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Parts Of The House That Might Need Replacing

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Looks lovely on the surface, but it might not be below it. (Image)

It’s something that’s not often talked about, but if you’re a homeowner, especially a first time buyer, there’s going to be some parts of the house you’re going to have to replace. Maybe not at first, and maybe not all at once, but you’re definitely going to need to take a look at some areas of the new building you’ve bought to make sure they’re up to scratch. It’s going to be very important for the health of your family and the longevity of the house – not to mention the amount of money you’ll have to shill out if any of these areas break down on you!

So without further ado, here’s a few of the parts of your house that might just need replacing, and at least deserve a clean up from you.

The Window Panes

Window panes can take a real hammering, both in and outside the house you live in. They can get dusty, they can easily grow mold, they can have some faulty insulation installed on them, and they can be neglected in the yearly spring cleaning you’re proud to carry out at the start of each year!

First of all, you’re going to want to think about the seal, and whether it’s able to hold up against the weather. Maybe the window is a bit foggy or carries a lot of condensation on it. Maybe the whole room smells of damp – these are both good signs something is wrong with your pane job, and might need fixing.

The Garage Door

The garage door is probably one of the ways in and out of your house, and because of this, it can be a real security issue if it’s faulty or doesn’t hang right off of your garage. Maybe it doesn’t open all the way, maybe it opens up on its own, or maybe it doesn’t open at all – no matter what’s wrong with it, it’s time to replace your garage door!

Garage sensors can go bad, fixers can become loose, the house may even be subsiding a little and thus what was a perfect finish last year is one that doesn’t fit at all this year. Sure, you can try and troubleshoot the problems yourself, but this could really rack up the costs and make the fairly simple and considerably cheaper job of buying new garage doors a lot more expensive!

The Roof

The roof of your house protects you and your family and all of your contents from the outside elements, and can be considered the most important part of the household. And because of this, you’re going to want to keep an eye on it. Moss can grow on the tiles and displace them, rainwater can beat the tiles right off the roof, and the roof might be poorly insulated overall. Make some annual checks to see how it’s holding up.

Your house might need some more tender loving care.

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Making Exercise Easier To Manage

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In the modern day and age, we tend to put a lot of emphasis on the benefits of regular exercise, and why everyone out there in the world should give a regular workout routine a try. Of course, these statements don’t tend to take into account our personal needs and situations, and thus we can be left feeling a bit bereft if we’re not up to the same speed as the personal trainers in those workout DVDs we bought with good intentions.

And because of this, we can give exercise a miss, and end up potentially damaging our health as a result. So in order to try and make exercise much easier to warm to, and keep up with, here’s a couple of ways to better integrate the idea into your mind.

Even just rolling out a Yoga mat can make you sigh with boredom.

Go the Little and Often Route

Exercise routines can be hard to keep up with simply because they take so long to complete, and you simply don’t have time to stick to this schedule! So you’ve got five minutes after you’ve eaten some lunch to get some exercise in, what exactly can you do that’ll ensure you reap the benefits?

You can fit in a multi benefit workout, or you can try to focus on just one body part and do a quick succession of reps to get the blood flowing and the muscles building within those. Arm and leg workouts often come in circuits of five, so be sure to look into your options with these. And feel free to watch the video below to get you started!

Don’t Forget a Good Massage (and the like)

Often enough we can give exercise a miss because of the pain it puts us in, or how out of breath it can make us, and how much we hate having to spend a good ten or twenty minutes recovering from that. But at times like these, you’re going to have to remember the aftercare side of things, and just how much good it can do for your body.

So be sure to have a cool down as well as a warm up, and let yourself breath hard and heavy for a bit, no matter how much your brother might complain about it. Why not ask your partner to rub your hard working shoulders afterwards as well? And if the pain of the exercise is getting too much, you might have to cut that one out completely – normal aches that go away when you stop are fine, but anything more and it could be dangerous for you. At times like these, be sure to contact a Physio to make an appointment to see if you’ve pulled a muscle or a tendon.

Exercise can be easy to manage for your lifestyle, as long as you find the workarounds for making sure you can fit it into your lifestyle. Let some tips like these get you started with your goals.

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How to Plan Your First Trip to Australia


Australia is a country that many people all over the world want to visit. If it’s on your bucket list of places to visit, you should go for it because there’s no time like the presence. Planning your first big trip to Australia can be a little daunting if you don’t know where to start, but there are some basic things that you should do right as you start the planning process. We’re going to talk about those things now, so keep reading.

Choose the Right Time of Year

The climate in Australia is certainly changeable, and you should be aware of what the climate will be like when you’re planning on making your trip there. In the summer months, temperatures can reach 45 degrees celsius, so if that’s a little too much for you, you should probably plan your visit during the winter months, which fall between June and August, unlike in the northern hemisphere.

Plan How You’ll Get Around and Where You’ll Go

Once you get to Australia, do you have a plan for how you’re going to get around. If you’re heading to a place where there aren’t so many major cities, you will probably need to hire a car. Even in cities, this is a good idea because it’s how most people get around and it’s the most comfortable way of doing it when temperatures are high. Places like Bayswater Car Rentals make this easy.

