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4 Ways to Improve Your Pearly Whites

Your oral health is something that you’re never going to want to neglect. Those pearly whites do more than show off your lovely smile! They’re used for chopping up food too. While eating, smiling, and talking are three important things that everyone can do with their mouths, you need to keep in mind how crucial oral health is. If you catch an infection in your mouth, you can count on that potentially spreading throughout your body. In general, it’s co important to take care of your mouth, and this includes your teeth. So, with that said, here are some handy tips that you’re going to need to help invest in that smile.  

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Oral hygiene is a lifelong commitment

Visiting an orthodontists and a dentist is essentially a long commitment. You have to see these health care professionals as they are going to be the ones to help out in preventing anything that could potentially happen to your mouth. Even when you’re old and your teeth have fallen out, you’re still going to need to visit them. This can include false teeth, but also to check up on your gum health. As for your dentist, you need to see one twice a year, every six months to be exact. While this may not sound grand, this is something that you’re going to need to stay dedicated to.

Never neglect your mouth

You were most likely told to brush twice and day and floss twice a day as a child, right? It’s something that everyone knows what to do. Brushing in the morning, and brushing again at night. But you can’t forget about flossing. While this sounds like a pain in the butt, you can’t neglect this either. Flossing is going to remove built-up plaque that the average toothbrush can’t reach. 

Plaque leads to tooth decay. Tooth decay is not a pretty sight, and it’s pretty painful as well. Not to mention, plaque also leads to gum disease, which is directly linked to cardiovascular problems. One thing leads to another which is why you can never neglect your mouth. Make sure you brush and floss every day, twice a day.

Skip out on the hard to chew foods

While there are some foods in the world that were specifically meant to be hard, you’re going to need to skip out on those, they’re not good for your teeth or your jaw. This also includes fingernails, hard candy, and ice.

Keep up a healthy diet

As a child, you were most likely told that sugar creates cavities, right? Well, that is completely true! Sugar does create cavities, and it’s something that you’re going to need to avoid at all costs. While you can eat some junk food here and there, just make sure that this is completely in moderation. A healthy diet is good for your physical, mental, and oral health. Good nutrition is needed to build those strong bones and teeth. So by all means, still indulge in your favourite sweets, but make sure you don’t eat too many, for the sake of your teeth!

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Four Reasons To Invest In Your Smile

One of the most important things that we do every single day is smile. We smile to let people know we are approachable and kind. We smile to release stress hormones like cortisol and we smile to feel those endorphins ricochet through the body. It lowers our blood pressure and it can tone the facial muscles. We may feel like smiling is something we only have to do when people are nice to us, but smiling is something that allows people to see that we are happy and good natured people.

There is plenty of advice out there about smiling but if you don’t feel confident about your smile, you might choose not to – which is a shame. You should be investing in your smile, whether that’s with braces or the help of a cosmetic dentist. Your smile should make you feel good and it should make you feel like you can talk to anyone. You may have low confidence in your smile, but we’ve got four reasons you should choose to invest in yours today.

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  • Your teeth are stained. No one likes to have discolored teeth, but often we can’t help it. Wine, oranges, coffee – they all stain our teeth and that’s just with our day to day diets. Even genetics can stain the teeth and it’s a common problem that will ensure that you are desperate to get it fixed! It’s common and it’s fixable and a dentist can help you to get your teeth looking the correct color in no time at all. Whatever it takes, get your teeth the right color and remove the staining – you’ll see the difference in no time at all.
  • Your teeth are crooked. Braces – both metal and Invisalign – can help your teeth to straighten out. They’re more common and there are plenty of reasons why your teeth are crooked, too. Genetics are a big factor in the way your teeth look, and the shape of your mouth and jaw can have a huge impact on whether your teeth are crooked. You can have a dentist and orthodontist working together to fix the crooked nature of your teeth. You can even ask for advice on how to get your teeth looking fantastic.
  • You have chipped teeth. If you have fallen and had an accident, your teeth may bear the brunt of it. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you won’t be able to notice the chips but your dentist can. The problem is that chipped teeth can cause misshaping in the mouth and your bite won’t be the same as it used to be. You can get veneers from a cosmetic dentist, though, and they can fix the issue and put your teeth back to their best.
  • You have missing teeth. Often, adults lose a tooth later in life and while it’s not pleasant, it’s common. You can have a false tooth in the place of the missing one and that will keep you confident that your smile will be beautiful once again!

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