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Moving Documentary Films and TV Series Awakening Awareness Across the Planet

People who actively enjoy the world around them, often consider Mother Nature’s gifts of mountains and oceans their own backyard playground. But they are not alone; they share these environments with other creatures who also call these places home.

Through documentary journalism reaching new levels with cinematic movies and TV series created to educate and populate the awareness of what is going on behind closed doors and beneath the sea we are hearing stories which we may never have before known.

So, when it comes time to lend a helping hand in turn you can watch and listen. If you haven’t seen the TV series Whale Wars or the mulit-award winning 2007 documentary film Shark Water, or most recently released The Cove, you may consider it your personal duty as a sailor, surfer, scuba diver, kiteboarder or just ocean lover.

Warning; you will be shocked to the core! The footage in which you see would affect anyone with a soul. Even if you are fearful of sharks or don’t pay much attention to dolphins and whales you might start to care more than you ever knew possible.

Movie: Shark Water

As an ocean lover who fears sharks I watched Shark Water while sailing in the Whitsundays on a dive trip. Instantly my fear was gone and I only hoped that there were still sharks swimming around the Great Barrier Reef in which I dove.

It was more frightening to know that a species 450 million years old, which controls almost two-thirds of the planet and is the world’s top predator, could be facing extinction. And, even sadder to see thousands of sharks lined up on land in countries like Costa Rica, bloody and dead, only missing the fins which they were slaughtered for to make a Chinese soup.

Youtube video

It was filmmaker Rob Stewart’s love for sharks that prompted him to undertake a dangerous journey in an effort to save them from extinction.

The result was Shark Water and who knows what can happen when more people get involved. You can purchase the DVD or rent at your local video store.

If you’re looking to volunteer to help! (LINK:

Movie: The Cove

The Cove, recently released is showing in cinemas around the world now! It chronicles the events leading to a Japanese dolphin slaughter scheduled each September in Japan.

The film follows the adventures of the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) “as they try to expose a dolphin meat harvesting plant in Japan. The town where this plant is located has no idea what goes on in the hidden (and well guarded) cove. Eerily, the town is decorated with dolphin and whale art and sculptures because everyone in town loves dolphins and whales.”

Youtube video

This film is aimed at bringing awareness to the world about what is happening in Japan and hopes to move both the Japanese and western culture to stop what is happening. Be very aware that the graphic dolphin killing scenes are not easily forgotten!

To find out how you can help visit:

You can sign up to receive updates and donate to the cause.
(read a detailed moving review of the film here:

TV Series: Whale Wars

Whale Wars working on its second season is a seven-part, hour-long, weekly documentary series showing on Animal Planet. It follows the efforts put forth by the crew of the Sea Shepard vessel Steve Irwin working to stop illegal Japanese whaling and enforce international conservation law.

Youtube video

They have been very successful with hurting the Japanese whaling industry and placing pressure on governments to stop shark fining, too. The current series documents their efforts with their Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign.

How you can help!

Guest contribution from Courtney Crow @ EXPLORE CONNECT TRAVEL

(Courtney Crow is editor at, a global social networking site for women who travel for adventure and action sports)

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