Book Trips and Activities in Advance

You should book as many things as you can in advance when you’re planning on heading to Australia. There are lots of things that you’ll need to book from the transport to the accommodation and the cars, but you need to make sure that you don’t forget about the trips and activities you want to do when you’re there. Many of these can and should be booked in advance.

Compare Flights and Book Early for Better Deals

Comparing flights when you’re going a long way is really important, so if you’re going to be travelling from afar, you need to make sure that you do this. You will only find the best deals if you do two things: compare the options and book them as early as you can. Don’t make the mistake of booking late because you’ll lose out and spend more.

Leave Time for Enjoying the Natural Beauty of Australia

When you’re making your plans, be sure to leave space in your schedule for spending time in the parks and natural areas of Australia. Australia is all about nature and wildlife, so you’ll want to spend as much time exploring all of that stuff as you possibly can.

Visiting Australia is always a pleasure, and there’s certainly far more to do than you’ll ever have time for in omne visit, so you’ll probably want to come back at some point. That’s something to think about later though. For now, enjoy planning your first trip and seeing this wonderful country for yourself.

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Is living off grid feasible for modern families and could you do it?

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I think at some point almost all of us have thought about living off grid. Throwing in the day job, eating what you grow and being completely self sufficient.

The sun lapping across your back as you take it easy, sipping on your home made Ginger Beer….

That’s about where most of us get to, when we are suddenly pulled back to reality – work, deadlines, paying bills, study, kids, partners, family – you name it!

Maybe self sufficiency or off grid living is just that, a dream. An unreachable goal that on paper feels like what we were meant to be doing, but can never fully attain.

The other issue that’s always slapped me in the face (pretty hard) when I’ve looked into self sufficiency, that a great number of people who’ve achieved self sufficiency (or even just off-grid) status happen to accept a significantly lower standard of living than what most normal families are prepared to live with.

Making dinner at night shouldn’t be an exercise in how many kilowatts are left in my battery, and maybe I shouldn’t (or cannot) use the microwave!

To be honest, in the middle of summer we want energy independence, we want to run the air conditioner (in Queensland, Australia) and enjoy life, not sweat it out. The same in winter, families want a warm shower – fine, it doesn’t have to be a 10 minute shower, but something you can rely on.

So, without any more ado – we are making it happen!

That’s right, we are taking a family of 4 living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia – firmly fixed to the energy grid, and taking them off grid, and a long way to being self sufficient.

The goal – for under $50k (retail) we will show you how a family of 4 can live sustainably and off grid. This isn’t a warm and fuzzy brush over, this is a warts and all look at what it takes to transition from a normal grid connected family to a renewable off grid life. We will be showing you every step you need to get you, and your family off grid and on the road to self sufficiency:

  • Energy – production/storage
  • Food – plan/plant/harvest/store
  • Water – harvest/treat/store
  • Short and long distance transport – fuel/vehicle selection
  • Community – give/live/assist

The families overall goal is to inspire other families all around Australia that living a rewarding and sustainable lifestyle is possible and within reach, and that the implications are probably far greater than you could ever imagine.

More information about our off grid family will be released in the coming weeks -> sign up here to keep yourself posted on our off grid project.

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3 Things You Need To Build A Successful Construction Company

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The construction industry is an incredibly lucrative and fairly safe industry to get into. Even in tough economic times, there are usually opportunities for construction companies and if you can expand enough to start landing those big contracts, you stand to make a lot of money. But starting a successful construction company is easier said than done, especially when there is so much competition out there. It’s going to cost a lot of money to start your own construction company so if you get it wrong and the business ends up failing, you could land yourself in some serious financial trouble. To stop that from happening, here are some of the main things you need to consider when you’re starting your own construction company.


Health and safety is a concern in any business and it’s up to you as the boss to make sure that you’re creating a safe work environment. That’s not too difficult in an office setting, for example. But on a construction site, it’s a lot harder. You’ve got all sorts of dangerous equipment lifting incredibly heavy loads. There is a lot of hazardous chemicals to deal with as well so there is a huge list of health and safety regulations you’ve got to stick to. When you’re first starting out, it’s best to get some help in this area. There are some great companies like Ranger that offer good safety equipment and they’ll also be able to carry out inspections to make sure that everything is in good working order and you’re not breaking any health and safety rules. If somebody gets injured and it’s a result of poor safety on your part, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

Sustainable Materials

There is a huge focus on sustainability as people are more concerned about their impact on the planet. That’s why sustainability is important in all businesses, but particularly construction. A lot of public projects also have very strict guidelines about their impact on the local environment. You need to focus on using sustainable materials and building methods in all of your work. If you don’t, you’re going to get overlooked in favour of other companies that have a stronger focus on sustainability.

Core Customers

The best way to build a construction business that works is to focus on a core group of customers to start with. Word of mouth is one of your best marketing tools, especially when you’re first starting out. That means you need to offer a great service and, most importantly, get the work done in a good time frame. If you keep taking on loads of jobs and you don’t have the manpower to get them done in a reasonable time, your customers aren’t going to be happy. They’re not going to recommend you to their friends and they certainly won’t use you again in the future.

Remember these 3 key things when you’re trying to start your own construction company and you’ll be a lot more successful.

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What Does The Ideal Home Look Like To You?


