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Which exercise is right for you?

With over 110 million hits for ‘exercise’ and ‘weight loss’ on Google every year, it’s no surprise that many are confused by the multitude of options available and cant decide what will work best for them. Do you join a big gym and sweat it out with the masses? Do you get a personal trainer? Do you buy a pushbike and go riding every day? You could even buy one of those exercise machines that are available at your local shopping centre.

One of the most common pitfalls that I regularly see within the fitness industry is people investing in one or even a couple of these things, but quitting them or giving up after the first couple of weeks. In some cases, people dump their big plans before the first week is even out. But the person selling you this piece of equipment or membership told you this was what you need to achieve your fitness goal. Although you didn’t end up using this shiny new piece of exercise equipment or membership, the person selling it to you was right. It WOULD have helped you achieve your fitness goal, but it just didn’t make it into the very important category.

It’s simple: the exercise that’s right for you is the one that is fun! It’s like your favourite tv show or movie – you’d never miss it, you’ll even schedule your life around it to make sure you don’t miss the next episode. But what if the exercise that you chose was fun too?

If you don’t like running, walking, skipping, big gyms or fancy equipment then don’t do it. Instead, think about the things you enjoy the most. When you are in the gym next, if you’re given a piece of equipment by your trainer that you don’t like using, simply ask for a different one. Why would you continue to do something repeatedly that you don’t enjoy? More to the point, why would you pay to do something like that? It’s insane and of course, if you’re not enjoying it, you wont stick to it.

The greatest thing about maintaining your health is that there are so many different ways to exercise. The fitness industry is perfect for those who like to shop around and try everything as most fitness options – be it gyms, equipment or personal trainers – will usually let you try their product for free before you commit. This is your chance to make sure you love what you are doing before making a big investment and will give you
the best shot at successfully reaching your fitness goals.

At the end of the day, the formula is clear. When it comes to exercise, getting fit and losing weight, put fewer calories into your body than the amount you spend. In simple terms, move more, consume less.

Next time you walk into a gym or personal training studio, go for a run or buy a piece of equipment, make a decision. Take control of your fitness and stick to your goals. How?

Ask yourself: is this going to be fun?

Guest contribution by Jonny “B Bad” @ – Creating a world that is all about you!

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