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The Magic Pill

If there was a pill that fixed everything, would you be interested? One pill that could reduce the chance of heart disease and osteoporosis, increase metabolism, strengthen and lengthen muscles and reduce the effects of ageing.

Are you thinking how much and where do I get it from?

What if it was free and you already have it available to you at home?

Unlike most other products on the market you will only need to start taking this Magic Pill once a week and you would begin to see and feel all the benefits straight away. With the increase in muscle and toning effects from this Magic Pill, you will start to burn more calories in the day – even when you’re just sitting down or sleeping! With this Magic Pill doing the work for you even when you don’t realise, you will be accelerated towards your health and fitness goals a lot faster.

So – are you thinking “I only have to use this Magic Pill once a week and all this happen?”. Perhaps “what is the catch?” is running through your mind or maybe you’re ready to get started and want to know where to get this Magic Pill.

Here’s the most amazing part of all: the Magic Pill is something you don’t even have to buy. The Magic Pill is simply strength training.

When the words ‘strength training’ come to mind, many people will automatically think about enormous muscle-bound guys grunting and swearing in a gym as they work out in front of the mirrored walls. And for the average person, those guys can be a little intimidating! But what if you didn’t need to use the gym to get the effects of the Magic Pill?

In basic terms, strength training is picking up heavy weights and pushing and pulling them in different ways. This is very much something you could
do at home on in the park if the thought of working out in a gym is little too scary you at this stage of your fitness.

The easiest way to train the body is to use as many muscle groups as you can in one movement. At home, this could mean push ups, dips, chin ups,
body weight squats and lunges; with even more options opening up to you if you have access to a medicine ball, a park bench and a skipping rope.

If you were to pick five exercises such as the ones listed above, put them in any order and add a session with a skipping rope in between each one, you’d have your very own fitness circuit. A fitness circuit that you can do any time, any place – even with your kids!

With an abundance of parks, waterways and sunshine, Brisbane is a great place to get some exercise outdoors. So make an appointment with yourself – choose five exercises and grab yourself a skipping rope and now you have a Jonny “B Bad” circuit!

Guest contribution by Brisbane Personal Trainer Jonny “B Bad”.

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