Trying to choose your perfect home can be tough. Sure, we all want to be able to build a forever home with our families. Or have the perfect pad for our youth. Or find somewhere that feels like home – somewhere we can grow old in. But do you honestly, truly know what that is? Or do you find yourself looking at places to live based on what others have or what other people want for your life? Before you sell your house and put a down payment on something that everyone else has, why not think about what the best possible property really is for you? What is best for your needs and your lifestyle? Let’s consider some options for you right here.

A Pied-A-Terre

So first of all, maybe what you really want is a sweet little city pad? Maybe you love the city life and having somewhere to explore all of that from is ideal for you? If this is the case, you need to forget about that conveyer belt lifestyle and see what kind of city locations will work out for you. Because that’s often the hardest part, actually choosing which city you want to live in!

Country Life

Maybe for you, the country life is the good life? Maybe you want to be in the best possible location with stunning views? If you want that glorious, crisp country air around you, it’s time to research. Look into options, like Wyndham Ridge real estate, near to you. Or find developments and classic countryside locations that can offer you the standard of life and the style of home that you know you really want.

Suburban Community

Or is it the classic suburban life that you want? Are you dreaming of the white picket fence, the puppies and the 2.4 children? If you do, there’s absolutely no shame in that. But you are going to want to work out which suburbs you actually want to live in. Because that’s always the first step. You can then make your choice of property from there.

Brand New Build

Maybe for you, the idea of having a brand new house is exactly what you want? Maybe you don’t overly mind where it is, but you know you want something new that you can move right into? There are a ton of modern houses all over the country, so this shouldn’t be all that difficult for you to actually do.

Something You Design Yourself

But then also, you might actually want to design your own dream home? When you’ve found an area of the country that you love, what could be better than creating the perfect home to go there? Sure, a self-build project could be a lot of work to take on, but it’s also the best way to make sure that you actually do get your ideal home. So why not look out for land and start to think about what the dream looks like?

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The pharmacy delivery app revolutionising how Australians get their medicine

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Tonic - pharmacy delivery app

Tonic – pharmacy delivery app

In a world where almost everything is ordered online, two Brisbane entrepreneurs have launched an Australian first – a pharmacy delivery app.

The Tonic App allows users to upload a photo of a prescription and nominate a time and place where their medicine, and over-the-counter pharmacy products, will be delivered.

Tonic co-founders Guy McKenzie and Adam Gilmore came up with the idea of the app while waiting in line at a pharmacy.

“We were waiting for a script to be filled and I was holding my sick toddler who was crying, and I just thought ‘there has to be a better way to get medication’,” Mr Gilmore said.

Tonic has proven popular with varied demographics from those in their late teens through to seniors.

“We’ve seen at-home parents using the service, through to busy city workers who can’t make time in the day to head to a pharmacy to get what they need,’ Mr Gilmore said.

“Young mums in particular have responded well to the app’s feature of automatically delivering prescription medication which has repeats. Scripts are uploaded to the app via a photo and saved there.

“It means you know where to find them, and if repeats are running out, the Tonic App will send an alert to the user, so they know it’s time to head back to the doctor.”

Brisbane mother of two, Keryn Honeycombe now relies on the Tonic App for her teenage boys aged 13 and 15.

“Time is always of the essence as a mum, and I enjoy knowing that I’ve got the kids’ prescriptions saved in the app, so I can order the medicine on my phone and have it at my door by the next day.

“I’m the kind of person who does things when I remember to do them. I think technology gives mums a lot more flexibility when it comes to managing kids and what they need.

“I almost get disappointed when you aren’t able to book something online or use an app, as I rely on it so heavily.”

Users can also select from 7,500 non-prescription products which span everything from pain relief, through to confectionary, skin care and cosmetics.

Mr Gilmore said unlike other online orders, the Tonic App allows users to nominate exactly where and when they would like their delivery to be made. They can then track the order once it’s placed.

The Tonic App has distinguished itself from other delivery services by ensuring that convenience doesn’t come at a cost of quality of care. To do that, those who order prescription medication via the app still speak with a pharmacist, to discuss medication dosage and any associated risks.

“Users have reacted really positively to the privacy of a phone call because it avoids that awkwardness of divulging personal health information in a crowded pharmacy.”

The Tonic App is available on iOS and Android with delivery across Brisbane. It is due to launch nationally in coming months.

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3 Suggestions for Maintaining Autonomy as You Age

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When all is said and done, we all want to age as gracefully as possible and to continue enjoying a high quality of life for as long as possible — and ideally, forever.

To a significant extent, maintaining a high quality of life, and ageing gracefully, are a matter of maintaining our autonomy as we age. To be able to do as much for ourselves as possible, without having to depend excessively on the assistance of others.

There is, of course, no shame in turning to others for help as we age — but it’s a good basic standard to minimise the degree to which we need to do so.

Here are a few tips for maintaining autonomy as you age.

Use whatever aids might help you

There is an entire, fruitful industry of aids and gadgets that exist specifically to help older adults to maintain a degree of autonomy in their private lives.

The gadgets and aids offered by Vital Living, for example, include things ranging from electric can openers, to mobility scooters, and bathroom aids.

