with a good online reputation. Specialist photographers such as real estate photographers or fashion photographers may be worth hiring for certain types of product. Models and props could be worth hiring for certain products too.

Consider offering multiple photographs per product. You could even consider 3D photographs. Such photos can help to build customer trust by offering a fuller idea of what a product looks like. 

Add a video

A video can provide even more information than a photo. This could include video adverts or explainer videos. 

You could use a video to demonstrate your product in person. Alternatively, you could consider an animated video to help explain the technical aspects behind your product. As with photos, consider hiring professionals to create your video.

Write enticing product descriptions

The product description can be very important when selling a product online. It should contain detailed information about the product, while also being engaging.

Rather than using lots of big blocks of text, consider using bullet points and multiple sections in your product descriptions to present information in a way that’s easy to skim-read. Make sure to cover all the specific information that customers are likely to want to know such as measurements and ingredients/materials. Consider also adding in a few keywords to help with SEO. A professional copywriter could be worth hiring to help to get the best out of your product descriptions. 

Display positive customer reviews

Many customers rely on reviews to determine whether they trust an online product. Consider allowing customers to leave reviews under your product – or highlight select reviews left by some of your happiest customers. Haven’t got any customer reviews? Consider a few of these tricks for building customer reviews

Advertise discounts and freebies

Lots of people shop online instead of at their local store in order to find better deals. Throwing in freebies or notifying customers of discounts could be a way of attracting more customers and securing more sales. These could be deals for a limited time only in order to encourage customers to snap up your product fast.

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