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Fast Impressions Study Reveals: Chivalry isn’t dead – but there’s room for improvement.

As an Australian male I like to pride myself on my ability judge a situation and turn on the charm when required, however even I was surprised to learn that Aussie guys ranked highly in the ‘World’s Most Chivalrous Men’. Although I wasn’t too surprised to hear that we want the ladies to make the first move.

Australia, September 9th 2009: A global survey, conducted by the world’s biggest singles events company Fast Impressions (“FastLife” outside of Australia), has revealed that Australia is one of the highest ranking countries for the most chivalrous guys.

The study, which surveyed 1000s of male and female singles around the globe, set out to discover people’s expectations on traditional dating behaviour: whether men should be expected to open a door for a woman; who pays the bill on a first date; should a man stand (if seated) when a woman walks into a room; whether its ok for a woman to make the first move and ask a man out on a date?

Australian men ranked high at 3rd, merely beaten by Canadian men (1st) and guys from the USA (2nd).

Yet surprisingly, the Scotts, Welsh, Irish and English-men need to pick up their game with UK males failing to be as well-mannered.

And it’s not just Brits that need some extra lessons in chivalry, according to Australian ladies their Aussie men still have a lot to learn. “Women today still have high expectations when it comes to good old-fashioned manners and believe men still have room for improvement”, says Dating Expert to Fast Impressions Carolyn Clydesdale.

The good news is old traditions still prevail with many men: A Gen Y guy is more likely than his elder Gen X counterparts to pay for dinner on a first date (50%), give up his seat for a lady on public transport (52%), and open a door for a woman (67%). Only 42% of Gen X men would pay for dinner on the first date, 47% give up his seat, and 62% open the door for a woman.

Yet it’s the Baby Boomer men who topped the poll retaining the reins of gallantry in all areas bar one. A somewhat bizarre question set Gen Y ahead of the game; a whopping 25% of Gen Y guys said they will excuse themselves and take the blame if a woman accidently passes wind in a public space, compared to Gen X (11%) and the more less-lax Baby Boomers (5%).

“It’s a myth; chivalry isn’t dead,” says Clydesdale. “But guys hoping to win a lady over need remember that to make a woman feel special doesn’t mean spending a fortune on champagne, caviar & flowers; it’s the little things which count, such as opening a door, pulling back her chair in a restaurant or offering to pay the bill on the first date.”

Interestingly, it seems men aren’t keen to carry out all old traditions. 99% of guys said they’d be happy if a woman made the first move and asked them out on a date.

So ladies, take note – men don’t want to do all the hard work. And according to Clydesdale: “Girls, if you’re fed up waiting for a man to ask you out why not pluck up the courage and ask him first – many men will find this flattering”.

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