These tools generally work by augmenting your own natural abilities, and allow you to continue living on your own terms, in the way you’re familiar with, in spite of conditions or physical ailments which might otherwise make it difficult to do so.

Avoid sedentary living and focus on a healthy lifestyle

This is a tip which ideally is put into practice throughout your life, but there are also very significant benefits to simply remaining physically active and reducing time spent in a sedentary state, as much as possible.

All the research seems to agree that the people who are the most routinely physically active — meaning things like frequently walking around and doing sustainable levels of exercise, rather than trying to run marathons every week — enjoy better health and live longer on average than those who don’t.

Particularly as you age, there seems to be a “use it or lose it” mechanism that comes into play, where keeping your body moving is especially important in maintaining flexibility, strength, vigour, and health.

Of course, in addition to being physically active, you should emphasise a healthy diet, primarily focused around a reduction in the amount of processed food you’re eating.

Maintain the basic principle of doing as much for yourself as possible

As stated at the beginning of the article, there is, obviously, nothing wrong with seeking help from other people if you need it.

But it’s nonetheless true that psychologists are aware of a phenomenon called “learned helplessness”, where people who routinely depend on others to do things for them — things which they could have done for themselves — naturally become less confident in their own abilities, assume they can’t do things which they could in fact do, and adopt an overall “helpless” approach to life.

You may have a well-meaning relative who wants to make your life as comfortable as possible, and so offers to help you with everything. For the sake of your autonomy, it’s a good practice to turn down the help in all cases where you can safely do without it.

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Tips that will Help you to Make your Warehouse Much Safer

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Operating a business isn’t a walk in the park to say the least and this is especially the case if you have so much to think about on a day to day basis. If you think about it, you need to keep a constant eye on your customers, your team, your offices and so much more. If you are not careful then you will quickly see that the whole thing can get out of hand and this is the last thing that you need. For that reason, you can find out everything you need to know about keeping your warehouse safe, right here.

Reducing Workplace Stress

It is so important that you are able to reduce workplace stress. This is especially the case if you force your team to work long hours or even if you provide your team with constant job insecurity as well. If you are not careful then you will soon find that stress can lead to depression and it can also cause issues with concentration as well. Of course, you need to make sure that you take as many regular breaks as possible and you also need to enforce this for your team as well.

Clear Signs

If there is ever an accident in your workplace, you have to make sure that every single one of your team members know where to go. You also need to make sure that you are putting the work in to try and do drills and it also helps to do a test for the fire alarm as well. If you don’t then your team may not know what to do in the event of a fire and they may also not know which exit to go to. A sticker printing service can help you to know which door to go through and they can also help you to provide your team with the information they need to feel at ease if something should happen.

Slippery Surfaces

If you happen to spill something in your business then your team need to know how to deal with this properly. They need to know what chemicals to use in order to clean it up and they also need to know what protocol to follow as well. If you don’t then you really run the risk of causing a reaction, toxic smells and more. If you have a cleaner or a specially trained professional on-hand to help you to handle spillages or even toxic leaks then you have nothing to worry about but if you don’t and if you operate a small business then there is a high chance that you will have to handle stuff like this yourself.

So there are many things that you have to do in order to get the best result out of your workplace environment but keeping it safe should always be your first priority. The above tips should really help you to make sure that this is the case and when you follow them, you should have no problems at all.

It is so important that you are able to reduce workplace stress. This is especially the case if you force your team to work long hours or even if you provide your team with constant job insecurity as well. If you are not careful then you will soon find that stress can lead to depression and it can also cause issues with concentration as well. Of course, you need to make sure that you take as many regular breaks as possible and you also need to enforce this for your team as well.

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Savvy Cash Decisions For Financial Comfort

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It can be a challenge to cut back and save money, especially when you lead a busy life juggling work commitments and family life. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and miss the little things that are eating away at your hard-earned money. However, with a little time and thought; you can rethink your household spending and save large amounts of cash. If you’re struggling to pay for everything, feel like you’re in a rut, and aren’t sure how to change things; it’s time to address all the little expenses that add up. The following are some ideas and advice for those who want to manage their finances effectively and cut back, but aren’t sure how.

Your Providers

It’s easy just to continue using the same energy provider and not to think about a change. However, energy companies and providers are all after your business and will want the opportunity to speak with you and offer you a better rate than what you’re currently paying. Aside from lighting your home with candles and never using the heating again; switching where you get your energy from is the only way to lower your monthly costs. It might seem like a time-consuming chore; however, there’s plenty of online advice available, that can help you to choose which company is right for you and will inform you of all the price changes. If you’re smart about your energy bills; you save hundreds every year, so surely it’s worth looking into.

Your Transport

If you own a car; to get to and from work, or do the school run with, you’ll be spending money on maintenance and fuel on a regular basis. Therefore you might want to reconsider the model of car you’re driving, and switching it to a more fuel-efficient option. It’s worth looking into what will give you an insight into what’s currently available on the market, and you can learn about purchasing a used car, to save even more money. If you pay for a car on finance; you may be able to lower your monthly repayments by using a different dealership or company, so that you can save the excess. It’s also worth understanding how to better maintain your car so you can avoid costly repair work in the future. If your family has two cars parked on the drive; consider reducing the number to one. Work out if public transport is feasible for your family and you could halve your monthly car cost and get a lump sum from the sale of the other in no time.

