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Where does all my money go? Free ANZ online budgeting tool helps Australians track spending

Spending a little here and a little there can really add up leaving you wondering where all your money has gone! Get control of your spending with the free online budgeting tool, ANZ MoneyManager, which gives you a snapshot of your expenses in one simple and secure website.

ANZ MoneyManager automatically groups transactions into categories such as groceries, entertainment, ATM withdrawals and more, providing you with a clear picture of where your money is being spent.

A recent poll of 440 ANZ MoneyManager users found that more than 80 per cent had gained a better picture of where they were spending money since signing up for the tool.

Rent and mortgage were listed as the top monthly expense for the majority of users (83 per cent), with the big surprise being how much of their hard-earned dollars were going towards groceries, with 73 per cent of users ranking this as a top monthly expense.

ANZ General Manager, Direct Channels Abi Cleland, said: “In the past four months we’ve seen the number of people signing up for ANZ MoneyManager more than triple which shows us that in the current economic climate, people want a simple hassle-free way to better understand where their money is going and how to get on top of their budgeting.

“ANZ MoneyManager is free and available to anyone – not just ANZ customers – and can provide people with valuable and simple insights into their finances, so they can make more informed decisions,” Ms Cleland said.

To register for the free service, visit

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