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Spring into cleaning with Dyson

While the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping, spring cleaning is probably the furthest thing from your mind. While the annual spring clean is recommended as a must-do by Australian households, Australia’s number one vacuum cleaner brand Dyson has a better alternative that will leave you with the time to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Rather than spend the weekends indoors attending to the clutter you’ve turned a blind eye on over the year, Dyson recommends a more practical approach. By tending to the areas you would normally save for spring during your usual cleaning routine, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort and enjoy the real benefits the change of season has to offer. With a Dyson handheld vacuum, the power to do this is quite literally in your hands. Here are a few quick and helpful tips that you might usually not consider:

• While you lie in bed ‘snug as a bug’ you’re closer to the truth than you might think. The warm and humid conditions of your bed provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites so regular vacuuming is a must. Unlike regular vacuums that are bulky, hard to maneuver and have cords that easily tangle, the Dyson handheld is compact, light and picks up even the finest of particles.
• Curtains harbour unhealthy dust and pollen, so vacuum them regularly. Reaching for your handheld is a far more practical and convenient approach than attempting to lift your hefty vacuum cleaner.
• Vacuuming a week’s load of household dirt is more than often a daunting task. Eliminate the workload by quickly zapping up smaller messes on the spot with your Dyson handheld.
• Save yourself time, effort and the odd sneeze by dusting with a Dyson handheld rather than your dirty and ineffective feather duster. Attach a mini self dusting brush and suck-up dust from high or hard-to-reach places.
• When your pet has turned your soft furniture into a hairy beast, the DC31 Motorhead is perfect for picking up hairs of all kind. It has an independently motorised brush bar that easily fits into nooks and crannies. Give your furniture a quick once over regularly and save yourself the trouble of searching for that upholstery vacuum hose you probably threw out in last spring’s cleaning frenzy.
• While the outside of your car may be shiny and clean, don’t neglect the interior. For detailed cleaning of dashboards and interiors, a Dyson handheld vacuum is the perfect tool; powerful enough to pick up stubborn pet hairs and fibres from upholstery. Because of their compact size, Dyson handhelds take up little room in your boot and can be kept in there all year round. Just remember to charge it!

Avoid the burden of a full-scaled spring time clean by picking up a Dyson handheld vacuum and following these quick and practical tips. You’ll be thanking yourself next spring season.

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