Your Supplies

Being savvy when it comes to your supermarket shop is far easier with the internet and the countless reviews and advice available. Therefore, making the best decisions so your family can save on the weekly shop. Choose store’s own brands instead of the big labels; supermarkets are competitive companies and will do all they can to impress you with their items. For larger items; price comparison websites are worth looking at, and once you’ve chosen what you need, you can find the relevant reviews to ensure you’re making a wise choice. Only spending what you really need to and budgeting wisely is the best way to save in the long run, so explore all your options when it comes to your household costs.

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Making Money from Your Garage

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Do you keep your car in your garage? If you do, you might be in the minority. Your car would be safer in your garage, and you might find that your car insurance is much cheaper if you can say that it’s in the garage every night (in fact, an awful lot of us tick that box whether it’s true or not). But, the truth is, most of us leave our cars on the drive or even in the street, instead of parking them in the garage. Sometimes, this is because it’s just too much trouble to drive it in and out of the garage all of the time. Some people even find that their cars don’t actually fit in their garages, either because there’s that much stuff in there already or because modern vehicles are significantly wider than those from the past.

The sad truth is that while many of us paid more for a house with a garage, most of us don’t use them as they were intended. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make money from them. Here are some ways that you could earn cash with your unused garage.

Get Selling

The very first thing that you should do if you want to make money from your garage is clear it out and find things to sell. Old tools can be sold at western sales management auctions, often for a good profit if they are in good condition. This is especially beneficial if the tools weren’t even yours in the first place or you never use them.

Other than tools, you might find other collectables in amongst your old junk, and even broken appliances can often be sold for parts. Remember, your junk might be someone else’s treasure.

Turn it into a Guest Room

If you live in a relatively modern house, and your garage is attached to your main home, it might be wired, insulated and even plumbed in. If it is, this can make it quite easy to turn your garage into another bedroom. You could make money from this by renting it out permanently, or by using Airbnb to make a regular profit. This is especially useful if you live in a desirable area.

Hire it Out as Storage

Many people nowadays spend some time living in small flats or houses. They are often on the lookout for cheap storage spaces for long-term use. Clean your garage out and rent it to someone as a storage space. Just make sure that you are clear about any access rules.

Hire it Out as a Parking Space

If you live near a busy town or city, parking is possibly in high demand. Many people walk or take the bus to work to avoid extortionate parking costs. Your garage could be the answer. Hire it to someone as a space to keep their car while they are at work. This can be a good idea even if you do use your garage for your own car, just hire it out around your own needs.

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The Health Benefits of Fresh Herbs

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For centuries, herbs have been used all over the world to add flavour to cooking, but did you realize that some of them have amazing health benefits as well?


Sage is a beautiful plant that is really easy to cultivate at home, especially with a grow room. Apart from adding wonderful flavor to a meal, it has anti-inflammatory properties, is good for the memory, helps with sugar levels in the blood, can relieve some of the symptoms of the menopause and can assist with the lowering of cholesterol.  All this from a herb that is sometimes overlooked by chefs, but one that if it was used in more meals could help everyone that eats it.


Generally, anything green and leafy is good for you and parsley is no exception. It is classed as a super food because of its concentration of nutrients and antioxidants, among other things. It also has vitamin, A, B, C and K, some of them is such high quantities that just half a cupful is 500% of the recommended daily amount. Like most herbs, it has anti-inflammatory properties and it is antibacterial and antifungal.


As one of the prettiest and most aromatic of all the herbs, rosemary is considered sacred in some cultures, such as Egyptian, and Greek. It has several vitamins in it, is high in fiber and combine these with its anti-inflammatory properties for a great way to improver your digestion. Research has also shown that it can help to boost your brain power with just one deep intake of its aroma.

Oil made from rosemary is very good for skin and hair, and will help to heal any sore spots.


Thyme is second to sage for the amount of antioxidants it contains, and has the ability to help your body fight off disease causing free radicals. It is also a good source of vitamins A and C as well as iron and dietary fiber. Sprinkled over a salad, it will add a lovely flavor, and make the meal even healthier for all who have some.


Tarragon is said to be one of the most underused herbs, yet it adds amazing flavor and contains iron, zinc and magnesium. Overcooking will reduce the amount of these, so it is best added at for just the last few minutes are used as fresh leaves. It makes a wonderful garnish for a dish such as mushroom and white bean pasta.


Basil is said to be the most popular and most used of all fresh herbs, especially for Mediterranean cuisine. It has a peppery flavor that can, is aromatic and is though to fight off several chronic diseases.  It works well with meals and desserts, and is ideal for something like a spring strawberry salad.

The health benefits are often overlooked in the western world, although the ancient Chinese and Indians used them often for health purposes. Whatever reason you use them for, there is no getting away from the fact that they are good for us, and should be used even more.

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Don’t Make A Cheap Car Your Next Nightmare


It’s easy to see why you might want to choose a cheap car for your next car, or in fact your first car. The one you’ve got might be costing you an absolute fortune, so the last thing you’re going to be able to do is fork out all this money for a brand new car. So, what’s your next option? It’s to buy a second hand car, which is absolutely fine. But when buying a second hand car, people seem to get drawn in to the absolutely cheap as chips cars that will not cost more than a couple of hundred. They drive, they look ok, and on the surface, you can’t see that anything is wrong. What happens a few months down the line? You’re left with a car you can’t use, and one that’s going to cost you a fortune to repair because the parts don’t exist. So, to save you from all of this hassle, we want to show you how you can make your next cheap car count, rather than making it something that fails you.

Warning Signs

There are definitely some warning signs that you need to make sure you’re looking out for if you want to ensure the car you have isn’t just going to break down right in front of you. First of all, you need to look at the quality of the engine. If it’s rusted or even cracked, this is a warning sign. You need to be looking at engines that are pretty much in a neat condition, with only some signs of wear and tear. This will prevent any engine issues which definitely could happen with an older car. The newer it looks, the newer it’s more likely to run. You also need to do basic checks like the oil level and quality. If this oil is low and thick and black and sticky, you should definitely be questioning it. It’s a sign that it hasn’t been changed in a long while, or that there are issues with the oil itself.

Test Drive

Test driving a car is really important, even if you feel like you don’t have a clue what you’d be looking for when driving it. But the best way to buy a used car is always once you’ve test drove it, and you’re looking for things such as extra light or firm steering, gears popping out of place, and the clutch being hard to use. You should also listen for sounds like the cambelt ticking over really loudly, screeching from the brakes, or a loud whirring noise from the wheels.

Where To Go

We always think you should go through a garage, although we do know that you can get better deals if you were to go private. With private sellers, once the deal is done you can’t take the car back to them a few weeks later with an issue. With a dealer, you can easily take it back as they will probably have given you warranty.

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RECIPE: Sweet Potato Spanish Omelette

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Sweet Potato Spanish Omelette

Sweet Potato Spanish Omelette

For all those craving a delicious Spanish Omelette – without the white potato.

Recipe by Rebecca @  Nourish Naturally


1 medium sweet potato, peeled

3 tbs olive oil

1 small zucchini, sliced

5 Free Range @AustralianEggs

50 ml milk of choice

1 medium brown onion, finely diced

1 medium carrot, finely chopped

2 tsp curry powder

2 tbs garlic chives, chopped


1. Slice sweet potato into 1/2cm thin slices.

2. Coat sweet potato in 2 tbs olive oil & place onto a 24cm diameter fry pan, evenly covering the base of pan.

3. Turn stove on medium heat & place lid on fry pan. Cook until sweet potato is cooked though.

4. In a large bowl, place 5 eggs (whites & yolk) & whisk. Add milk, onion, carrot, garlic chives & 1 tsp curry. Mix. Add 1 tbs olive oil & mix.

5. Pour over cooked sweet potato in pan. Reduce heat to low and cover with lid to cook evenly for approx. 10min. Take off lid, top with sliced zucchini & remaining curry.

6. Place under heated grill without lid until top is crispy & golden brown.

7. Remove from pan, slice & enjoy.

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Bucket List Ideas That Aren’t Just About Elaborate Vacations

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Image Source: people here the words bucket list, they automatically think about travel destinations that people may want to visit. It might be backpacking in Europe or taking a road trip in the USA. But a bucket list can be for all sorts of things, and it shouldn’t just be specific to travel, it can be for a number of things. I thought I would share with you four of the things that you could add to a bucket list, and some of them could enhance your life in many different ways.

Learn a language

Maybe you like the idea of learning a language. A lot of people start in school learning specific languages but as they get older they tend to forget the basics, or just stick with the conversational phrases. Leaning a language through can open up a lot of doors for you. It could help you with your career, perhaps giving you the chance to learn new things or to work within specific areas of your company or even in a different country. On a personal level, it could be just the hobby you need to help you keep your brain working. Something you enjoy and feel confident in when traveling to that country for holidays.

Migrate to a new country

Maybe you like the idea of a big change in your life, and so you may find that migrating to. Anew country to live and to work could be on your bucket list. This could also work hand in hand with learning a language. For some countries, the process can be quite complicated. So you may want to look into using Immigration agents to help you with the paperwork and the legal side of things. This could be a huge opportunity for you. Some countries offer better pay for jobs, or more opportunities for a better quality of life. So this could be just the life change you crave.

Start your own business

Perhaps you like the idea of starting your own business and feel like this is something that you have or would like to add to your bucket list. You may already have the idea. Perhaps nurturing it in your mind until the ideal time arises to strike that opportunity. Or it could be that you are still wondering what you want to do, and hope that you can one day work for yourself. So that you can enjoy a better home and work life balance. Whatever your motive is, many people have this this dream, and it could be the best decision you make.

Have a family

Finally, maybe you like the idea of starting a family one day. This is quite a common one for many people as at some point they expect they may become parents. However, it is worth setting some timer to plan and consider it for the future. Not everyone is blessed with pregnancy the minute they decide they want to start a family. It can be a tough process and journey to embark on. Not only that, but you also need to plan in terms of financials and your career. But, as many say, becoming a parent is life changing and often described as one of the bets journeys you will ever take.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for some of the things you can add to your bucket list.

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Easy Home Staging Tips For Sellers

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Before selling your home, you need to ensure it is staged in a manner that encourages buyers to want to purchase it. You need to make sure they can see themselves living there. With that being said, read on for some helpful tips.

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Six home staging DON’TS!

 When you are staging your home for a viewing there are some things you just don’t do!

  • DON’T let your pets mingle with the viewers – You may be proud of your lovely little pup, but there is every chance that the buyer will not like dogs. They distract from the house viewing and they don’t smell great either!
  • DON’T answer the door in your slippers – You are a representation of your home. Make an effort to look nice without going over-the-top.
  • DON’T leave unfinished DIY jobs for the potential buyer – Not only does this mean they will have work to contend with upon purchasing the house, but it gives the impression that your property is in bad condition.
  • DON’T leave all of your personal items on show – You may wish to display your niece’s wedding photographs, your child’s baby photos and all the sports awards you have won. However, they stop the viewer from connecting with your property! They need to be out of sight. Use storage units until you move if you have too many items to hide. You can keep your personal items here rather than having them hinder your chances of a sale.
  • DON’T go overboard with smells – Creating a welcoming atmosphere with smell is recommended, but only subtly! Don’t make your house smell like a perfume store or a cherry orchard.
  • DON’T leave things lying around – From your laundry to the phone bill; don’t leave odd bits and pieces lying around the home.

Great tips for creating the right atmosphere to sell your home

Creating the right atmosphere is a must when trying to sell your home! You want the viewers to feel relaxed and at ease, so they feel comfortable enough to take their time browsing your property. It is all about creating that ambience that makes people think ‘I could see myself living here’. Here are two top tips for achieving that feel…

A great way of creating a homely and welcoming vibe is through the use of scented candles. As mentioned above, don’t go overboard. A few carefully placed candles achieve the perfect vibe. Or, you could purchase fragrance sachets. The key is to be subtle with your fragrance selection. You don’t want your viewers to start coughing the moment they walk through your front door.

Another tried and tested way to put someone in the mood for buying is with music. Music helps to put people at ease and it can also make an emotional connection with the viewers. Don’t just play any old song! It must fit in with the style of your home and the individuals that are viewing it. Play the music at a low volume and ensure it is down-tempo. Don’t go for anything too risqué! Keep your selection neutral.

Follow the tips above to stage your home successfully!

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Here’s How You Make Sure that You Have Found The Right Car

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Image Source: a new car can really be a daunting experience to say the least. After all, you really do have so much to think about and you also have to consider the investment that you are making as well. If you want to get the best result out of your car and the purchase that you are making then there are a few things that you can do to try and make the whole thing easier on yourself.

Be Honest

The first thing that you need to do is be honest. How often do you go up into the mountains, carry large goods or even transport rubbish to the local tip? If you don’t do things like this very often then there is absolutely no point in you buying a big car. You have to remember that in life, you have things that you want and things that you need, so work out what your actual life-needs are and then work out what you need from your car. This is one of the best ways for you to try and find out if you are making the best decision with your car and it will also help you to know if you are able to save money as a result as well when you are out on the road.


You probably don’t have a huge pile of cash lying around and for this reason you will probably need to take out a used car loan. When you do this, you will need to take into account your payments, your insurance, your maintenance, registration, repairs and more. There are so many car loan providers out there who can help you to work all of this out and there are even online calculators as well. When you are able to take this information into account, you will soon see that the whole thing is super easy for you to do and you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

Image Source: a Car Finder Tool

Believe it or not, there are so many auction sites out there that give you the chance to find the perfect car for your needs and you can even search by the category for your vehicle, the options that are available and even the price as well. When you do this, you really do eliminate the chances of you overspending and you can also stop yourself from getting a car that is not really suitable for your needs as well.

Test Driving

Sure, the car that you are getting right now may be similar to the car that you have already but this is not the case at all. You should always make sure that you test drive the car as much as you can and you should also try and put the work in to see if it suits your driving style. Some people are more drawn to certain cars when compared to others and the last thing that you need is to be locked into a deal with a car that just doesn’t suit your driving style.

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Finding Appropriate Care For Your Aging Parent

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Image Source: worry has been creeping up on you slowly for a while now, and you knew the dreaded day would come when you’d have to start looking for options of care for your aging parent. It’s not a pleasant subject, but an important one nonetheless, and must be handled very carefully. If you’re working full-time, and your aging loved one has found themselves in need of more care urgently, you could be feeling immense pressure to find an answer. There are a few steps that can ease you in the direction most appropriate for you and your parent.


The first step on finding appropriate care for your aging parent is seeking an assessed by a professional Aged Care Assessment Team. This determines how well your loved one could manage care on their own, or what degree of help they need. To do this, you must go to the My Aged Care website, and get in contact with them regarding consultation for your loved one, to become part of the Federal Government’s aged care system.

Care at Home

Many aging people continue to enjoy their home comforts, and the thought of moving from their sanctuary is a nightmare. For those who are assessed as safe to do so, your aging parent may be able to stay living at home, with the assistance of a care package – a team of caregivers caring for your loved one in their own home. Unfortunately, these care packages often come after a substantial wait – something you may not be in the position to allow for.

Respite Care

If you feel as though you are in need of care for your aging parent now, but are unsure about long-term, then respite care may be the answer. Respite care is usually care provided by an Aged Care facility for a short period. This gives time for other arrangements to be made if necessary, for your loved one to experience what an Aged Care facility is like, and to provide you with a chance to get everything in order in the comfort of knowing that they are safe and well looked after.

Image Source: Care Facility

An Aged Care facility is often for those who are assessed as unable to manage at home, even with a care package. There are fantastic Aged Care facilities around, enabling your aging parent a new sense of home, being well looked after and in the company of others in a similar situation. It’s an opportunity to be safe, secure and offers the valuable interaction that many aging people miss out on. While an Aged Care facility provides some great relief, it is something to be carefully considered beforehand, taking into account the desires of your loved one.

It’s important to stay calm and not to panic when faced with decision making for your aging parent. Make sure that you discuss their options with them, to keep them involved with the process. It is a daunting time for you, but quite possibly more worrying for your loved one. Having had the correct assessments for your loved one, you should have the right information to help you moved forward in the appropriate direction.

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Roadtripping Australia: Essential Places To See

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Image Source: is a vast place which has so many amazing beaches, stunning mountain ranges, and buzzing cities. If you are looking to get away to this side of the world now that the weather is turning cold in the northern hemisphere, here are some of the best places you can think of visiting.


If you fancy a bit of culture and a road trip you won’t forget in a long while, you can use Ace Rent A Car Perth to get a car while you are abroad and travel around Perth seeing the sites and experiencing everything it has to offer. From riverside walks to sandy beaches, this place is a stunning way to spend your days, and in the evenings you can venture into the city to enjoy some opera or ballet with your family.


No one can really think about visiting Australia without at least taking a quick trip to Sydney to see everything which makes this city so famous. The Sydney opera house can be an evening activity and you can enjoy stunning views over the water as you eat incredible foods in the many restaurants by the bay. It is a place full of thriving culture and a buzzing atmosphere so you will always be kept occupied.

Steve Irwin Park

For those of you who don’t know, Steve Irwin was an Australian National treasure who made it his goal in life to conserve the wildlife on our planet and teach people to love them. Unfortunately, he died in an incident involving a Manta Ray in the early 2000’s and now there is a huge park named after him which you can come to see. The Steve Irwin Park is a vast area which is full of stunning plants and animals and you may even be able to catch up with his wife and kids during your visit up here!

The Great Barrier Reef

One of those things which almost everyone puts on their travel bucket list is the Great Barrier Reef, and it is no surprise why when you see the vast beauty and diversity in this underwater paradise. Scuba diving can be a little scary but this is totally worth the effort and you will be awe inspired by every little creature who lives in this natural city. Grab an ice cream and lie on the beach once you are done and enjoy the sun!

Byron Beach

Byron isn’t necessarily one of the most popular places in the outback but this is ideal for you because it won’t be rammed with tourists when you come to visit for the day. This is one of their most stunning beaches in the country and it has many little bays which you can use for surfing and catching some rays. It can be a really great spot to set up a picnic, music and chill out for the day with your family while some of you try to balance on a surfboard without falling off!

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Things To Consider When Writing Your Will

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Death isn’t most people’s favourite conversation topic. However, addressing your will is imperative. To ignore this duty would heighten the risk of leaving your family in a terrible financial position if you were to pass away. It is not only the money that matters either. You have to think about appointing a guardian for your minor children as well. Don’t you want this to be in your control? All things considered, to say writing a will is imperative is a monumental understatement. The necessity of this cannot be put into words.

Image Source: a will can be a lot more difficult than imagined. There are so many different aspects you must consider. As mentioned, appointing a guardian for any minor children is imperative. It is always recommended to identify a first and second choice. You should explain why you think the adult in question will provide stable and continuous care. You must also state the relationship between the child and the adult.

Another role you will need to identify is the beneficiaries of your will. From properties, to money, to smaller assets; you need to embark on thorough estate planning. Most people tend to leave their assets to their partner and their children. Don’t neglect the ‘what if’ possibilities. What if you and your partner passed away at the same time? What if you are remarried – Do you want your assets to go to your children rather than your new spouse? Also, a lot of people don’t realise that their debt is deducted from their estate. If you don’t want your kids to miss out, use a credit card monthly interest calculator and put together a debt repayment plan so you can get this paid off sooner rather than later.

In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, you will also need to decide on a personal representative to execute your wishes. The word ‘representative’ is imperative here. You have to trust the individual’s judgement. In fact, your judgement will be in question when writing your will as well, in the sense that you must be of sound mind before you begin to write it.

Knowing what not to include in your will is just as important as knowing what to include. Some of the things that cannot be incorporated are certain types of property, such as; joint tenancy property and property in a living trust. Many individuals are tempted to leave their funeral instructions in their will. This is ill-advised. In most cases, the settlement of your estate and alike will not be handled until after your funeral.

It is also worth noting that your will may need to be updated on one occasion or more. A lot of people write their will and then they put it to the back of their mind and never think about it again. However, circumstances can easily change. What if you end up getting divorced? What if the person you identified as a guardian is no longer suitable? What if your finances have changed? Updating your will is imperative.

Finally, professional aid is always recommended when it comes to writing a will. This will guarantee that everything is handled the right way so that your family and loved ones are protected in the event of your death.

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